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A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (up to 1700)

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About this entry:
First published 2001 (DOST Vol. X).
This entry has not been updated since then but may contain minor corrections and revisions.

Te(i)nd, Tent, Te(i)nth(e, adj. and n. Also: tende, tentt, tene, teinde, teinit, tein(e, teynd(e, teyind, teand, teen(d, (thende), teenth, tents, tiend(e, tind, tynd, teith, teyth, teeth, teath, tith, tyth, tyith, tiyth. [ME and e.m.E. tioðe, teonðe, tyenðe (all a1175), tende (Orm), tiȝðe (c1250), tend, teind, teynde, tent (all Cursor M.), tithe (1377), tentþe (Wyclif), teend (c1450), tenth (1495), teand (1508), OE teoᵹoþa, téoþa, ONorthumb. teiᵹ(e)ða, teiða.]

A. adj. 1. The tenth in a sequence.(a) 1375 Barb. iv 460.
On the tend day … the kyng … Arywyt
a1400 Leg. S. i 175.
He sall find it … In-to the tende chapitere
1405 Slater Early Sc. Texts No. 58.
The tend day of the moneth of Januare
c1420 Wynt. iv 1130 (C).
The tende man … Fra this Fergus ewyn be lyne
c1420 Wynt. iv 1821 (C).
Fra this Fergus … descendit Makalpyne And was bot in the tende gre
14… Reg. Episc. Aberd. I 240.
Of our regne the tend ȝer
(b) 1410–11 Reg. Episc. Brechin. I 31.
Setterday the tent day of Januar
c1490 Porteous Noblenes 30 (Ch. & M.).
The tent vertu in ane nobill man is larges
1531 Bell. Boece I 254.
We micht nocht reid ilk tent wourd
1535–6 M. Works Acc. (ed.) I 193.
ix wolkis wagis … the uthir tent wolk [etc.]
1549 Lamb Resonyng 85/20.
Polidor in his tent buik writtis [etc.]
1551 Hamilton Cat. 16.
The sentence of the tent artikil
1557 Prot. Bk. J. Robeson 199a.
The said Maister Alexander … tendit nyne stoukis and wes takand the tent stouk … away … in redines to leid away the said tend
1567 Acts II 583/1.
The … nynt, tent, elleuint, tuelft, thretteint or xiiij dais of Aprile
1570 Prot. Bk. A. Lawson 1a.
Ewerie tent leif … markit with the signe and subscriptioun of Robert Scott
1572-5 Diurn. Occurr. 252.
Ane great multitude … depairtit … sua that almaist euerie tent burges remanit nocht thairin
a1595 Cullen Chron. Aberd. 31.
a1599 Rollock Wks. I 311.
In the aucht chapter to the Romanes the tent and ellevint verses
1651 Cramond Presb. Fordyce 26.
The brethren culd not convene the tent day
(c) c1420 Wynt. v 4975.
This kyng past owre the se, In trawalle thare nyne yhere was he, The teynd yhere agayne he come
1509 Douglas Chart. 193.
The teind day off Descemar
(d) 1558-66 Knox I 58 (see B 3 a (b) below).

2. Used to describe the quantity that amounts to one part in ten. Chiefly in collocation with Part n. 6 b. b. Tent man, one man in ten, a tenth of the men. c. Of a Roman Prefect: In charge of ten men. 1375 Barb. ix 495 (C).
Nocht the tend part his travaling
a1400 Leg. S. vi 274.
Na is nocht vndir the ayre he Palace tendparte so fare to se
a1400 Leg. S. xl 788.
Of the quhilkis, gyf I tald nov, The teynd part, men suld nocht trev
1501 Doug. Pal. Hon. 515.
He … Was not in musick half sa weill igroundit, Nor knew thair measure tent daill be na wayis
1533 Boece 24b.
How the tent parte of all teyndis in Scotland was assignit in reskew of the Haly Land
1533 Boece 318b1.
The teynd parte [sc. of the prey] was gevin to the kirkmen
c1550 Lynd. Meldrum 1474.
Nor Cresseid for trew Troylus Wes not tent part sa dolorous
c1552 Lynd. Mon. 4757.
The tent part of all gude mouebyll, For the vphaldyng of thare digniteis
1573 Davidson in Sat. P. xl 263.
Within thair breist thay beir sic bailfulnes, That toung of men can not the teynd part tell
1596 Dalr. II 137/3.
That quhais rents war abone fourtie libs. suld pay the tent parte to the pape
1611 Reg. Privy C. IX 288.
The double angell … quhilk is heir current for tuelff pundis, is valued in foreyne pairtis for xiii lib. iii s., quhilk is a full tent pairt moir
1657 Retours I Inq. Spec. Orkney et Shetland (82).
E. half mark and tent pairt mark butter [etc.]
b. 1544 Corr. M. Lorraine 78.
[The writer's son … is a prisoner in Newcastle. He was captured] … and is haldin he the tent man for ther marynellis
1558-66 Knox I 322.
Immediatlie the hole multitude … putt handis to the said tabernacle, and to all utheris monumentis of idolatrie; whiche thei dispatched, befoir the tent man in the toune war advertist, (for the moist parte war gone to dennar)
c. 1533 Bell. Livy II 102/11.
The tribunis militare departing on this wise left behynd thame A. Claudius, son of Ap. Claudius tent man [L. decemviri præfectum], to be president of the ciete

