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Superseder(e, n. Also: -ceder(e, -sidere, -sederie, -siderie, (supersedere). [f. as Supersede v. Also in the later dial.] A judicial order granting a debtor, or other lawbreaker, immunity from prosecution by his creditors, etc. Variously const. (1) The kingis grace … had gevin … a superceder to the executouris of vmquhile Andro archibischop of Sanctandrois; 1522 Acta Conc. MS XXXIII 14.
That nane of thaim procure nor laubour at ws ony thing, supersedere, dilay, or lett, that ony wise may tend to the ruptour of our said acte or contrare the tenour therof; 1533 Acts Sederunt i 19.
To ane boy direct with writtinges to the persoun of Dysart for the laird of Glarettis supersedere fra the air; 1547 Treas. Acc. IX 70.
Notwithstanding sic tratouris swa banist and fugitiue without licence or tollerance of our Souerane Lady or my Lord Gouernouris respect remissioun or supersedere cummis and resortis agane within this realme; 1551 Acts II 482/2.
Maister James Scrymgeour grantit ane supersedere to Jhone Brovne serurgiane for the space of xv dayes as to [etc.]; 1552 Dundee B. Ct. II 179a (4 Aug.).
The exemptioun, salfgard, protectioun, and supersedere grantit … to [etc.]; 1556 Melville Chart. 97.
Quhilkis supersedereis his hienes … declairis to haif na force nor validitie to stope or hinder executioun for the said Johnnis releif of the sowme; 1585 Acts III 403/1.
The saids factoures wyiffes declaired to be exemit of the said Dutch lawis and subjected to the lawis of this cuntrey; as also to deale with theme for dischairging of all supercederies to be grantit to the saids relicts; 1625 Conv. Burghs III 199.
The lords refuised to grant ane supersedere in favours of the Earle of Home; Hope Major Pract. II 16.
The Lords are become very cautious and wary in granting their protections as a wresting of the sense of the act of Parl. … and frequently they refuse bills craving such supersederes; 1678 Fountainhall Decis. I 19.
The supercedere it seemes will doe no good in regard Comistoun did not signe; 1684 Edinb. City Archives Letters II (98).
By this act all supersederies are discharg'd, for protections against execution of the law were so call'd then; Mackenzie Observ. (1687) 241.
(2) Ane supercedere for dett maid to Johnne Broun … for the space of thre yeris [etc.]; 1543 Reg. Privy S. III 34/1.
The thesaurair sall not exceid tuentie thowsand pundis in a ȝeir in his discharge with certificatioun gif he do na supersederie wilbe grantit for superexpensis; 1587 Acts III 456/2.
By the act rescissory, in 1690, and the explanatory act in 1693, a superseder was given, both for principal sums and their annualrents, to all forfeited persons whose names were enumerated; 1693 M. P. Brown Suppl. Decis. IV 101.
Gif this forme of compt be observeit it will nocht be needfull to the king to grant ony supersidere to the makeris of the comptis anent the peyment to be maid be them; c1610 Skene in Misc. Stair Soc. I 149.
Get me a supersiderie for 5 or 6 wicks from 3 or 4 people at Edinburgh who haue diligence aganist me; 1729 Red Bk. Grandtully II 329.
(3) Gevand him ane supersedere to be unpersewit for certane yeiris nixt to cum for ony dettis; 1585 Reg. Privy C. III 758.
Yesterday he hes obtenit to his said brother a supesedere [sic in pr.] for to remaine in the country two monethes; 1586 Cal. Sc. P. VIII 405.
(4) A supercedere or imunitie from actions of debt; Hope Major Pract. I 110.
I have gotten a supersedere from their present summonds, and hopes to be made free of their cumber; 1643 Baillie II 96.

b. Letter of supersedere, a document granting such immunity. Na remed of ony law canoun or ciuile act of parliament exceptions lettres of superceder [etc.] … agan this writt to avale; 1491 Acta Aud. 166/2.
Gif ony persoun becumis pure for ane honest … cause … and thairfoir desires letteris of suspensioun or supersedere to be gevin … aganis his creditouris; the lords of counsall and sessioun hes na powar to grant the samin, because that pertenis to the king; Balfour Pract. 154.
Letters of supersedere of all executioun of the saidis decreittes; 1583 Reg. Privy C. III 606.
[For staying this procedure she] hes purchest ane pretendit letter of supersedere past undir the prevey seill superseding all actionis and caussis civile … aganis hir for quhatsumevir deid or occasioun; 1585 Reg. Privy C. IV 12.
1592 Acts III 628/1.

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