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DOIST, DYST, n., v., adv. Also doyst, deish(t), deist, doish(t), †doyce. [dɔɪst, dəist, dɔɪʃ(t), dəiʃ(t)]

1. n. A heavy blow; a thud, a bump (Sh. 1866 Edm. Gl., dyst; Abd. 1790 A. Shirrefs Poems, Gl., doyst; Mearns6 1949, dyst; Ags. 1808 Jam., doyce). Abd. 1926  L. Coutts Lyrics, etc. 21:
The lassie syed er milkin An set doon er pails wi a dyst.
Abd. 1948 2 :
Did you hear the doisht an' doishtin' in the sheep cote last nicht? 'Twas jeest like a man at the flail.
Ags. 1894  J. B. Salmond My Man Sandy (1899) xiii.:
I took Sandy a doish i' the back wi' my umberell.
Ags. 1940 17 :
Remark of an old lady in Edinburgh castle to her soldier son who had explained to her that a gun she had just heard was “sunset”: — “Losh! I didna ken that the sun gaed doun wi' a deish like that in Edinbory.”

2. v., tr. and intr. “To give a dull heavy stroke” (Ags. 1808 Jam.); to fall, sit or throw down with a heavy thud (Abd. 1825 Jam.2, doyst; Mearns6 1949), to bump; of waves: to buffet (Ayr.9 1949, doist). Bnff. 1929  Bnffsh. Jnl. (1 Oct.) 2/4:
Bit the twa o's got dystit doon on a seat weel back.
Abd. 1916  T.S.D.C. II.:
Deisht doon yer pack.
Abd. 1941  (per Abd.26):
An Aberdeenshire lad, visiting a brother in London during the heavy air raids, was amazed to find him quite indifferent to danger and wrote home: “ — gaes aboot an' the bombs jist dystin' doon a' roon.”
Bch. 1943  W. Spence Forsyth Guff o' Waur 52:
He coontit oot some metal rings and laid them in a line, Syne dystit them thegither on the fleer.
Bch. 1946  J. C. Milne Orra Loon 2:
Reistit on a load o' rakins That gangs deistin' ower the stanes.

3. adv. With a bump, with a crash. Abd. 1910 13 :
When the children are all running about, there is always someone coming “doist at yer elbick.”
Ags. 1894  J. B. Salmond My Man Sandy (1899) xiii.:
The train gae a shoag . . . and brocht a tin box doish doon on his heid.

[O.Sc. has dois, a violent impact, 1535. Of doubtful origin and formation. Phs. related to Dush, v. and n.1, and cogn. with Mid.Du. doesen, Ger. dial. dusen, duschen, düschen, to beat, butt. For vowel cf. note to Doit, v., n.2]

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