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BIND, BIN, BINN(D), v., pa.t. band, pa.p. bun(d). Sc. pronunciation of Eng. bind. [bɪn(d), pr.t., bɑn(d), pa.t., bʌn(d) pa.p.]

1. To tie up; to tether. Sc. 1904  Hobie Noble in Ballads (ed. Child) No. 189 xxv.:
Now they have tane brave Hobie Noble, Wi' his ain bowstring they band him sae.
Sh.(D) 1891  Burgess Rasmie's Büddie 56:
Caald dey lie ita da watters, An dir limbs ta tangles binnd.
Sh. 1908  Jak. (1928);
4 :
To b[ind] de coo, to tether the cow in the home-field.
Abd.(D) 1867  Mrs Allardyce Goodwife at Home xv.:
Jinse, haste ye, an' bin up the beasts.
Edb. 1922 fig. P. Macgillivray Bog Myrtle and Peat Reek 96:
Twa lovers at their trystin' place Think they maun reap an' binn.
wm.Sc. [1835]  Laird of Logan (1868) 16:
Quo' I to mysel', bin me as ye like, I'll no rowt lang in your tether.

2. With up.

(1) (See quot.) Sh. 1908  Jak. (1928);
4 :
De eart' is bund op, the earth has become quite hard owing to continuous wind.
[See Binder, n.]

(2) To be costive. Bnff. 1934 2 :
I think ye shid [should] gie yir caafie a drappie ile [oil]; it looks some bun up i' the guts. [Cf. Eng. use of bind, to make costive.]

3. To bind corn sheaves with straw ropes. Sh.(D) 1918  T. Manson Humours Peat Comm. I. 47–48:
Come awa, my jewel; da men here is aboot ready ta binnd, tinkin ye wirna comin ava.
Arg. 1931 1 :
To bin. To tie a sheaf after it has been placed on the “strap” by the buncher.
Dmf. 1817  W. Caesar Poems 74:
Farmer John . . . Sharps a hook, whiles bin's a sheafie, An' a sta'k will sometimes pu'.

4. In phr. neither or not to haud nor bin', bind nor haud, to be beyond control. Gen.Sc. Abd. 1865  G. Macdonald Alec Forbes I. xx.:
And Robert wadna sweer, ye ken; but he was neither to haud nor bin'.
m.Sc. [1838]  A. Rodger Poems and Songs (1897) 65:
Auld Gripsiccar wasna to haud nor to bin'.
Ayr. 1823  Galt Entail lv.:
Since that time he's been neither to bind nor to haud.

[O.E. binden, to bind, O.N. binda, id.]

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