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KATOGLE, n. Also cat(y)-; katyogl(e), kattiugl, kat(t)jugl(a), -yugl(e), catyugl; katiu(g)l, kattul, cat ool. An owl in gen. (Ork. 1891 Harvie-Brown and Buckley Fauna Ork. 135; Sh. 1951 A. T. Cluness Shetland Isles 266); specif.: 1. the eagle-or stock-owl, Bubo bubo (Ork. a.1775 G. Low Fauna Orcad. (1813) 41; Sh. 1866 Edm. Gl., 1899 Evans and Buckley Fauna Sh. 110; Ork. 1929 Marw.; Sh. 1937 J. Nicolson Restin' Chair Yarns 82, katiul); 2. the snowy owl, Nyctea scandiaca (Sh. 1861 Zoologist XIX. 7339, 1955 L. Venables Birds, etc. 187); 3. the short-eared owl, Asio flammeus (Sh. 1899 Evans and Buckley Fauna Sh. 106, 1955 L. Venables Birds, etc., 190, cat ool). [kat′(j)ogl] 1. Ork. 1885  C. Swainson Brit. Birds 130:
Eagle Owl. Cat ogle — from its similarity in habits and appearance to the cat.
2. Sh. 1863  Zoologist XXI. 8639:
The snowy owl, or “kat-yogl” as it is here termed, is no favourite with the inhabitants of Shetland.

[Norw. katugle, dial. kattula, the tawny owl, from katt, cat, + u(g)la, owl. Cf. cataface s.v. Cat, n.1, II. 1.]

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