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CRUB, Crubb, Crube, Krub, n.1, v.1 Met. forms of Eng. curb; also found in Eng. dial. (E.D.D.). Cf. Crib, n.3, v. [krʌb]

1. n.

(1) The curb of a horse's bridle. Known to Bnff.2, Abd.2, Ags.17, Fif.10 1941. Abd. 1912–19  Mintlaw Rhymes in Rymour Club Misc. II. 53:
Here's to the kame and the brush, Here's to the crub and the saddle.
Ags. 1833  J. S. Sands Poems 136:
My back's your saddle, My neck and nib your crub and bridle.

†(2) The circular framework or segments of the framework enclosing, e.g. a mill-stone, a brewer's copper. Abd. 1731  Monymusk Papers (S.H.S.) 7:
An old lead with a crubb, with two old fatts.
Ags. 1730  Arbroath Town Council Minutes (14 May):
Also ordains the nether mill to have close crubbs.

2. v. To restrain, to check (Sh. 1914 Angus Gl., krub; Bnff.2 1941; Bwk. 1942 Wettstein). Vbl.n. crubbin', crubeing. With in aboot = to keep under strict discipline (Bnff.2 1941; Abd.4 1929). Sc.(E) 1936  J. G. Horne Flooer o' the Ling 13:
Yer thirst for lair I'm laith to crub, But, for guid sake, ne'er mention grub!
Bnff. 1701  in W. Cramond Annats Bnff. (1891) I. 172:
The Act anent . . . crubeing of vyce to be read att the Marcat Croce.
Abd. 1801  W. Beattie Parings (1873) 34:
The host [cough] he crubs.
Abd. 1947 27 :
Bairns are nae crubbit in aboot noo as they war in my young day.
Ags. 1702  Dundee Kirk Session Records (2 March):
To concurre in any probable way for crubbing the forsaid Immoralities.
Dmf. 1861  R. Quin Heather Lintie 41:
Or, gin thy Muse, despite thy crubbin', Maun aye wi' filth some be bedaubin'.

Comb.: crubstane, kerb-stone. Cf. cribstane, s.v. Crib, n.3, v. Ags. 1904  Arbroath Guide (24 Dec.) 3/3:
She put her foot ower near the edge o' the crubstane an' cam' doon wi' a bang on her knees.

[O.Sc. has crub(b), crube, from 1628, to curb, restrain (D.O.S.T.).]

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