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A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (up to 1700)

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First published 1951 (DOST Vol. II).
This entry has not been updated since then but may contain minor corrections and revisions.

Erisch(e, Erish(e, a. and n. Also: Erysche, Eriche, Ereische, Eerische, Eris. [Usual Sc. variant of Irisch(e, with unexplained difference of vowel. See also Ersch(e.]

1. adj. a. Irish. b. Highland, Gaelic. (In various contexts.) .(1) 1375 Barb. xiv. 330.
Toward Odymsy syne thai rayde, Ane Erische kyng
Ib. 448.
On this wis wes … of the Erysche men mony slane
1494 Treas. Acc. I. 233.
To Eris Robert [= Erysche Robert, 266], his man, iiij ellis of Rowane tanny
Ib. 238.
To Spede, the Eris lad, … to by him claithis
1535 Stewart 51319.
Tua thousand pair of relyngis … That Erische men usis to weir vpone their feit
1569-73 Bann. Memor. 32.
That lawless band, … together with that graceless garisone, 300 Erismen
1591 Treas. Acc. MS. 48.
John Johnnestoun, Inglisman … Eduarde Fittisgerauld, erischman
1622-6 Bisset II. 346/1.
Adamnan … sailled to Hibernia to teich the Erismen thair the lauchfull eistir
1642 S. Leith Rec. 40.
The moneyes that was collected … for supplie of the poore Erish people
(2) 1579 Edinb. Test. VII. 109.
Thrie he gait callit in the erische langeig erenochis
1611 Reg. Panmure I. xcviii.
Quhil ȝit the Erishe tounge did preuaile
1648 Fife Synod 162.
Ane boy, … having the Erish tongue
?1549 Monro W. Isles 32.
We have in our auld Erische cronickells, that ther wes foure Irland kinges eirdit in the said tombe
(3) 1580 Coll. Aberd. & B. 391.
Sevin ares warkis, with ane schowit covering eris stik
1597 Edinb. Test. XXX. 267.
Ten elnis of erische lynning
1598 Black Bk. Taymouth 329.
Of cuscheonis sewit with erishe werk
1626 Edinb. Test. LIII. 225.
Ane covering of ereische wark
1627 Orkney & Zetl. Test. I. 170.
Aught erish wark cussingis
(4) 1622-6 Bisset II. 131/17.
The ancient Grahames … destroyed the wall of Adriane over aganis the Erische seas

2. n. a. The Irish or Scottish Gaelic language. c1500 Crying of Play 127.
Ireland for evire I haue refusit … For neuer in land quhare Erische was vsit To duell had I delyte
c1515 Asl. MS. I. 223/18.
Schir Gilbert and schir Morys come … apon the forsaid lord the bischop & his company … and for dispyte halsit him in Eerische sayand bannachadee
1535 Stewart 36355.
Kilflos in Erische is als mekle to sa, As the Flour Kirk in oure langage this da
c1500-c1512 Dunb. Flyt. 107 (M).
Sic eloquence as thow in Eriche dois vse
a1508 Kennedy Flyt. 345 (M).
Thow luiffis nane Eriche, elf, I vnderstand
a1578 Pitsc. I. 233/21.
Dyuerse langagis, that is to say, Latine, Frinche, … Inglische and Earische
?1549 Monro W. Isles 13.
The first iyle of the saids isles, called in … English Man, in Erishe Manian

b. pl. Highlanders. ?1549 Monro W. Isles 26.
Narrest this lays Ellan Nakerath, by the Eirische so called

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