B. absol. or ellipt. passing into noun.

I. 1. The tenth member in a sequence.(a) 1395 MacRae Early Sc. Texts No. 4.
The tend of the moneth of Fevyrȝer
c1420 Wynt. vi 1895.
Leo the Tend
(b) a1500 Colk. Sow iii 117.
Cok Coby the tent
1513 Doug. i Prol. Contents.
The Contentis of Euery Buke … The tent declaris [etc.]
c1552 Lynd. Mon. 3648.
Quhilk wes the tent and the last kyng, Quhilk did efter king Cyrus ryng
a1586 Lindsay MS 26a.
The tent walkis euir for to keip the leif quhen thai sleip
1590 Paterson Ayr & Wigton II 160.
The tent off this instant
1626 Garden Worthies 76.
That stout King the Lyon, tearm'd the tent
1611-57 Mure True Crucifixe 1133.
And this [sc. the 2nd commandment] of place among the ten [the Papists] depriue, Braunching the tent in twaine; to hide the thift
(c) 1683 New Mills Manuf. 59.
The teinit of Agust
(d) 1649 Wemyss Chart. 234.
Auchtt, … my piktor kais … neinthe, … my iacinte ring … teinthe [etc.]
1695 Banff Ann. I 97.
This teinth of Nov.

2. The tenth part (of anything).Freq. in collocation with Tel(l v. in negative consts. = to be unable to tell the tenth of something, to be unable to express more than the slightest notion of something. a1400 Leg. S. xii 265.
Of thre hundir the teynd leyly That cumys be raknyne to thretty
a1400 Leg. S. xviii 1167.
Bot quhen [etc.] … Cane nane the teynd tel of disces [etc.]
c1450-2 Howlat 625 (A).
Of the said tre I tell nocht the teynd
1533 Bell. Livy II 180/26.
That every man … sall estimye all the spuleȝe that he has won … and … draw … the tent parte tharefra … that of all thir teyndis … sall be made ane goldin presand effering … the magnificence of Appollis tempill … The rasing of this teynd drew the hartis of the small pepill fra Camillus
1533 Bell. Livy II 181/2.
How the teynd of the spuleȝe was commandit to be send to Appollo
a1568 Bann. MS 221b/39.
Of my wo is nane can tell the tend
c1575 Balfour Pract. 555.
Gif ony quhaill is fund within the flude or sea mark, the samin sall pertene to the king as eschete, swa that the baron sall have his part thairof … reservand the teind to the king
1588 Crim. Trials I ii 164.
The teynd of thame gais ewerie ȝeir to hell
1606 Birnie Kirk-b. xiv.
The mourning in Israell was but made in a sabboth of dayes, contenting them with the teinde of Egypts tyme
1630 Rutherford Christ & Doves 5.
The tein or remnant Gods part is but the tenth, and the devil has all the stock
1699 Edinb. Test. LXXX 331.
Ther wes … awane … be the Bank of Scotland the soume of iijc lib. Scotts as the tents of his subscriptiones being iijm lib. Scotts

