A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (up to 1700)

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Stud(e, n. Also: stuid, stwide, stuude, studd, stod(e, stot(t, stead, (stoddert for stod hird). [ME and e.m.E. stode (c1250), stude (c1325), stud (1458), OE stód. Cf. Sted(e n.2 c.]

1. Horses kept for breeding; a breeding herd; also, the breeding or stock of horses. Also transf. Of hors in forest. Item of a stud [L. equicio] gif … thai be fundyn in the forest it is leffull to the forster the first tym to tak a fol of a ȝer alde, the secund tym a fol of ij ȝer alde [etc.] … and gif at the ferd tym thai be fundyn all the stude to the kingis oyse salbe tane; Acts I 324/2.
He sal gif to ws a gud hors, the best we wil tak in his stud; 1480 Reg. Cupar A. I 231.
Stedis … Cummyn of the kynd of hevinly horssis wer … Of the ilke stok and stude [Sm. stud, Ruddim. stude] sprungyn … Quhilk Circes … fra hir awin fader staw Makand his stedis byleip meris onknaw; Doug. vii iv 202.
Tyrrheus … was … gyde Of studis [Sm. studis, Ruddim. stedis, 1553 stedis folkis], flokkis, bowis and heirdis; Doug. vii viii 22.
The curser … haldis towart the studis [Sm. studys, Ruddim. stedis] in a rage, Quhar merys rakis in thar pasturage; Doug. xi x 19.
That al maner of personis havand studis and stude places … mak the samin to be plenist with … stude meris, and gret stallounis, for furnessing of hors to all maner of personis; 1535 Acts II 346/2.
Ane colt of a gud stude Happynnis to be best; Bann. MS 135a/20.
In this ile thair is … abundance [pr. abundante] of store and of stwidis; Monro W. Isles (1961) 68.
Studds; Monro W. Isles (1884) 37.
transf. The byschape off Lwndyn scho gert be … hangyde … Erlys als … Ane haryage he mycht say he had gud, That had swylk twelff in tyll his stud; Wynt. viii 3050.
The awfull churle is of ane othir strynd Thoucht he be born to vilest servitude Thair may no gentrice sink into his mynd … The bludy wolf is of the samin stude; He feiris gret beistis and ragis on the small; Boece 29b.
Forloppin lymmer of ane vncouth stuude [: blude]; Stewart 17587.
Stode hors; Wynt. i 1018 (W) (see Sted(e n. c attrib.).

2. attrib. With fald, a paddock for breeding horses; place, an establishment where horses are bred; hird, a person who attends to such horses; hors, ? a stallion, or further examples of prec. Some examples may belong in Stot n.1 c. [Stodfaldum et centum pedes ex omni parte Stodfaldi infra fossatum]; c1220 Liber Dryburgh 74.
Ortum quemdam qui vocatur Stodfald; 1368 Reg. Great S. 96/1.
Domus tecta tegulis et le Stotfaldis; 1492 Exch. R. X 719.
That na man by Inglis hors or bartour for thame and that all man havand stude places gar plenys the samyn; 1535 Acts II 346/2.
1535 Acts II 346/2 (see 1 above).
Lie stott fald in Blaknes; 1542 Exch. R. XVII 562.
Stotfaldis; 1557 Exch. R. XIX 31.
[48 s.] de firmis domus tecte tegulis et stodfaldis; 1558 Exch. R. XIX 62.
[Ac cum portu de] Stotfauld; 1606–23 Reg. Episc. Morav. (App.) 426.
Quhen they wes bigging the stuid falds; 1662 Highland P. III 25.
That thai nor nane of thame remove nor put out oure stodhird, … out of … the saidis landis; c1550 Reg. Cupar A. II 176.
He shall … keep the mares in Glenloquhay and their followers, as stoddert thereof; 1651 Black Bk. Taymouth 425.

3. ellipt. = Stude-mere n. Also transf. He … at thame speird Geue there wes any beist … Absent … And thay said nane except ane gray stude [Harl. stuid] meir ‘Ga, mak ane message sone vnto that stude’; Henr. Fab. 992 (Bann.).
(b) Item, a broun mear and a kear stead, foll at hir foott; 1697 Rental of Brabster, Caithness in Old-lore Misc. XI i 48.
fig. Thay blamit … the regent that reservit the quene in stoir in dispyte of thame as thai said … to be ane stude to cast ma folis; Buch. Wr. 31.

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