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Thraw(i)n, Throw(i)n, Thraw, adj. (adv.). Also: thrawine, thrawyn, thrauin, thrawen, thrawing, thrawne, thrain, thrayne, throwen, throvin, throuin, throwne, thronne, threw. [Late ME and e.m.E. throwen (1463-4), thrawen, thrawne (both Cath. Angl.), throwne (1535); Thraw(e v.]

A. adj. 1. Twisted, crooked, bent; coiled; gnarled; curving, rounded. Also in fig. context. Also comb. (a) And in ionyngis of the thrawyn wame [L. curvam alvum] of tre festynnyt the lance; Doug. ii i 70.
[The adder] In lowpis thrawin; Doug. v v 66 (Sm.).
If he [sc. Christ] have ado with a thrawn knotty piece of work, he drives a hard wedge; Dickson Wr. 123.
(b) His cluvis ar clovin as ane ox, and teith as a bair, and a thrain tail; Deidis of Armorie 45.
(c) Thay can hawe no licence for to walk with tham that way, But for to tak the throwen streit, and evin of that denyde; Fowler I 51/103.
The throwin wayes, the crwiked lanis; Fowler I 58/10.
(d) Thir megir bellis, Sum round, sum thraw, in sound the quhilks excellis … Quhilks with the wind concordandlie sa knellis; Doug. Pal. Hon. 437.
Tuo great cannonis, thraw mow [Pitsc. I 331/3, thrawinmouth] and hir marrow; Pitsc. II 86/13.
(e) Bot thai [sc. the serpents] about hym lowpit in wympillis threw [: reskew]; Doug. ii iv 30.

b. Fashioned out of strands twisted together; ? bearing a twisting or interlacing pattern. Also comb. (1) [Although hemp and tow were scant, yet to that execution there was no lack of] thrawin wideis; 1574 Cal. Sc. P. V 34.
Foure thrawne craip stringis; 1583 Edinb. Test. XII 339b.
vj vnce of thrawin threid; 1584 Edinb. Test. XIV 161.
Sevin round thrawin stringis … twa thrawin blak stringis; 1597 Edinb. Test. XXX 161.
Tua vnce thraw threid; 1625 Brechin Test. IV 183b.
Ane pund of thrawin threid; 1610 Edinb. Test. XLV1 159b.
Thrawing; 1620 Edinb. Test. L 282.
(2) [Silver vessels] vnius le thrawin coupe cum coopertorio eiusdem; 1512 Treas. Acc. (14 Aug.) in Cochran-Patrick Coinage I 53.
Ane throvin ryng of silver; 1534 Selkirk B. Ct. (ed.) 144.
Ane thrawn ring of gold weyand ane quarter of ane vnce; 1540 Acta Conc. MS XIII 83.
A dozen of silver spoons with thrawen chefts; 1685 Soc. Ant. LVIII 354.
(3) comb. Twa pund wecht of thrawne hedit threid; 1578 Edinb. Test. VI 361.
Aucht siluver sponis thrawin heidit; 1619 Edinb. Test. L 217.

2. fig. a. That is twisted out of true; distorted, perverted. b. comb. Thronne-mouthed, that requires awkward or distorted mouth movements. a. For les offendis the eir … facile fluand congruite thane thrawine effekkit eloquens apperand ouyr crafty; 1531 Vaus in
Innes Sketches 272 n.
The scriptures allegit be tham to fortifye thair thravin interpretacione seruis of nocht to thair vickit intent; Q. Kennedy Breif Tract. (ed.) 126/10.
To gif credit to ane inuentit and thrauin exposition [of scripture]; Hamilton Cath. Tr. 46b.
b. Becaus the Ireish is so thronne mouthed a language that I could not mouth band it; 1660 Laing MSS 313.

3. Contrary, obstinate, perverse; crabbed, ill-natured, peevish. Also in fig. context. (a) Sa mot I thriue, I am thrawin, Begin we to threip; Rauf C. 129.
Ane thrawin [Bann. frawart, Bass. thrawart] will, ane thrawin phisnomy; Henr. Fab. 2830 (H).
Thar salusyng was bot boustous and thrawin; Wall. x 593.
The curr That barks at strangers … sparing alwaies those are to him knowin, To them most gentle, to the others throwin; James VI Poems I 35/320.
Into the hoarie headdis & throuin Of men quho uorne & brokkin uith a laboure too ingrait [etc.]; James VI Poems I 175/576.
The wicked generatioun and the throwen Defyles thame selffis with vices of thair owen; James VI Poems II 55/15.
Here a notable vantage whilk thrawn crops have, when they are dung with judgments, albeit they stood long out pingling with God; Dickson Wr. 27.
Stonehouse said, he would not quit his old illnatured thrawn principles for all that is come to him; 1684 Wodrow Hist. IV (1830) 174.
He was never half so throwne; 16… Pleugh-Song in Wode's Psalter (ed.) 240.
(b) In conspirit maner and thrayne … the forsaidis personis vald nocht gif weche; 1563–4 Inverness Rec. I 110.

4. Of the face, facial expression, looks, etc.: Twisted with anger, vexation, peevishness, etc.; surly. Also comb. Ane modicum is mair for till allow, Swa that gude will be keruer at the dais, Than thrawin vult and mony spycit mais; Henr. Fab. 238.
I saw Raf Coilȝear with his thrawin brow; Doug. Pal. Hon. 1711.
His mekle e, That lurkit allane vnder his thrawn front; Doug. iii ix 89 (Sm.).
A huge pepill … Of Ciclopes … with thar lukis thrawyn; Doug. iii x 41.
[A lion] full fers, with thrawin wlt; Doug. ix xiii 37.
The Argathelis … persaving Scottis at the flicht, with thrawin luke … and terribill schowtis ruschit apon Romanys; Boece 212b.
Mr. Williame in dispytfull maner and with thrawin countinance haueing na thing to do at that tyme in the said kirk bot to trubill the said examinacioune; 1561 Digest Justiciary Proc. D 16.
Jok blunt, thrawin frunt; Polwart Flyt. 817 (T).
Ye ministers of Pluto uith the throuin & stormie brou; James VI Poems I 137/209.
With thrawin brow, and bosting langage; Melvill 133.
Thrown; Adamson Muses Thr. I 30.
‘Why do you look with so thrawn a countenance?’ The other replied, ‘My countenance is not thrawn, I look as I ordinarily use to do.’ The bishop said, ‘If your countenance be ordinarily so, it is a very thrawn countenance’; 1688 Wodrow Hist. IV (1830) 458.
comb. The bairne gotten aganst the fathers will is ay thrawin faced; Carmichael Prov. No. 1571.

B. adv. 1. With a twisting motion; sinuously. Thys eddir … Went thrawin [L. volvitur] so that nane felt quhar scho glidis; Doug. vii vi 19.

2. In an ill-tempered or peevish manner. Thus wycit he the walentyne thraly & thrawin; Howlat 918 (A).

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