II. 3. The tenth part of the produce of land or other fruits of labour required to be given over to the upkeep of the religious establishment, a tithe; passing into a due owed to the superior of the land, ecclesiastic or lay. a. sing. Also transf.Based on the Mosaic law referred to in Wynt. ii 162 (see b (1) below).For further examples and information see also c1575 Balfour Pract. pp. 144-146 and the index of 1681 Stair Inst.(a) 14.. Reg. Maj. c. 17.
The preist sayis that it was till him gevyn for part of his tende
1434–5 Reg. St. A. 424.
Thair landis of Estirbalrymonth with the pertinance therof the tend inclusit
1456 Misc. Bann. C. III 94.
Alexander the Crounaris son aw me for the tend of Dail Thurro, and the byrun, … iiijxx of markis and mair
1465 Orkney & Shetl. Rec. I 49.
Payand yherli till ws and oure successoris, bischopis of Orknay, … ane barell off butter ande foure mele of malt, batht for maill ande for tende
1472 Liber Aberbr. II 168.
Becaus I haff the said tend off the said venerabile fader and conuent bettir chape than it is off waile I bynd me till trawale in all resonable seruice … for the profyt off thame and off thar hous
1473 Reg. Cupar A. I 166.
The mylnaris tende and abbe tendis falland in thar awn handis
1475 Reg. Cupar A. I 203.
Two acris … frely forout ony male or tend payand to ws
1477 Reg. Cupar A. I 209.
Payand … for the tend of quhet vij firlotis iij pekkis
1557 Prot. Bk. J. Robeson 199a (see A 1 (b) above).
(b) c1420 Wynt. i 174.
Quha doys noucht … Hys det to God, in hys serwys, Offerand teynd or sacrifice
1490 Acta Conc. I 154/2.
To Robert Mortoun of Wakinschaw the soume of fourti lis. vsuale money of Scotland for thar teyndis of the kirk of Inchinnane
1549 Compl. 168/11.
To put there nychtbours furtht of ther steding … or ellis to leyd auaye ane pure manis teynd in heruyst
1555 E. Loth. Antiq. Soc. VII 50.
To the abbay of Hadingtoun for the teynd of the saidis milles
1563 Dumfries B. Ct. 231a.
The said Dauid sall pay the males thairof to the lard of the grond & all vtheris dewis the teynd & multer foirsaid allanerlie
a1570-86 Maitland in Maitl. F. 331/17.
The teynd and the kirk landis Come in grit temporall mennis handis
1558-66 Knox I 58.
The bischop … urgeid him for the teind thairof. His ansuer was, yf thei wald haif teynd of that which his servandis wane in the sea, it war but reassoun, that thei should come and receave it … so, … he caused his servandis cast the tenth fische in the sea agane
c1627 Orkney Rentals iii 73.
Of Kings land fourtie eight pennie land … worth yeerlie in teynde … ane barrell free butter [etc.]
1627 Orkney Rentals iii 95.
The teynd of the dogger boatis
a1633 Hope Major Pract. I 223.
Each heritor and lyfrenter of landis shall have the leiding and draweing of their owen teynd
1644 Lochwinnoch Par. 165.
For the Mayneis of maill and j b. teynd convertit in money, xx li.
1646 Aberd. B. Rec. IV 66.
Sir Gilbert Meingȝes … for the halff of the teynd of the raik, £65 6 s. 8 d.
(c) 1515 Selkirk B. Ct. (ed.) 33.
James bade him leiff the corne one the land or ellis to be at the justice of the pament of the teind
1530 Lynd. Test. Pap. 684.
Spirituall men suld leue vpon thair teind
1546 Reg. Cupar A. II 36.
Thay payand … for thar teind fif bollis beir
c1575 Balfour Pract. 23.
Gif ministeris … sould pay teind for thair gleibis and kirklandis
1594 Orkney & Shetl. Rec. I 218.
Ilk greit ling boitt … sall pay yeirlie … for thair teind ane halff hundreth ling
1627 Misc. Hist. Soc. I 100.
He allegis the schortnes of the tak of the teind
1632 E. Loth. Antiq. Soc. II 136.
To pay to the laird 15 flecis of wool as teind … of his 10 sheip haldin be him on Sandersdaine or ells 10 s. for ilk fleice
1633 Acts V 116/1.
Thair will rest of cleir teind … of peis nyne bolls [etc.]
1641 Acts V (1817) 606/2.
The tent or teind of fisches, scheiflie of herring
1665 Whitelaw Sc. Arms Makers 252.
The watter baillieschip and teind of the watter … eftir public ropeing
1685-8 Renwick Serm. 60.
All payers of teind or stipends to Baal's priests
c1680 in Cunningham Diary 146.
There remains of superplus teind [£6 15 s. 4 d.]
(d) 1603 Orkney & Shetl. Rec. I 224.
Ane pennie money Scottis in name of blainsche ferme … togidder with skat and teyind to the King and Kirk
(e) 1545 Reg. Cupar A. II 38.
The said Jhonis aris … sall haw the haill teand indurand the saidis nynten ȝeris
(f) 1690 R. Brown Paisley I 304.
They have concluded to stop Dundonald in tyme coming for receiving any tiend or anchorage in the Sneddon, from any boat which shall harbour there
(g) 1627 Rep. Parishes 194.
Garvock landis … never having bein in vse of paying of teith
(h) 1641 Glasg. Univ. Mun. I 283.
The led tith was never wnder five scoir bollis
transf. 1597 James VI Dæmonol. (STS) 51/12.
How there was a king and queene of phairie … how they had a teynd, & dutie, as it were, of all goods

