A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (up to 1700)

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Condign(e, Conding, a. Also: condyng. [ME. condygne (1413), -dyngne, -dynge, OF. condigne, L. condignus.]

1. Fitting, suitable, appropriate. (a) Quhat amendis may men of wisdome estymy condigne for the lyf of a man; Hay I. 245/34.
Na penans na condigne satisfaccione maid for thaim; Cr. Deyng 75.
Thay … ordanit condigne rewardis to be gevin for al gud dedis; Bell. Boece I. 54.
Becaus we may not rander yow condigne thankis at this time; Ib. II. 304.
Ungraitfull grome, sic recompence Was not condigne to thyne offence; 1567 Sat. P. xi. 57.
Ane condigne doctor to all lownes; 1583 Sempill
Ib. xlv. 810.
(b) Quhilk clerly suld cause synnaris … For thare trespas do pennans condyng; Contempl. Sinn. 637.
Quhat gyft condyng Wilt thou geif Nysus; Doug. v. vi. 119.
Virgil writis mony just claus conding; Ib. vi. Prol. 60; etc.
Ȝe may in to thare storie rede Conding rewarde for euery nobil dede; Bell. Livy I. 3/31.
The said Erle … to mak conding mendis to his lordship for the said violent spulȝe; 1549 Soc. Ant. XI. 92.
We can not gif to God loving conding For sa greit grace; G. Ball. 16.
Guid iust men … That ar expert, maist habill and conding To gif ane faythfull counsell till ane king; Maitland M. Fol. clxxx. 4.
The balleis for dissitioun of the said debait … , efter conding tryall tain, fand [etc.]; 1615 Lanark B. Rec. 124.
This suld incens ws all to gif hir hienes conding thankis for hir … clemencie; Bisset II. 389/8.

b. Of an assize or inquest: Suitable to the case or the parties concerned. (a) To Champnay, messinger, that past with the Kingis writingis to warne ane condigne assise to convene in Edinburgh; 1529 Treas. Acc. V. 374.
His portioun of land … salbe disponit be thame be ane condigne inqueist; 1580 Prestwick B. Rec. 78.
Gowrie hes gotten a condigne syse Conforming to his interpryse; 1583 Sempill Sat. P. xlv. 527.
The provest and baillies of ilk burgh sall … tak summar cognitioun of the estait of the landis … be ane condigne inquest of the nichtbouris; 1594 Acts IV. 71/1.
(b) Tenentis quhilk … payis nocht thar dewties and … ar convict be ane conding assys; 1515 Edgerston Writs MS. (Reg. H.).
The said Ferquhar … rafarrit him to ane conding nwmyr of inquest; 1541 Elgin Rec. I. 38.
For laik of ane conding number presentlie, the juge … ordenis [etc.]; 1578 Rec. Earld. Orkney 144.

2. Worthy; of (great) worth or value. (a) All the pane[s] of this lyf present … To wyn the hevyn are nocht callit condigne; Contempl. Sinn. 1492.
Had not bene that sweit virginitie Was mair condigne; Rolland C. Venus iii. 866.
Ib. 871.
The said notaries wer haldin & repute honest famous & condigne notaris; 1586 Soc. Ant. II. 406.
The king … requyrit the societie of sum condigne Princess to be his bedfallow; Hist. James VI 211.
(b) Of lustines I was hald maist conding; Henr. Fab. 447.
The sone alswa, the haly gaist conding; Id. III. 158/63.
Thow caws thi feris keip the samyn gys In thar oblacionys, and this vsage condyng; Doug. iii. vi. 103.
Ane king, Quhilk Farchart hecht, rycht nobill and conding; Stewart 1172.
Corbredus … With all his lordis duchtie and conding; Ib. 11290.
The secund als was ane doctour conding, Callit Solon; Rolland C. Venus ii. 16.
I war na way conding Of ȝow to bruik office; Ib. iv. 158.
Hary Stewart, that was bauld and stout, Constant and kind, with qualiteis conding; 1572 Sat. P. xxx. 12.
Only he of laurell is conding, Who wysely can with proffit, pleasure ming; James VI Ess. 37.
This valiant king, … in glorye moist conding; Fowler 31/136.

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