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KINTRA, n. Also kw- (ne.Sc.); kyuntry, ki-, kj- (I.Sc.); -(a)y, -ie. Variant forms of Countra, Cuintrie, Cwintry, the country. In Combs.: 1. kintra-clash, see Countra, 3. (Gall. 1824 MacTaggart Gallov. Encycl. 301; Ayr. 1960); 2. kintra clatter, the gossip of the country side, = 1. (Ayr. 1960). See Clatter; 3. kintry claver, id., a fiction. See Claver, n.1; 4. kintra-cleadin, rustic dress. See Cleadin; 5. kintra-cooser, an entire horse, a service stallion; fig. a rake, a debauchee (Gall. 1824 MacTaggart Gallov. Encycl. 301). See Cooser; 6. kintra crack = 2. (Fif.10 1941). See Crack, n.1, 5.; 7. kintra fock, country people (Ags., Per., Fif., Ayr. 1960); 8. kiuntryman, countryman; 9. kintry-side, see Country-side (Gall. 1824 MacTaggart Gallov. Encycl. 301; Ayr. 1960). 1. Sc. 1868  D. M. Ogilvy Willie Wabster (1873) 6:
There gaed a souch o' kintra clash That he had dreed a sair stramash.
2. Ayr. a.1796  Burns Here's His Health 7–8:
I'm slighted sair And dree the kintra clatter!
3. Sc. 1897  Northern Muse (Buchan 1924) 232:
The auld blue Hell he thinks a haiver; The auld black Deil a kintry claver; And what is Sin, but saut to savour Mankind's wersh luggies?
4. Edb. 1798  D. Crawford Poems 25:
Wi' kintra-cleadin', hame-spun grae.
5. Ayr. c.1789  Burns To a Gentleman 33–4:
And no a perfect kintra cooser.
6. Dmb. 1868  J. Salmon Gowodean 26:
You've mair to say O' kintra cracks than ony ither ten.
7. Ayr. 1789  D. Sillar Poems 39:
When kintra fock gang till a roup.
8. Sh. 1862  Shetland Advert. (29 Sept.):
Every een at reads da papers kens at da editors aye ca's demselves “we”, an sae shurely whan ony een is wraetin ta ony o' dem dey ocht ta pit kiuntrymen an no “country man”.
9. Fif. 1872  G. Cupples Tappy's Chicks 1:
She's the bonniest hen in a' the kintry-side.

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