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MULLYO, n., v. Also mullio, -you, -yow. mulyoo, molljo (Ork. 1908 Jak. (1928)); mullyeck, -yik, mulliack, molljeck; mülick, mujlik, molle(c)k. [Ork. ′mʌljo, Sh. ′møl(j)ək]

I. n. ‡1. A small bundle or wisp of stalks gleaned singly in the harvest field (I.Sc. 1866 Edm. Gl.; Sh. 1908 Jak. (1928), mollek, Sh. 1914 Angus Gl.; Ork. 1929 Marw.; Sh. 1963). Ork. 1845  Stat. Acc.2 XV. 96:
Mullio, a bundle of gleanings.
Ork. 1911  J. Omond 80 Years Ago 22:
In harvest the heads of bere left on the field after removing the crop were gleaned and tied in bunches, called “singloos” or mullyecks, and hung on the rapes in the house to be ground on the quern into burstin'.
Ork. 1924  P. Ork. A.S. II. 82:
“The muckle-supper”, “the mullyou corn”, and all the rest — all have vanished.
Sh. 1949  New Shetlander No. 14. 29:
The first meal of the season was made from the mülicks. A mülick was the ears that were dropped on the rig during the harvest operations. They were carefully gathered one by one, carried to the house at the end of the day and tied in a mülick or little bundle, which was hung in the ceiling to “win.” After this the grain was rubbed out by hand, dried in a kettle over the fire and ground on the quern. So was manufactured the first new bread of the season.

2. A watcher employed in the days of the old run-rig system to see that the reapers of one farmer's rig did not encroach on the corn of the other. They got the right to glean as a perquisite. Ork. 1894  W. R. Mackintosh Peat-fires 250:
These mullyows were old women or boys who were set as watchers, in the time of the run-rig, to see that one farmer did not make or take bands out of his neighbour's rig, or cut up all the fur-corn in the time of harvest. These mullyows, or little watchers, got the gleanings, the widow and the fatherless being always employed in this.

II. v. To form gleanings into small bundles or wisps. Ppl.adj. in comb. mullyoed corn, = n., 1. (Ork.5 1963).

[Orig. somewhat uncertain. Cf. Swed. dial. möljo, a heap, mass, mullor, corn-droppings, cogn. with Mulloch.]

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