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LICHTSOME, adj. Also licght-. Sc. forms and usages of Eng. lightsome, which is now mainly in dial. and poet. use. [′lɪtsəm]

1. Light-hearted, gay, cheerful. Gen.Sc. Also adv. Hence lichtsomelike, id.; adv. lichtsomely. Abd. 1746  W. Forbes Dominie Deposed (1765) 29:
A lightsome life still did I drive.
Ayr. 1786  Burns Holy Fair ii.:
As lightsomely I glowr'd abroad, To see a scene sae gay.
Rxb. 1876  W. Brockie Confessional 203:
Be lichtsome and cheerie, I'll never forsae ye, nor leave ye yer lane.
Sh. 1886  J. Burgess Sketches 108:
We wir young an' strong, an' on a lichtsome aerrand, an' toucht no muckle o' da tramp.
Edb. 1890  Mod. Sc. Poets (Edwards) XIV. 145:
Lichtsome the burnie ran to the sea, I' the dawn o' the sweet May morn.
Ags. 1896  Barrie Sentimental Tommy xxiv.:
How is't you never rage at me now, ma'am? I'm sure it keepit you lightsome, and I likit to hear the bum o't.
Sc. 1910  L. M. Watt In Poet's Corner 103:
The cauld, grey street, whaur ne'er I see A face, that's lichtsome-like to me, But a' gae by sae dowielie.
Rxb. 1913  Kelso Chron. (14 Feb.) 4:
An' aye there rose like fairy's croon The lichtsome sang she lilted.
ne.Sc. 1928  J. Wilson Hamespun 21:
When they see him sae lichtsomely lauchin'.

2. Cheering, enlivening; having a cheerful aspect, not tedious, pleasant. Gen.Sc. Sc. 1721  J. Kelly Proverbs 77:
Change of Dee'ls is lightsome.
Fif. 1806  A. Douglas Poems 51:
It is a bonny lightsome place.
Abd. 1884  D. Grant Keckleton 19:
The novelties seen on the road, made the lang journey lichtsom'.
Per. 1894  I. MacLaren Brier Bush 300:
Worse is she, an' sufferin' awfu'; that's no lichtsome.
Sh. 1916  J. Burgess Rasmie's Smaa Murr (Aapril 5):
A lang tongue at times maks a lang rodd licghtsome.
Dmf. 1920  J. L. Waugh Heroes 67:
They were happy days for youth an' hope made work lichtsome.
m.Sc. 1924  O. Douglas Pink Sugar xxiv.:
It's a sudden up-rooting, but as Easie often says, “Changes are lichtsome.”

3. Light on one's feet, nimble, agile. Gen.Sc. Hence lichtsomeness, nimbleness, agility. Edb. 1851  A. Maclagan Poems 79:
Up, ye that are lightsome of limb.
Rnf. 1870  J. Nicholson Idylls 135:
She ran aboot wi' lichtsome feet 'mang Arran's flowery fells.
Lnk. 1880  Clydesdale Readings 135:
She … mounted wi' a lichtsomeness I didna think her capable o'.
Bwk. 1897  R. M. Calder Poems 63:
I'm to my feet wi' lichtsome bound.
Dmf. 1915  D. J. Beattie Oor Gate-en' 30:
Hear nae mair the lichtsome fit-fa'.
Abd. 1922  P. Macgillivray Bog Myrtle 26:
Our Genius o' Strathspeys an' Reels, Has nae a peer for lichtsome heels.

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