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BYE'S, BY'S, Beis, Beez, Bees, prep., adv., conj. [bɑɪz, bi:z, bɪz]

1. prep.

(1) Except; instead of (Bnff.2, Abd.19, Lnk.3 1938). Nai. 1927  G. Bain Dauvid Main, Seaman xi.:
But perhaps ye would like them to marry somebody else bye's you!
Bnff. 1929 2 :
He sees naebody by's his ain faimly fae the tae week's eyn tae the tither.

(2) Compared with (Bnff.2, Abd.19, Ags.1, Fif.10, Slg.3, Lnk.3 1938). Sc. 1929  N. K. Wells in Scots Mag. (Feb.) 347:
Now, James, I've just been tellin' Mr Boyndie here that ye're aff the nicht and what a gran' chance ye're gettin', by's bidin' here in a placie whaur there's nae muckle to be got.
Mry.(D) 1927  E. B. Levack Stories Old Lossiemouth 9:
Weel, Mem, ye wis canny han'lt bys me.
Per. 1897  C. M. Stuart Sandy Scott's Bible Class (1924) 14:
There's a gey odds on some folk, Tom, on Sabbath beis Saturday night.
Fif. 1825 ,
Ye're auld beis me.

2. adv. or conj.

(1) Compared with (what). After comparatives = than. Known to Bnff.2, Abd.2, Ags.17, Fif.10, Lnk.3 1938. Ags. 1927  (per Ags.1):
Your heid's bigger beis mine.
Per. 1915  Wilson L. Strathearn 114:
Yee'r an auld maan beez Aa thoakht yee wuz. You're an older man than I thought.

(2) Such as. Hdg. 1745  J. Brown in
Mackenzie Life J. Brown (1918) 38:
You heard me say . . . I knew all Ovid but five words, and you know you never heard me speak anything to Mr Blyth bees that.

[By + -es, adv. gen. suff.]

Bye's prep., adv., conj.

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