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AUCHT, AUGHT, num.adj.1, cardinal, and n. Sc. forms of eight. (See also Echt.) [ɑxt I.Sc., n.Sc., e. and wm.Sc.]

1. adj. Sc. 1822  Scott F. Nigel xxvii.:
Seven — aught — aught tines on the antlers.
Sh.(D) 1922  J. Inkster Mansie's Röd 56:
Aucht year sinsyne.
m.Sc. a.1846  A. Rodger Poems (1897) 179:
Trysting sax gallons, or aucht, for himsel'.
Ayr. 1792  Burns Gallant Weaver i.:
O, I had wooers aught or nine.

2. n., in various senses: eight o'clock; the figure 8, etc. Abd. 1922  Abd. Wkly. Press (7 Jan.) 1/1:
The Highland Reel, in which, as the lad said, “Ye cut the figger aucht, trock quines, an' furl.”
Lnl. 1910  J. White Eppie Gray 8:
As sune as aucht chaps in the clock The bairns gae aff tae rest.

3. Combs.: (1) With other numerals: aucht an' thretty, aucht an' forty, etc. Hdg. 1885  “S. Mucklebackit” Rural Rhymes 216:
For the last aucht an' thretty years an' mair.

(2) Aucht byre, a byre for eight cattle. em.Sc. 1895  (a) “I. Maclaren” Days of Auld Lang Syne 100:
It's an aucht byre.

(3) Aucht-day, adj. and n., (an) eight-day (clock). Sc. [1828]  Wilson Noctes Amb. (1855) II. 95:
The short and lang haun o' our aught-day clock.
Edb. 1894  P. H. Hunter J. Inwick 179:
Aye takin anither look at the auld aucht-day in the corner.

(4) Aucht days, a week; often used as a sing. noun, an aucht days. Sc. 1721  Ramsay Poems 173:
This aught days twice o'er tell'd I'll whistle nane.
Bnff. 1932 2 :
I'll be wi' ye Sunday come aucht days.
She lost her laddie on — lat me see — Monday wiz aucht days.
Abd.(D) 1882  W. Alexander Life Among my Ain Folk 54:
I'll be back again gin an aucht days.

(5) Aughtnights, a week (cf. fortnight). Sc. 1819  J. Rennie St Patrick I. xv. 216:
Our bit curragh's no that rackle sin it got a stane on Monanday was aughtnights.

[O.Sc. aucht, E.M.E. (chiefly northern) achte, aht, auhte, O.E. eahta, æhta. Common Indo-European, cf. Ger. acht, Lat. octo.]

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