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SPEND, v.1 Pa.p. spent, speint-, spynt-. Sc. forms and usages:

1. As in Eng. Sc. derivs. (1) adj. spendable, applied to animals and things: weak, feeble, that may be easily spent or wasted (Peb. a.1838 Jam. MSS. XI. 175); (2) spendrife, adj., prodigal, extravagant (Cld. 1825 Jam.; ne.Sc., Ags. 1971), n., a spendthrift (Ib.). (2) Abd. 1879  G. MacDonald Sir Gibbie lxii.:
Hap yer bairns frae the muckle storm, Spendrife laverock!
Abd. 1921  M. Argo Janet's Choice 23:
Spendrife fowk trintlin' awa' guid hard-earned siller on dress an' trinkums.

2. intr. Of time: to elapse, pass (Sh. 1971). Obs. in Eng. Sh. 1898  Shetland News (30 July):
I most geng, fir da day is spendin'.

3. In ppl.adj. spent: (1) of a fish, esp. herring: spawned, in poor condition after spawning. Gen.Sc. Rare in Eng. Also as n., spent, dim. speinty, spyntie, a fish that has just spawned (Bnff. 1866 Gregor D. Bnff. 176, speinty; ne.Sc. 1971); fig. as term of abuse. Sc. 1750  Scots Mag. (Aug.) 396:
As soon as the herrings are caught, they are immediately gutted, and distinguished by three different species, viz. 1. The matkiss herring, which is of the smallest kind; 2. The fult herring, which has got a large milt; 3. The spent herring, which is of the poorest sort.
Cai. 1863  St Andrews Gazette (16 May):
Half-barrels of crown and full brands and crown brand spents are difficult to sell.
Bnff. 1866  Gregor D. Bnff. 52:
Fyfteen barrel o' spynties.
Abd. 1923  L. Coutts Sc. Hotch Potch 15:
Ye foul orra besom! Ye spent! Ye slut, ye!
Sc. 1934  W. Moffatt Shetland 116:
There are such classifications [of herring] as Large Fulls, Fulls, Mattjes, Spents and T.B.'s.

(2) wasted, expended to no purpose. Sh. 1897  Shetland News (11 Sept.):
Dy letters, joy, wir only spent.

¶(3) ruined, spoilt. Ags. 1951  C. Sellars Open the Westport vii.:
She worked sore at this suit for me — and I doubt 'tis spent.

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