A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (up to 1700)

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Part-, Pairtage, n. Also: -aige, -aiche. [e.m.E. partage (1502), F. partage, med.L. partagium (13th c. in Du Cange).]

1. The action of participating in an undertaking or enterprise. In partage, in partnership. That thir pure folk has na charge … na partage of the weris na of the wynnyng of armes; Hay I. 160/33.
For nocht ressaueing of ony Scottisman in partage he being requyrat thairto; 1592 Mining Rec. 52.

2. The action of dividing (that part of an inheritance subject to it) into shares; division or partition (of inheritance). (1) That equal partage micht be maid thairof betwix him and the rest of the bairnis; 1554 Balfour Pract. 234.
[500 marks] by and attour hir equal portioun of partage with my ȝoungest brother and broder sonnes; 1608 Edinb. Test. XLIV. 41 b.
The succeding to the croun of kingdomes hes na divisioun of partaige; Bisset II. 175/26.
I … dispone the samyn … to hir haillie butt partage or divisioune; 1644 Edinb. Test. LX. 369 b.
[800 marks] in full and compleit payment of all farder benefeit or partage; 1650 Ib. LXV. 80.
(2) Partaige of cleithing harnes [etc.]; Bisset II. 225/5.

3. A share (of land or property); a portion (of an inheritance). (1) One to his [Abraham's] partaiche the land of Canaan Quhilk at that tyme vas promissit to his seid; Makeson Genesis fol. 3.
Bothe daughteris to the king and queen educated alyke … no difference of partage; 1587 Warrender P. II. 41.
And now the heareshipp which I hawe and partage be my wyfe [etc.]; Fowler I. 40/95.
By line is fallen to me A pleasant partage; Mure Psalmes xvi. 6.
That … my wyff and bairnes … be nowayis … trublit nather scho in hir office nor thej in thair partage forsaides; 1634 Edinb. Test. LVII. 6.
Of all frie goods … soumes of money … that will appertaine … to me as my just partage the tyme of my deceis; 1656 Brechin Test. VI. 24.
(b) The said lord … acceptis the vtheris landis … for his portioun and pairtaige thairof; 1581 Bk. Carlaverock II. 491.
That my sone Colling haif na pairtage of geir insycht or outsycht; 1585 Argyll Fam. Lett. 64.
(2) His sone Javan that had in partage the cuntrie of Greise; Chron. Kings 3.
That the said ane markland lybellit fell in partage to umquhill Thomas Ommond; 1615 Orkney & Shetl. Ct. Bks. 10.
Having gotten in partage the barony of Trabroune; Scot Staggering State 75.

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