A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (up to 1700)

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Ourtak, v. Also: oure-, owr(e)-, ore- and -take. P.t. -tuk(e. P.p. -takin, -yn(e. [Our adv.; Tak v. Cf. late ME. awrtoke p.t., -taken p.p. (1415).]

1. tr. To catch up with; to chance to meet; to overtake in pursuit; to get hold of, come at, get at; to catch, arrest. = Ourta v. 1 and 2. (a) Thai … brak vp dures sturdely And slew all that thai mycht ourtak; Barb. v. 95.
Ib. iv. 415, xiii. 146.
[They] heryde al that thai mycht ourtake; 1405 Slater Early Sc. Texts No. 59.
Thai lete nane alyen Frely throwch thare land pas then That ony way thai mycht ourtak; Wynt. viii. 6985.
The prince has gevin bidding … to all persone that may our tak him to tak him or to sla him; Hay I. 202/4.
A Sarrazene … hapnyt till ourtak a Jow; Ib. II. 159/13.
Ner Burdeous or thai our tuk [sic in MS.] him mycht Gud Wallace was; Wall. ix. 538.
Ib. x. 695.
That all that ever scho micht ourtak that tyde Hors and men with brount scho straik all doun; K. Hart 231.
I sall ourtak him … In ȝone feild gife I fynd him; Sym & Bruder 84.
Thair wes … no tike culd thame oretak So lichtly thay did loup; Burel Pilgr. i. ix.
And they had gotten their will, she wald a been sure of her ladetties … but God be thanked they did not oretake her; J. Row Sermon 3.
(b) He all till-hewyt that he our-tuk; Barb. ii. 381.
Bot the chassaris sped thame so fast That thai ourtuk sum [sc. fugitives] at the last; Ib. vi. 440.
In hy apon thame can he ryde And our-tuk thame at a syde; Ib. xiii. 68.
Quhat thinge it [the dragon's flames] ourtuke As fyr Gregois brynt at a luke; Leg. S. xvii. 45.
Ib. xxxiii. 71.
Alex. ii. 1678.
Ib. 4415.
Wynt. vii. 649.
Henr. III. 97/29 (Bann.).
Ilk man with maist deligence sped him to the chais and ouretuke the army of Scottis; Bell. Boece (M) II. 348.
(c) [They] slwe hys men … Quhare-evyr that thai ourtakyn [W. ourtakin] were; Wynt. iv. 348.
Gif he may be ouretakyn he salbe put in sikkir festines quhil the law be done on hym; 1432 Acts II. 20/2.
And swa furth fra schirref to schirref quhill he be owrtakin or put forth of the realme; 1491 Ib. 225/2.

b. fig. (Cf. 2.) Pryde gays befor and schame alwayis Folowys this on alsa fast And it owretakis at the last; Wynt. viii. 3970.

c. ? To prove (a charge) against (apone) another. = Ourta v. 3 b. S. sal ger oure tak it [the charge] apon thé as law of proteccion wyl or as this gude courte schawys hym of rycht & of law; Bute MS. fol. 141.

2. Of an adverse agency (material or non-material): To come upon, seize, catch, surprise; to overcome or overpower. (1) That battalyng … Saffit thair liffis for it brak Blesis that wald thame ourtak; Barb. iv. 138.
Sic a tempest sodanly Ourtuke ws; Troy-bk. ii. 2525 (D).
The eddyr … Quham the hevy schod cart quheil doith ourtak Pressyng hir down; Doug. v. v. 57.
(2) (a) Thair ma na tresour ourtak nor twyn hir [sc. Fortune's] entent; Gol. & Gaw. 1240.
For and the deith ourtak thé in trespas; Dunb. lxxiii. 14 (M).
Sorofull vengeance ȝit sal thé ourtake; Doug. vii. ix. 118.
(b) Hyme ourtuk son Godis yre; Leg. S. xxxiii. 845.
Wynt. vi. 306.
(c) Bot this kyng ourtakyne wes Suddanly wyth gret seknes; Wynt. v. 5205.
Ib. vi. 1584.

3. a. To deal with successfully, accomplish. b. To get through (matters to be dealt with). c. intr. const. with. Be the quhilkis with help of my documentis and techingis thou may our tak all thy desyris; Hay II. 78/13.
Caussis ilk day so fast dois multiplie That with this seit can nocht our takin be; Maitland Maitl. F. clxxiv. 57.
The bailȝeis appoyntis to meit … for ourtaking with the effaires of the toun; 1611 Cramond Cullen Ann. 25.

4. tr. Of a body of persons: To take up or occupy the whole of (a space). Only in Barbour and Alex. And so gret rowme held thar charre That men that mekill host mycht se Our-tak the landis so largely; Barb. xi. 125.
That folk our-tuk [E. ourtak] ane mekill feld On breid; Ib. xii. 439.
He dois wysly, for, sic ane scheild, He garris his men ourtak the feild; Alex. ii. 7978.
Ib. i. 232.

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