b. pl. Also const. of the source, recipient or nature of the due.(1) c1420 Wynt. ii 162.
He [sc. Abraham] gewe fyrst … Teyndis, as the Bybyll sayis, To Melchesedek that than hade The sowerayne ordyre off Presthade
1513 Doug. viii Prol. 107.
Ten tendis ar a trump, bot gif he tak ma Ane kynryk of parroch kyrkis cuppillit with commendis
1515 Selkirk B. Ct. MS 45a.
1536 Treas. Acc. VI 306.
Maister James Kennydy and Schir Robert Dwne, commissar of Wigtoune, collectoris of the taxt of the thre teyndis
1536–7 Sc. Hist. Rev. VII 360.
The saidis landis was plentwis and bure mekill corne and thairfor the said vmquhile Dauid was compellit be the saidis Abbot & Convent of Melros to pay ȝerelie for the saidis landis with the teindis sex chalder of beir
c1552 Lynd. Mon. 4430.
Dauid of Scotland kyng … did founde … Fyftene abbayis, with temporall landis, Withouttin teindis and offerandis; Be quhose holy simplicite He left the crown in pouerte
1560 Bk. Disc. 224.
The soumes … must be lifted of the teyndis, to wit, the teynd cheaf, … teynd calf, teynd fole [etc.]
1562 Reg. Privy S. V i 290/1.
Caynis, custumes, ariage, cariage, teyndschares and uthiris teyndis
1567 Reg. Privy C. 2 Ser. I clx.
Aye and quhill the kirk come into full possession of her proper patrimonie quhilk is the teinds
1580 Antiq. Aberd. & B. IV 748.
The teindschevis and vtheris teindis fructis proffittis … alsweil of personage as vicarage pertenynig to the common kirkis … lyand within the dyocie
1592 Acts III 544/2.
Concerning the erectioun of kirklandis and teyndis in temporall lordschippis
1594 Acts (1597) ii 148.
That na beneficed man vnder a prelate, within this realme, may in time cumming, set langer tackes of teindes … without the consent of their patrones, bot for the space of three ȝeires
1595 Edinb. Test. in Sanderson Rural Soc. 34.
Yor cuming to Dalkeyth to thresche the teindis
1596 Dalr. II 297/13.
He feirit that the peple … suld not with gude wil thol to cum vnder new burdines of a new sence, teines, or mailis
16… Macfarlane's Geog. Coll. III 81.
A Committee of the parliament … called the Commission for … Valuation of Teynds … who have power to modify and augment ministers stipends
c1620 Sutherland Bk. II 339.
So long as it is permitted … that laic men should possesse teinds
1627 Rep. Parishes 195.
Also the teandis may very weall bear ane honest provisioun for a school
16.. Herries Mem. 16.
1664 Alford Rec. 54.
1664 Kirkintilloch B. Ct. 10.
The bailyies … ordaines all the possessors of the fyve pound land of Kirkintilloch to make payment of the teyndes unto the bailyieis within fyftein dayes
(b) 1558-66 Knox I 8.
That teythes aught not to be given to ecclesiasticall men
1586 Cal. Sc. P. IX 18.
The leading of tythes is ane ordinary mater for the which noblemen will assemble theyr fryndis
1627 Haddington Corr. 153.
Anent the bying of … teiths
1628 Red Bk. Menteith II 8.
That the valuation of the tithes may be … speedilie … tryed whereby the great work of the tithes may be the more quicklie brought to the intended perfection
1628 Conv. Burghs III 266.
1631 Laing MSS 189.
Commission for Tythes and Exchecker
1641 Acts V 665/1.
