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LOAD, v., n. Also lod(e), lodd. Sc. usages. For the historic Sc. forms see Laid.

I. v. Pa.t. load, loadit; pa.p. weak load, lodd, strong loaden, -in, obs. or dial. in Eng. These forms are commonest in n.Sc. Sc. 1711  Records Conv. Burghs (1885) 11:
Even the ships which have arrived and are so much talked of have been for the most part loaden with tobacco.
Sc. 1752  Caled. Mercury (6 Jan.):
Heating the Dock of a Gun in the Fire, which unfortunately happened to be load.
Abd. 1759  Abd. Council Registers LXII. 252:
There are a good many goods load and unload.
Sc. 1806  R. Jamieson Ballads I. 293:
The gantry was ay keepit loaden Wi' bowies o' nappie bedeen.
Slk. 1835  Hogg Wars of Montrose I. 253:
They fled to the snowy hills, … loaden as they were with spoil.
Lnk. 1877  W. McHutchison Poems 56:
Wi' banes his cuddy-cart was load.
Per. 1881  R. Ford Hum. Sc. Readings 50:
He load again, prepared to go.
Sc. 1893  Stevenson Catriona xxiii.:
He made it a small affair to find some good plain family of merchants, where Catriona might harbour till the Rose was loaden.
Bch. 1930  Abd. Univ. Review (March) 104:
The load cairt gaed ower baith ma legs.
Sh. 1952  J. Hunter Taen wi da Trow 13:
Lod wi priests, an Roman sojers.

II. n. 1. As in Eng., esp. of a horse-load. See Laid, n., 1. and 2. Freq. as a collective pl. e.Lth. 1733  Hist. Bwk. Nat. Club XVIII. 62:
He sent me a present of 13 horse load of cones.

2. A heavy attack or dose (of the cold) (Sc. 1881 A. Mackie Scotticisms 33; Uls. 1886 Patterson Gl.; I. and n.Sc., Fif. 1961). Hence phr. load(ed) wi the cauld (I.Sc. 1961). Sh. 1886  J. Burgess Sketches 15:
I'm gotten an odious lodd o' da caald.
Sh. 1897  Shetland News (4 Dec.):
I wiss doo mayna repent dy ootgaein' wi' da load o' cauld 'at wis apo' dee afore.

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