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BOO, v.2, tr. and intr. Sc. form of St.Eng. bow, to bend. See also Bow, v.3 [bu:]

1. tr. To bend. Sc. 1907  D. MacAlister Echoes 25:
I ne'er hae boo'd your honest back A lording's scorns to bide.
Edb. c.1883  J. W. Paxton Poems, When Oor Youth is Awa i.:
Though we think na the noo, that age will us boo.

2. intr. To bend, to curl up. Sh.(D) 1916  J. J. Burgess Rasmie's Smaa Murr 17 Navember:
A brave haert may boo; bit he never can brak.
Abd. 1865  G. Macdonald Alec Forbes viii.:
“I tried to cry oot,” she said afterwards, “for I kent 'at it was rottans; but my tongue booed i' my mou' for fear, and I cudna speak ae word.
w.Dmf. publ. 1912  A. Anderson Surfaceman's Later Poems 204:
Then the fairies wha bide by the side o' the burn Where the grass boos doon an' dips.

3. Phrases: (1) boo an e'e, “to close an eye, sleep” (Bnff.2, Ayr.8 1935); (2) boo one's hough, “to sit down” (Kcb.1 1935). (1) Lnk. 1928 5 :
I never boo'd an e'e a' nicht, I never closed an eye all night.
(2) Ayr. 1887  J. Service Dr Duguid 234:
Man, John, I'll boo my hough a meenont an' leuk at 'e ferlies gaun by t'e windock.

4. Combs.: (1) boobackit, booed-backed, “hump-backed” (Cai.7, Abd.19, Kcb.1 1935); (2) boo taet, forelock (used in salutation). (1) Gsw. 1877  A. G. Murdoch Laird's Lykewake, etc. 139:
The jaud, at best, was gey boobackit.
Lnk. 1923  G. Rae 'Mang Lowland Hills 21:
I lookit back — an' the sun shone fair On the booed-backed servant o' God doon there.
(2) Ork.(D) 1880  Dennison Orcad. Sk. Bk. 10:
Doon he gaed on his knees . . . his right hand poo'an' his boo taet.

[O.Sc. bow(e), bouw, bou; O.E. būgan, to bend.]

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