The teiths belonging to ministers colledges … aucht to be excludit from valuatioun
1667 Cramond Ch. Lhanbryd 11.
No heritor was taxman of teiths nor wer anie lands holden of the Chantorie within the said parish
1681 Purves Revenue Crown 77.
The teithes, befor the proces att the instance of the Laird of Craigie, ther wes never any teind dewtie craved in the Iles from the slayers of the herring ther
(2) 1389 Liber Melros 449.
Dauid kyng … of Scotland … has gyvin to the religious men … of Meuros … all the custume of all thair wollys as wele of thair awin growing as of thair tendys of thair kyrkes
c1420 Wynt. v 2905.
The teyndys off all feys, Landys and regalyteis And off alkyn possessyown Suld to the sustentatyown Off haly kyrk be payit
14.. Reg. Maj. c. 147.
Gif forsuth the prest sais that for his tendis he tuk it
1472 Reg. Dunferm. 369.
The forsaid Mathow giffand ȝerli fyuety lib. for the tendis & freytis of the said personage
1473 Reg. Cupar A. I 188.
The tendis of the corn mil and walkmyl remanand fre to the abbay
c1520-c1535 Nisbet Heb. vii 2.
1533 Boece 311.
Convall … decretit that all teyndis of the ground suld be caryit to the granellis of the kirkmen
1553–4 Edinb. Old Acc. I 103.
To the wickar in Sanct Cuthbertis kirk for the tindis of the fyve mylnis xl s.
1557–8 Armstrong Hist. Liddesdale I App. c.
I, Sir Jhone Maxwell of Teregles knycht, hes licent … Christie Armstrang … to intromet with the haill teyndes of the perroche of Stabillgortoun and to tak up bruik and joys the samyn … payand tharfoir … viij lb. … usuale money of Scotland
1596 Edinb. B. Rec. V 164.
[The council] fynds guid that the ryding of the teynds of Curry be nocht mislyppenit
1612 Conv. Burghs II 343.
1627 Ch. in Orkney 279.
Sum of thame hes thair teinds set to thamsellfis, … bot the teinds of sum arr ledd
1642 Craven Argyll Diocese 96.
[Lease … to] Mr. Donald McKenzie, commendator of the Isles, of the teenis of all fishes
1654 Maxwell Mem. II 284.
My husband hade a tack of the teenths off the church off Trequere
1667 Conv. Burghs III 592.
Notwithstanding the king and admirall had receaved ther tents and fyfteints of the said salt
(b) 1614 Aberd. Council Lett. I 123.
Anent the clargeis richt acclamed to the tithis of fisches killed by oure burrowis
1615 Lett. Eccl. Affairs II 443.
His right and kyndnesse of the tythes for the church of Dunlope
1630-1651 Gordon Geneal. Hist. 352.
To obteyn a prorogation of a lease of the teiths of some lands which he had in morgage
1633 T. Hope Diary 5.
The valour of the tithes of erectioun
1641 Fife Synod 124.
Teethes of lands unlaboured
1648 Glasgow B. Rec. II 152.
These wha war appointed for setting of the teithes of the burrow … aikers
1658 S. Leith Rec. 112/2.
Lord Balmerinoch … haith the teethes of the paroch
1667 Aberd. Council Lett. IV 305.
Secundo … the toune of Aberdein ar confirmit amongst the rest of ther privileges of the said teinds of ther burrow reids … Quinto quheras it is alledgit the teiths of our burrow reids [etc.]
1667 Aberd. Council Lett. IV 305.
600 punds [are added yearly] therto for macking up to him ane competent stipend the said teiths of Sanct Nicolas being inconsiderable

