A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (up to 1700)

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Win, Wyn(e, Wend, n.1 [ME and e.m.E. win (c1200), winn (Orm), winne (Layamon), wynne (c1440), OE win(n.]

1. Wealth, possessions, goods. For warldis, (wardlie) win, see Win n.2 Til a man … with mykil wyne, Scho ves giffine; Leg. S. xlvi 14.
The lord of Keth arestit yhur wyn and yhur oxin; 1401 Aberd. B. Rec. I 380.
The balȝe ansured sayand that I forfend That I ane vtheris mannis wyn suld spend; Hay Alex. 16464.
The quhilkis some of ane hundretht markis to be payt … of thair awine propir guidis and wynis and nocht of na purches; 1480 Macleod P. MS (Reg. H.).

2. Gain, profit, income. Also proverb. Also wrang(us) win, ill-gotten gain. (1) Ryche aray … Dois oft tymis skath … And thé in hart thar-for tha hewy ber. Eftyr thi wyne with worschipe clethyng wer; Bernardus 180.
Thir merchantis takis vnlesum win; Dunb. (STS) xvii 16.
Thay tyne thir steps, all thay quha ever did sin In pryde, invy, in ire, and lecherie, In covetice, or ony extreme win; Lynd. Sat. 3507 (Ch.).
At thir foursum asking leif … Me for to leir ane lessoun or a lyne Of thair prettick to me ane point propyne. They said, ‘Go to, schaw sum experience’ And I thairfoir to thame promeist the wyne; Rolland Seven S. Prol. 36.
Complaint … be Bessie Turnbull … that … the defenders bestiall did eat and destroy to the said compleiner … thrie fulls of oats … the pundler … could not clear the samyn neither could the persewer prove the eatting therof but declared that the said Robert Lamb his grass lay next ajacent to the said Bessie Turnbull her cornes. And therfor alledged the ajacent grass should keip the wins … every persones grass … and possessoirs therof should keip their neighbours ajacent wins without it be proven that other beasts did eat the samyne; 1677 Stitchill Baron Ct. 83.
(b) Ordanis [blank] pyper quhom they haiff sett to be comoun pyper for ane ȝeir to the toun, to haiff ane freman, viz., xx li. for his fie, and his wend of waigis of the honest men in the toun; 1597 Kirkcaldy B. Rec. 147.
proverb. Manie wives win is in the row ye hap in; Carmichael Prov. No. 1161.
(2) Of this mischeif quha may releif ws ocht For wrangus win, bot thow our sin oursyle? Henr. Prayer 79.
Quhan thay ar full of sic wrang win Thay get thair leif and hungryar cums in; Prestis of Peblis 619.
The stait and the ordour of haly kirk haif in cure preis nocht till injure for ony vrang win; Bann. MS 74a/4.
Confes the clein restoir all wrangis win For of this warld thow man pas hyn and wend; Maitl. F. 251/30.

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