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DUSH, v., n.1 Also doush, duish, †dusch, †dish. [dʌʃ, duʃ, døʃ]

1. v. To push or strike with force; to strike with the horns, to butt (Ork.5 1950; n.Sc. 1790 F. Grose Gl.; Bnff.2 1941; Abd.15 1950, doush; Ayr.3 1910, duish; Rnf., Lnk. 1825 Jam.2, dish). Also in n.Eng. dial. Vbl.n. dishins, a beating, drubbing (Slk. 1825 Jam.2). Also used fig. in pa.t., ppl.adj. dusht, struck dumb, silenced. Sc. 1806  R. Jamieson Pop. Ballads I. 346:
And round and round about Dushit him coist and bak.
Sc. 1936  J. G. Horne Flooer o' the Ling 63:
Wild birds hae said their say, And husht An' dusht Is a' their crazy, mazy din.
Fif. 1827  W. Tennant Papistry Storm'd 205:
Not frae the blacksmith's study rush Sae thick the sparks and hammer-flush, As then did devel, dunt, and dusch.
Edb. 1822  R. Wilson Poems 75:
Gin chance then advance then A word o' mither tongue, How blush't then, how dusht then, As gin an ether stung!
Gsw. 1865  J. Young Homely Pictures 16:
Mair than ae dusht starn I saw Twinkle on them askance.
Lnk. 1894  R. Reid Poems 179:
At e'en We seek the dusht and darksome glen.
Ayr. 1786  Burns Vision viii.:
I glowr'd as eerie's I'd been dusht In some wild glen.
Ayr. 1822  Galt Sir A. Wylie ix.:
He would hae gart me trow, that they hae horns on their head to dish the like o' me.

2. n. A violent blow or stroke, a violent bump or jolt (Bnff.2 1941). Sc. 1806  R. Jamieson Pop. Ballads I. 245:
And dushes swithe, wi' heavy shog O' bargane fierce they hear.
Ags. 1912  A. Reid Forfar Worthies 29:
The old-fashioned [railway] carriage, with a central seat running all its length, in which the passengers sat back to back; the doush that sent us all a-flying at stated intervals.
Fif. 1827  W. Tennant Papistry Storm'd 144:
Heav'n rattles wi' the dunnerin' dush.

[O.Sc. has dusch, dush, to beat or strike heavily or forcibly, from a.1400, to rush, charge, or dash violently, from 1438; a heavy or solid blow, from 1375. Prob. onomat. in origin: cf. Ger. dial. duschen, to beat, butt, and Doist, Doose, Doosht.]

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