c. With qualifiers, specifying the nature, recipient or source of the tithe.specif. Garbage teinds = great teindis, or corne teind; great teindis, the contribution due from grain; parsonage teindis (teyndis personage), the tithe paid to the parson of a parish (usu. equated with great teindis); secund teind(is, = Te(i)nd penny n. 1; small teindis, the contribution due from commodities other than grain and paid to the vicar of a parish as vicarage teindis (teindis vicarage); valued teindis, tithes on which a fixed monetary value has been set.For further examples see also Bow-teind n., Corn n. 4, Guse n.1 4, Kirkland n. c, Lint n. 4 (2), Parsonage n. 2 b, Vicarage n. 3 f.(1) 1602 Shetland Sheriff Ct. (ed.) 14.
The inhabitantis of the yle of Yell … sall pay to him the bull teind, lamb teind, corne teind and utheris teindis greit and small
1615 Orkney Test. and Inv. 136.
The minister, mot teind, 2 settingis beir
1622 Orkney & Shetl. Test. I 88a.
Awand … to Mr. William Wmfra minister of bow teind … Item of bottis teind xxvj s.
1627 Orkney Rentals iii 56.
The wiccarag of Burray … in boit teind ane dowssane maid fisch
1628 Goudie Shetl. Antiq. 178.
Whair the corneteynd is payit in packit guidis ilk peice corneteynd is ane barrell
1628 Goudie Shetl. Antiq. 178.
18 merk land makis ane last of land, and 4 lastis of land is a piece of corneteynd
1630 Orkney Antiq. Soc. V 61.
The haill grund teinds of the drogger boatis
1667 Kirkcudbr. Sheriff Ct. Deeds I 218.
[10 merks for the] milk teind [at Martinmas next, with the] airne [teind at Martinmas 1668]
1671 Hist. Clan Gregor II 163.
Garbage teinds
(2) 1575 Carrick Baillie Ct. 2 June.
To content & pay … the sowme … for the rest of his stentis, wiccarage teindis and fyve sarking of lining
1602 Retours I Inq. Spec. Dumfries (13).
The teynd scheavis and small teyndis, in parochia de Drumfries
1627 Orkney Rentals iii 39.
The viccarage teind of … Wallis … extendis to … of lambes 40 of teind calues 12
1633 Acts V 90/1.
Teind lambes teind woll teind lint teind leiks and vthers small teinds
1643 Bk. Dunvegan 115.
For the parochin of Glenelg … ilk ȝeir 1100 great teindis and 300 merkis small viccarag teindis
1673 Cramond Kirk S. II 15 June.
The small teynds of Nether Cramond gifted by John Lord Balmerinoch to the schoolmaster
c1690 in Cunningham Diary 118.
There being 7 bolls of parsonage-tiend payable out of these lands … and 4 l. 6 s. 11 d. sterl. of yearly vicarage
1598 Brechin Test. I 184a.
For … the teind wiccarage of the saidis landis … vj li.
1607 Acts IV 400/1.
Except the teyndis personage and vicarage of the kirkis of Home [etc.] … being the auld kyndlie possessionis of the hous of Home
1644 Lochwinnoch Par. 159.
iiij b. beir for teynd viccarege
1683 Kirkcudbr. Test. (Reg. H.) 15 June.
Debts owt owine … Item foure years wickerag tyth
1688 Craven Ch. in Orkney 129.
Teithes, parsonages and viccarages, and other teinds
ellipt. 1657 Brechin Test. VI 119a (see 4 c below).
(3) 1455 Liber Scon 185.
The secund tende of Kinfawnis
1483 Reg. Episc. Brechin. I 207.
That the rollis … is sufficient to pruff for the possessioun of the kirk of Brechine to the secund teynd of the said ward
1492–3 Acta Conc. I 280/1.
Secund teyndis of the ward landis of Fillorth
1506 Aberd. Sheriff Ct. I 88.
To my Lord of Abirdene fywe marks worth of the lands of Ardmiddill for his secunde teind of the lands of Ouchterles
(4) 1651 Argyll Synod I 253.
Provyding that the … localites appoynted to pay the said new modefied stipends be habill to pay the samen in regaird thair ar many places … that ar not ȝit … habill to pay the rental and valued teynds
1659 Retours II Inq. Spec. Renfrew (157).
The valued personage teinds and teind sheaves
1663 Bk. Islay 408.
Teynde schaves or valoued teynde bolls and uther teyndis, alsweill grite as small, personage and viccarrage, and small teyndis callit the brockis

