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Wyd(e, Wid, adj. Also: vyd(e, wyid, vide, void. Compar. also woidar, waider. [ME and e.m.E. wide (Orm), wid (c1250), wyd (Manning), wyde (Rolle), OE wíd.]

1. Of great extent, vast, extensive in area, spacious in all directions. Also in fig. context. b. Of clothes, etc.: Capacious, generously cut. c. Of a fire arm: Large in bore. d. transf. or fig. Capable of enormous invective. e. fig. Extensive, overwhelming, large in quantity. Some examples may belong in 2 below. The wode is bath braid and vyde; Barb. vii 47 (C).
I … giffis bot a lytil wra, A vyd merkat thare-for I ta [L. dare brevem angulum et accipere forum pellucidum]; Leg. S. xliii 496.
Troye was notht … Be ferre sa mekile ne sa wyd As eftre the fyrst distructioune, Quhen Pryame biggyt agane the toune; Troy-bk. i 26.
I wate that in this warld sa wyde Is [na] hors that may him ouer-tak; Alex. i 382.
Throwch all Scotland brade and wyde All worthyd Inglis men; Wynt. viii 4005.
For ws, wappit in wo in this warld wyde; Howlat 748 (A).
Ȝe may off pes plenys thir landis wid; Wall. xi 46.
Our all the wyd realme; Dunb. Tua Mar. W. 76.
Sum givis parrochynnis full wyd … to rewill; Dunb. (OUP) 209/56.
In circulis wyde scho drave hym; Doug. xi xiii 100.
Thir heich hallys bene full large and wyde; Doug. xii viii 74.
The floodis that ar baith roume and wyd; Clar. iii 1344.
That wyde and ample forrest, called the Tor Wod; Dalr. I 29/5.
How hes sa gret and wyde wodes evir thair growin, quhair now … will nocht sa mekle as ane small wande grow; Dalr. I 36/17.
Item ane vyd croft in Langrudis occupeit be Johne Hay; 1632 Cullen B. Ct. MS 6 July.
A spacious vide parish, which he judged … to be a burden which he was … [not] able … to take on him; 1703 Inverness Kirk S. 24.
b. This eild … lwis furryt claithis wyde; Ratis R. 1666.
I haif a wattir spunge … within my wyde clokis; Dunb. Tua Mar. W. 437.
To be the king ane wyd doublete; 1511 Treas. Acc. IV 197.
Ane wyde seif, ane small seif; ?1555 Reg. Acts & Decr. in Lynd. (STS) IV 276.
Thir mantilis war baith wyd and lang; Dalr. I 93/10.
Dalr. I 93/25 (see Bosum n. 4).
c. 1643 Strathbogie Presb. xxiii (see Musketon n.).
d. Hatrent I hid … Bot quhilis it hepit so huge quhill it behud out. Ȝit tuk I nevir the wosp clene out of my wyde throte Quhill I oucht wantit; Dunb. Tua Mar. W. 335.
e. This wid fantastyk lust but lufe Dois so ȝung men to madnes mvfe, That [etc.]; Scott xxx 17.
Lowse thow my lippis, that … I may gif to Thé lovingis wyd; Scott xxxvi 62.

2. a. Of great extent from side to side, not narrow. Also compar. Also in fig. context. b. With reference to a particular width. Also compar. c. Of wounds, esp. of Christ's wounds. d. comb. a. The entre wes weill large and wid And as a scheild it narowit ay; Barb. xvi 384.
On a bryge, as thai can ryd … a wattyr, depe and wyd; Leg. S. iv 302.
A kyrke lang & vyd; Leg. S. xiii 124.
The port … Was nought of so gret quantyte The hors myght entre gaynandly One ned they huffyt it … To brek the wall … And the port als to mak it wyd; Troy-bk. ii 662.
His [sc. Bucephalus'] hed was … Bred of the cheik … Hie browit and rycht wyde vnder the choke; Hay Alex. 515.
The hyngand brayis on athir syde Scho poltit [Interl. Droich powtterit] with hir lymmis wyde; Crying of Play 74.
At hame remanis the silly lairdis And sendis thair wyvis … To forder thair eirandis … Thay [sc. the wives] gif no buddis Bot … get grit skuddis In nakit bed Bot neuirtheles the laird mon fyne For all hir menis ane tun of wyne His wyfe cumis hame baith wyd & vsit [etc.]; Bann. MS 261b/15.
?a1568 Sempill in Sat. P. xlviii 67 (see Byess n.).
This scheip [sc. the Great Michael] was so strang and wyde of length and breid that [etc.]; Pitsc. I 251/9.
compar. This cuntrey at the bordour is narow, bot in the midcuntrey it is sumthing baith braider and wyder; Dalr. I 12/15.
b. Wes a gret mos … That fra the way wes quhar men raid A bow-draucht weile on ather sid And that place thocht him all to wyd Till abyd men that horsyt war. Tharfor [thre] dykys our-thuort he schar; Barb. viii 170.
Ellevyne ell wyde met was his mouth; Crying of Play 43.
Ac to cast dictos aqueductus als deip and wyde quantum satis esset ad optimum conductum aque; 1599 Reg. Great S. 285/1.
(b) To cause cast downe the porch … and so much of the wall about it in hight & voidness as shall be convenient for a larger new porch … to contrive … the same in a more handsome … frame then before and to make it so void & high as shall be thought convenient; 1687 Inverness Rec. II 347.
compar. The alteration of the tymber of the cruiffes to be wyder nor they ar at the present; 1633 Aberd. Council Lett. I 386.
(b) Gageand the samyn (ane) inche woidar than the turnpik beneth the samyn; 1538–9 Edinb. Guild Ct. 14 Feb.
(c) That said Mure well be maid waider & biggit ane ell heich; 1582 Kirkcaldy B. Rec. 70.
c. Blude bryst owt at woundis wid; Barb. xv 505.
Longius … mad … in Cristis syd A slope, that ves bath lang & vyd; Leg. S. Prol. 72.
Sa wyd ane wound to Lothomyne maid he Tha[t] men mycht baith his lever and loungis se; Hay Alex. 1645.
Jesus with his woundis wyde As martir sufferit for to de; Dunb. (OUP) 10/93.
Than swoir ane courtȝour … Be Chrystis windis bludy and wyd; Dunb. (OUP) 167/12.
Thar myght men … Addres dartis, and wyrk wondis full wyde; Doug. x iii 48.
Throw all thair weid tha wrocht thame woundis wyde; Stewart 21825.
God, for thy greit mercie, And Christis woundis wyde, Ane steidfast faith grant me; G. Ball. 22.
d. Ane lang mand, narow halsit, and wyid mouthit; Bell. Boece I xxxiv.
Widebricatos fisheros; Polemo-Mid. 76.

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