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MAKE, n. Also mai(c)k(e); ma(a)k; ¶meke. [mek; ne.Sc. mɑk]

1. An equal, peer, like (I. and ne.Sc., Ags., Per. 1962). Hence deriv. maikless, matchless, without equal (Sc. 1721 Ramsay Poems I. Gl.). ne.Sc. 1714  R. Smith Poems 85:
His Maik is not in all Braemar, He's neither gaady, wood nor scar.
Sc. 1717  Ramsay Poems (S.T.S.) I. 20:
She has na left her Make behind her.
Edb. 1791  J. Learmont Poems 55:
Thy sonsy maik's nae ilka whare.
Dmb. 1827  W. Taylor Poems 110:
Now the brag o' a' the lan', Its maik ye winna see.
Bwk. 1856  G. Henderson Pop. Rhymes 46:
Ilka bannock had its make But the bannock o' Tollishill.
Mry. 1865  W. H. L. Tester Poems 161:
Gin we lose you, We'll never get yer mak again.
Knr. 1886  H. Haliburton Horace 7:
A bonnie lever, capp'd an' jew'ld, Perth never saw the mak' o't.
e.Lth. 1895  P. H. Hunter J. Inwick 32:
There wasna his maik at waddins an' kirsenins.
Sh. 1897  Shetland News (14 Aug.):
Dey wir niver a cake 'at haedna a maik.

2. A companion, mate, fellow; husband, wife. Poet. Phr. to be maiks, to be comrades, to stand together. Sc. 1721  Ramsay Poems (S.T.S.) I. 114:
When honour'd Burchet and his Maikes are pleas'd.
Abd. 1804  W. Tarras Poems 136:
Sair dung be he that bisna maiks, For Scotland's right.
Sc. c.1825  Tam Lin in
Child Ballads (1956) I. 347:
But hold me fast, let me not go, I'll be your earthly maick.
Bnff. 1885  Banffshire Jnl. (29 Sept.) 2:
Lord Huntly . . . saw mony a meke and mither's son set fire to Auchindoun.
Lnk. 1888  J. Nicholson Tibbie's Garland 157:
When oot I stots at e'en to meet the lass that noo's my maik.

3. An image, a likeness. Ayr. 1890  J. Service Notandums 101:
They made wee maiks oot o' clay or butter of them that had thortered them, stappin' the maiks fu o' preens and pappin' elf-shots at their heids wi' ill words and curses forbye.

[O.Sc. mak(e), mate, equal, from a.1400, O.E. gemaca, O.N. maki, a fellow, equal. The variant form mak [mɑk] may be due to confusion with Mak, n., or to the rule of P.L.D. § 141.1.]

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