4. attrib. and comb. a. Tend schefe, also, once, teynds schaveis, every tenth sheaf of grain taken as tithe in sense 3 above, for many further examples, see Schef(e n.2 1 c. 1607 Armstrong Hist. Liddesdale I 105.
[Andro Armestrang … and Thomas Armestrang … were denounced rebels … for not restoring to the earl the] teynds schaveis [or their value]
1643 Dundee Chart. 88.
Tiende shaves

b. With commodities: The tenth or a tenth part paid as tithe; that part of produce, etc. paid in this way. 1463 (c1580) Edinb. B. Rec. I 21.
The tene corne of all cornes of the said mylne
1473 Reg. Cupar A. I 171.
Tha sal haue the tend vitale for ijch of bere and mele
c1480 Lindores A. 413 (see Hallow-brok n.).
1515 Fife Sheriff Ct. 17.
The said personis had spoilȝeit & takyne wp the … teynd froittis offerandis & deuiteis of his said personaige
1522 Acta Conc. MS XXXIII 33a.
The teynd fisch of twa baytis of Inuerlwndy liand in the parrochyn of Banff
1531–2 Reg. Soltre 195.
The teind lynt and hemp set for xxiiij s.
1540 Lynd. Sat. 1805 (B).
Thou sall haif yeirly for thy hyre The teind mvssillis of the ferry mire
1542 Reg. Cupar A. II 205.
In pament of the sammyn all the teynd cheis … at we pleis to tak
1547 Misc. Spald. C. V 310.
The teind bear and ferm bear … for the said year's crop, iii score and ten bolls
1547–8 Prot. Bk. M. Carruthers 42.
Yeirlie … payand the tane half of the teynd wictalis of the saidis manis
1549 Reg. Episc. Aberd. I 434.
Leidyng ȝeirly the bischopis teynd cornis … to his place
1561 Musselburgh 24.
The teynd quhyte to ich. vbo.
1561 Reg. Cupar A. I 363.
Summa of the haill fermes and teindis vittuallis of the Abbacie of Couper be yeir
1566 Prot. Bk. Thomas Johnsoun 151.
[Tenant is empowered to uptake] teynd lam, teynd woll, Pasche fines, lynt teynd, ges teynd, grys, oblatiouns
1584–5 Edinb. B. Rec. IV 403.
The townis seruands … to suffer na teynd fische to be payet be any persouns within the towne watteris
1589 Prot. Bk. J. Inglis 9 July.
The saidis factouris haid remanit at the said kyrk … & the maist part of the parrochinaris came nocht to present & deliuer the saidis teind cheis
1603 Dundonald Par. Rec. 43.
Margaret Bryan … accusit for sclandering the minister that he sould haif send his man to gather the teind herring on the Saboth day
1617 Reg. Great S. 633/2.
Lie tent corne
1638 Nicolson Diurnals Cockburnspath Acc.
Teind stouk
1655 Glasgow B. Rec. II 529.
Receavit … for the tynd fische when the samyn was rooppit at Lames
1655 Retours II Inq. Spec. Stirling (212).
The teynd load of coals
1661 Aberd. Council Lett. IV 103.
The kings majestie discharges the custome, excyse and teind harreing and manie others
1663 Bk. Islay 408 (see 3 c (4) above).
Valoued teynde bolls
1676 Argaty Baron Ct. 17 Oct.
Mair nyne pund resting of his teind crope 1674

c. Teind silver, tithes commuted to a money payment. 1505 Treas. Acc. III 171.
Payit … the teynd silvir of the kingis staggis in tua ȝeris xvj d.
1541 Lochleven Compt Bk. 19a.
Rassaffit fray the men of Laydlanat in part of payment of thar tend syluer fyve markis
1563 Antiq. Aberd. & B. II 145.
The teinde silver of the parochin of Ruthvan
1574 Antiq. Aberd. & B. II 432.
To deliuer … the wictuallis and teynd-siluer … of the crope
1575 Old Ross-shire I 21.
To have set and in assedatione for teind silver latten to the said Mr. Thomas Ros commendator off Ferne
1586 Aberd. Council Lett. I 5.
Four ȝeiris teind silver of the toun and lands of Gilcamstoun
1588 Old Ross-shire I 74.
I James Davidson ypothingar and burges of Edinburgh … resavit fra George Ros of B. … payment [gap] teind silver
1595 Kirkcudbr. B. Rec. I 323.
Thair provest is ewill peyit yeirlie be sindrie of the possessouris of the boirland skairis of thair teind siluer
1612 Brechin Test. II 251a.
To the chantor of Brechin for the teind siluer cropt forsaid
1615 Cramond Ch. Aberdour 15.
It was complenit by some … that they could not get the pastour movit to receive his ordinar teind silver
1657 Brechin Test. VI 119a.
Of teynd silwer and wiccarage viij lib.

