A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (up to 1700)


Monro, D.    W. Isles 
[?1549] Monro's Western Isles of Scotland and genealogies of the clans, 1549    Monro, Donald; Munro, R. W. (ed.); Oliver & Boyd, Edinburgh, 1961. Latterly the preferred edn., edited. from the Sibbald MS. Also Description of the Western Isles of Scotland called Hybrides…By Sir Donald Monro High Dean of the Isles who travelled through most of them in the year 1549. Glasgow, 1884 (earlier wrongly identified as 1818 edn.). Also from Sibbald MS c1680 (NLS Adv. MS 31.2.6, pp 1-21) and Balfour MS, 1642 (NLS Adv. MS 33.2.3, fol. 1-23). There are erron. citations of the ‘Description of the Isles of Scotland' from the Sibbald MS pp 21 ff. as Monro W. Isles: these should be cited as Descr. Isles MSDOST Lib. 
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