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TWEEDLE, v.1, n.1 Also twed(d)le, twid(d)le, †tuid-. [twidl]

I. v. To weave by making the weft threads pass over one and under two or more warp threads, producing a diagonal ribbed effect, to twill (Sc. 1808 Jam.). Hence twe(e)dlin(g), -line, tweddling, twidlen, -line, -ling, tuidlen, ¶twidlinen, twilled cloth, esp. linen, also attrib. (Sc. 1808 Jam.). Kcd. 1700  J. Anderson Black Bk. (1843) 125:
She did sell ten or twelve hears tweedlin yarn.
Mry. 1709  E. D. Dunbar Social Life (1865) 211:
Four pair linen sheits, and two pair twidlen sheits.
Rs. 1720  Pitcalnie MSS. (29 Dec.):
Four dornick table cloaths. Eleven tweedled napkins.
Edb. 1731  Caled. Mercury (15 April):
Printed Shoes, in any Colour, for Ladies and others, done on fine Tweedled Linen.
Per. 1735  Atholl MSS.:
Six Yeards of Twidling to repair the Cart sadle.
Sc. 1747  Nairne Peerage Evid. (1874) 80:
Sixteen pair tweedling sheets att one pound three shillings four pence.
Abd. 1765  Abd. Journal (22 April):
20 ells of linen, several webs of harden and tweedling.
Abd. 1824  G. Smith Douglas 36:
Some bonny pockies, made o' tweedl'd satin.

II. n. 1. A strong, twilled, woollen cloth. Also attrib. as in tweedle cotton (Ork. 1973). Ags. 1796  Session Rec. Arbirlot MS. (30 April):
8 ¾ yards fine Twidle Velvet.
Abd. 1899  W. D. Geddes Mem. J. Geddes 46:
He was not to rise in the mornings “till he cud see the tweedle on the caunass.” This meant, until he could discern the pattern or twill on the sheet or canvas of his bed.
Ork. 1920  J. Firth Reminisc. 45:
There were three styles of weaving — that of plain claith, of serge, and prunella tweedle.

2. Fig. the ripple or patterned motion of broken or choppy water when stirred by the wind. Sh. 1898  Shetland News (23 April):
Da cross tweedle o' da sea whin da wind did shift.

[O.Sc. tueidill, twill, 1616, twedlyne, twilled linen, 1541, a variant of Tweel, of uncertain formation, poss. from a met. form of the ppl.adj. tweel(e)d.]

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