d. Teind (tak) dewtie (teynds duetie), tent moneye, teynde entrie moneyes, = c above or funds deriving from tithes. 1616 Boyd Fam. P. No. 99 (31 May).
All and haill his fywe pund land of Piemount … to be halden … in frie blanche for payment of ane penny … yeirlie … and for the tiyth dewtie
1619 Crim. Trials III 475.
Nather payis he ony deutie to him bot for his teyndis, quhilk teynd-deutie can nawayis stay him to pas vpone this assyse
1627 Aberd. Council Lett. I 278.
I … grant me to have receaved from Andro Meldrum, theasurer … the sowme of … for the teynds … quilk teynd dewtie is ane pairt of my locall stipend assignet … out of the teyndes of the said parochin of Sanct Nicolas
1637–8 Misc. Spald. C. V 151.
The teynds duetie of Caprastoun for the cropt 1637
1644 S. Leith Rec. 47/2.
That all the heritors … should … sett doune ane roll of thar fewduties, tent duties, ministers readers and schoolmasters, their stipends
1677 Aberd. Council Lett. VI 113.
For it is to be considdered that the haill localitie is not off few deuties bot partlie of teynd deuties
1647 Falkirk Baron Ct. 28 Sept.
With fourtie schillingis for the vickerage of his said landis crope forsaid and fyve pund for his teind tak dewtie crope 1646 ȝeiris
1640 Elgin Rec. I 268.
To delyuer to Andro Annand, thesaurer, sic sowmes of money as thai haue receavit of the tent moneye to be gewin to the peopill that hes most neid
1680 Kirkintilloch B. Ct. 106.
It is ordained that the toune teynde entrie moneyes now being payed for the first nyntine yeirs in to come

e. Teind acres, -land, -know, land producing the crop used in payment of tithes; land assessed for payment of tithes. 16.. Hist. Kennedy 47.
Thay being all reddy to meitt, the ane on the teynd-know [etc.]
1642 Comm. Univ. III (St. A.) App. 208.
In place of the victual they should have had of the teind-acres … that the New College shall have als much victual as shall serve … of any of the victual of the Bishoprick
1656 Craig-Brown Selkirkshire II 390.
The teind land payes £78 7 s.

f. Teind barne, -yaird, the barn or yard used for storage of the produce payed as tithes. Also transf., the stored grain. 1515 Selkirk B. Ct. (ed.) 32.
Le teind bernyard
1579 Reg. Privy S. VII 309/2.
The haill teindis pertenis to the said commendatar, togidder with the teind barne and yaird
1632 Cullen B. Ct. 27 July.
This crop … be first teindit & led to the teind ȝard
1633 Buccleuch Mun. II 272.
To James Scott … for keiping of the teynd yaird of Hawik, bigging the dykes therof [etc.]
1667 E. Loth. Antiq. Soc. III 30.
The … dwelling-house called Reid house … with the teynd barnes
1674 Reg. Privy C. 3 Ser. IV 615.
To know if ther hes bein any conventicles within our burgh … ther hes bein … one in the teynd yaird neir our said burgh
1681 Purves Revenue Crown 50.
The teynd barnes & yaird of Ormistaine, Cavertoun, and Cesford
transf. 1642 Comm. Univ. III (St. A.) App. 208.
The New College to have their part of the teind-yard … in victuall for furnishing their table

g. Tend hows, a place-name, ? = sense 4 f above.  1405 Reg. Paisley 377, 378.
Carta de Tendehows in Ruthglen. … illo tenemento quod vulgariter Thendehows nuncupatur
1417 Charter (Reg. H.) No. 249.
Fyve rude of land liand be yhonde the tende hows burne
1697 Argyll Justic. Rec. I 165.
[He] killed the said cow and caried away the same upon his back in quarters … to the teathhouse of Aucharioch

h. Teind anes, recipients of tithes, ecclesiastics. ?1549 Monro W. Isles (Sibbald MS) 21.
[So many whales taken that] thair come 27 quhaillis ȝoung & auld to the teind anes [Buch. vt aliquando … viginti septem … decimarum nomine sacerdotibus sint exhibitae] thair

i. Tende ridar, see Ridder n. b.

j. Tith-bayar, a person authorised to acquire tithes for the benefit of the church.Consequent on the appointment of a Commission for Surrenders and Teinds in 1627. 1628 Red Bk. Menteith II 4.
That any two of them within the shyre who are warranted from the rest shall signe the same in name of them all who are tith-bayares

5. ? = Te(i)nd penny n. 2 or ? further examples of 3 above. 1640 Aberd. Council Lett. II 247.
The tenthes tuantie pennie woluntair contributioun
c1650 Spalding I 299.
Marschall rode from Strathbogie to the Bog to viseit the Ladie Marchioness of Huntlie … who wes maid welcum, and to whome scho maid payment of hir tenthis
c1650 Spalding II 4.
Victuall … transporting … for mantenans of Generall Lesleis army, liftit out of the tenthis and tuanteithis
c1650 Spalding II 5.
Payment, quhilk wes apointit to him out of the tenthis and tuenteithis at the making of thair bargane

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