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Dale, Dail(l, n.2 Also: dal, dail(e, dayl(e, dayll(e. [Northern (and early) ME. dale (midl. and southern dole), OE. dāl.]

1. A part or portion; one's share or part. Lo, here a worthy wyff to wale, All suld the devyll have delt his dale [C. daylle]; Wynt. v. 5086.
He thinkis his aune self shall do for his dail; Gol. & Gaw. 782.
Nor knew [he] thair measure tent daill be na wayis; Doug. Pal. Hon. i. 389.
The spulȝe … To euerie man than as he wes of vail Efter his deid tha gaif him to his daill; Stewart 12456.
Thay had … the thriddis of all and haill Of beneficis to thair daill; 1573 Sat. P. xlii. 808.

b. A quantity, amount, number. In later examples perh. a variant of deal Dele n. Fresche men com hame and halit the dulis And dang thame doun in dalis; Christis Kirk 218.
Ȝe knaw ȝour cryme is wors ane greit daill moir; 1567 Sat. P. iii. 125.
A great daill of contentment; 1633 Stirling Royal Lett. II. 679.
A great dale of joy; Ib.
They had done a great daile of prejudyce to the kingdom; [1689] Siege Edinb. Castle 32.
The Earl of Montagues, who has … a mighty dale of silver plate; 1696 Caldwell Fam. P. 171.

2. A share, portion, or piece of land. It is accordit … That na man sal anale his dale [of the sands]; 1460 Ayr B. Ct. MS. 14 Mch.
Geff … it be nocht don … he sal tyn his red dal, supos it be sawyn and harrot has for this yer; 1459 Rep. Hist. MSS, Var. Coll. V. 82.
The lawboring … of the daill deliuerit till him be the evinaris; 1510 Alloway Ct. Bk. MS. 4 June.
The evinaris had tane fra him the auld daill that he had of his maling; 1512 Ib. 28 Apr.
The inqueist ordanis the vedo to haif hir daill afferand to hir xv s. land; 1523 Carnwath Baron Ct. b.
Thaireftir wallantynis to be maid to se quhat daill ilke man fallis; 1572 Prestwick B. Rec. 73.
That the said commoun mwre … sall be set furth in few be acre, daill, and pairts; 1584 Edinb. B. Rec. IV. 316.
Dimidiam acram arabilem ibidem (inter lie daill Ric. Lauchland et lie daill quondam Wil. Reid); 1599 Reg. Great S. 287/2.
All burgessis and frieman … [to] resave thair daillis of the muir landis; 1613 Lanark B. Rec. 120.
Thair rentallis of thair daill of the landis; Ib.
The twa westmest daillis of the fyve daillis of hauch land; 1631 Macleod P. MS. (Reg. H.).
James Eilleis was content to … give him a dale in the quarrell holes … and … sould teile the dale and harow it; 1660 Melrose R. Rec. I. 297.
Ane bute of land in the byre end and ane halfe daill … belonging to the saids foure aikers of land; 1662 Ib. II. 40.

b. An ecclesiastical division. Cf. Dele n. The diocie of Sanct Andrews was divided, and all the countrie dailes belonging to Glasgow of old; 1565 Bk. Univ. Kirk I. 64.
In Caitnes and Sudderland, in the Merse, and the rest of the daillis annexit to that Synod; 1608 Melvill 758.

c. A certain quantity of coals. xxvij dealis of coalis at iij lib. xviij s. the daile; 1657 Edinb. Test. LXIX. 34 b.
Ane litle quantitie of coallis, to the number of half ane daill or thairby; 1668 Ib. LXXIII. 147 b.
To David Hodge for 24 daill Clakmannan coall … I got a daill of quarrell coall from him to bute; 1680 Foulis Acc. Bk. 53.
For 4 dales colls; 1707 Househ. Bk. G. Baillie 70.

3. Dealing out, division or distribution; an assignment of lots or shares; a dividing line. Quhill that the hand-ax schaft held hale, Thay had the war part of the daill; Alex. ii. 4498.
Of dusches and dyntes thare was sic dale … That men micht nocht the murmure here; Ib. 9763.
Ane daill to be maid of thre scoir and xvi portionis, ilk portioun to be ane quhete laif worth iiii d.; 1522 Chart. St. Giles 214.
[Terram] jacentem … ad partem solarem … ville predicte per lye dalis et scheddis inter terras de Goterstovne; 1540 Dundee Chart. 27.
Maister Henry Gibsoun as rentaler … to have breid and ourlair, daill and divisioun, conforme to the use of the baronie; 1577 Glasgow Chart. II. 558.
I leif the kyndnes of my mailling to … my sonne … togidder with … pleucht and pleucht graytht by skair and daill; 1589 Edinb. Test. XXI. 93b.

4. Dealing with others; association. With dukis and with digne lordis darrest in dale; Howlat 281.
And euer he culd be apprehendit haiffand onye conuersacioune wytht onye wnfremannis geir in dailis with chepmannis; 1547 Dunferm. B. Rec. 368.
Quhilk is ane grund the gudliest with littill daill; Bann. MS. 239 a/5*.
That freindschip is ay faithfullest afar, And langest will indure with lytle daill; 1571 Maitl. F. clxxvii. 42.

b. To have dale, to have dealings, to have to do, with a thing or person. (a) The said Walter nore Elizabeth … to haue dale or entrometting tharwith; 1464 Reg. Episc. Brechin II. 108.
That he sall hafe na dale nor entermeting thairwith in tyme tocum; 1469 Acta Aud. 9/1.
Wyth mychti men se that thow haf na dale; Bernardus 277.
Al to ȝing with sic ane to haue dale; Doug. xii. iv. 161 (R).
He fortounis weill with thé hes lytill dale; Maitl. F. lxxii. 15.
(b) That he haue na daile nor intromittinge with the said landis and boundis; 1457 Reg. Episc. Brechin I. 183.
With na trwmpouris haf na daill; Consail Wys Man 55.
Chargeing the said James … to haue na daile nor intrometting witht the said benefice of Culter; 1489 Acta Conc. 123/2.
All to ȝyng with sic ane to haue daill; Doug. xii. iv. 161.

c. Sexual intercourse. Usually to have (carnal or fleschly) dale (with one). I desyre that thow Cume and ly heire besyde me now, So that I may hafe dale with thé; Troy-bk. ii. 2839.
He suld nocht have na dale with wommen in that tyme; Hay II. 135.
In paradice thai had nocht carnale daile togiddir; Irland Mir. I. 78/11.
Wemen mycht be tane at sic tymes that thai mycht nocht refus men to haif daill with thame; Myll Spect. 275/25.
I drup with a ded luke … As with manis daill I had done for dayis of my lif; Dunb. Tua Mar. W. 421.
The revising of Janet Creichtoun, … and lying and having carnale daile with hir; 1541 Reg. Privy S. II. 685/2.
The saidis personis to abstene fra carnall daill and suspect place; 1562 Carte Northberwic 84.
The successioun proceding of that pretendit mariage or carnall daill; 1592 Acts III. 544/1.

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