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SLUMP, n.1, v.1 Also slamp (Cai.). [slʌmp]

I. n. 1. A large quantity, a great number, a mass (Abd. 1825 Jam.). Cf. II. 1. Hence a silly slump, a trifling or negligible quantity, “a remnant” (n.Sc. 1808 Jam.). Also fig. Phrs. at (by, in, etc.) (a or the) slump, taken as a whole, all in all, in total, altogether, not separately, by a rough and ready computation (Sh., n.Sc., Per., Slg., Gall. 1970). Comb. slump-wise, adv., as a whole, in the mass (Cld. 1880 Jam.). Deriv. slumpert, a large quantity, an indeterminate mass or amount (n.Sc., Ayr. 1808 Jam.). Inv. c.1770  I. F. Grant Old Highl. Farm (1924) 152:
He agreed to pay her eight pounds ‘in slump'.
Lnk. 1795  Stat. Acc.1 XVI. 307:
The land is not let by the acre, but at the slump of the farm.
Sh. 1814  Lockhart Scott xxviii.:
Marriages and baptisms are performed, as one of the Isles-men told me, by the slump.
Slk. a.1835  Hogg Tales (1874) 432:
The siller will answer us as weel when it comes a' in a slump thegither.
Dmb. 1844  W. Cross Disruption xxviii.:
When ye got a slump o' siller frae Stiff-riggs.
Sc. 1851  H. Stephens Bk. Farm II. 742:
The grain is paid in slump or advance at the middle of the year's engagement.
Ayr. 1895  H. Ochiltree Redburn xvii.:
That's a heap o' siller ye ken for a man to gie awa juist in a slump.
Cai. 1946 2 :
He's aye daean' things on 'e slamp.

Freq. used attrib. in such combs. as slump number, -reckoning, -rent, -sum, -wark, etc. (see quots.), reckoned in round figures, in the lump. Gen.Sc., esp. -sum. Sc. 1719  R. Wodrow Corresp. (1843) II. 397:
At a slump reckoning of 900 ministers at 1000 merks per piece.
Sc. 1721  R. Wodrow Sufferings iii. v. s.7:
The slump Number he has taken . . . from the Scots Mist.
Slg. 1769  Session Papers, Drummond v. Erskine (30 June) 106:
The two high Inclosures above the House of Airthrey, at one Slump-rent.
Sc. 1808  Jam.:
Slump wark, work taken in the lump.
Sc. 1844  H. Stephens Bk. Farm III. 1052:
In hiring, . . . it is not unusual to give a slump sum for the harvest.

2. In Building: a rough statement or estimate, a quick over-all appraisal, “a spot item without measurements” (Sc. 1952 Builder (20 June) 943). Hence slumpy, adj., calculated in a rough and ready way. Sc. 1864  R. Reid Old Glasgow 35:
Here nothing is said about square yards . . .; but half-acres, or thereby, are set forth in a fine slumpy manner.

II. v. 1. tr. To treat (several things) as one, to lump together, deal with as a whole (Sh., ne.Sc., Per., wm.Sc. 1970). Also fig. Phr. to slump the matter, to act in a decisive and effective way over something, to bring things to a head. Sc. 1729  R. Wodrow Analecta (M.C.) IV. 72:
The Commission slumped the matter, waved the appeals and susteaned Mr M'Dermitt's call.
Sc. 1822  W. J. Napier Store-Farming 147:
No farmer ever gives in an offer first, for the value of the pasture, and then, for the landlord's improvements. He may say that he slumps them all together.
Sc. 1827  Scott Journal (14 Jan.):
I have let my cash run ahead since I came from the Continent. — I must slump the matter as I can.
Sc. 1850  Chambers's Jnl. (23 March) 191:
The slumping of the whole loss into the arbitrary . . . sum of five pounds.
Sc. 1890  Evid. Mining Royalties Commission No. 7613:
Copper, lead, tin, . . . are mentioned by name, and the others are slumped.

2. intr. Of persons: to band together for purposes of payment, to combine, club together. Sc. 1822  W. J. Napier Store-Farming 147:
This ‘slumping' will never serve to pay to the landlord that identical interest.
Fif. 1849  G. Cupples Green Hand ii.:
Slump together for the other guinea, will ye?

[Ad. L.Ger. slump, heap, mass, im slump köpen, to buy in the lump. Prob. orig. imit. and connected with Slump, v.2 O.Sc. in the slump, 1679, slump bargain, 1.699.]

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