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ALLENARLY, ALLANERLY, ALAINERLY, Allenerly, Alenarly, Alinerly, adv. and adj. Obs. exc. in Sc. law. [ə′lɛnərl, ə′lenərl]

Chron. order.

1. adv. Solely, exclusively, only, alone. Peb. 1703  Burgh Records (1910) 170:
It is enacted that no shopkeepers sell any pypes, tobacco, candle, or any other merchand wair, on the said day, except for use of the sick allanerly.
Abd. 1711  Records Burgh Abd. (1872) 344:
The counsell appoynts the citizens to be advertised to enter ther children to the said grammar schooll at Roodday and Lambas allanerly, duely prymed in reading English.
Wgt. 1721  Kirk Session Rec. in G. Fraser Sketches . . . of Wgt., etc. (1877) 123:
The Session further enjoyns that all graves be made four foot deep . . . and that a Pick be provided for that end, and kept allanerly for that use.
Rxb. 1728  in Hawick Arch. Soc. Trans. (1868) 10:
Forty shillings sterling, as the rent of a house or houses for one year allenarly.
Sc. 1747  in Preface, Spalding Club Misc. (1841) I. 86:
Those who will not bee in that Regiment (which is dessind alenarly for the Gentlemen engaged in the last affaire), will get but smal pensions from the Court of France.
Sc. 1799  H. Mitchell Scotticisms 15:
He transferred the estate to him allenarly . . . — the estate solely to him.
Sc. 1819  Scott Bride of Lamm. xxvi.:
The next time that ye send or bring onybody here, let them be gentles allenarly, without ony fremd servants.
Ayr. 1822  H. Ainslie Pilgrimage 233–234:
He . . . sen's me hame allenerly at hallo' day an' beltan as muckle's pay for my bit house an' yard.
Ork.(D) 1880  Dennison Orcad. Sk. Bk. 98:
For t'o' sheu hed nee tryst that nicht, Alinerly wi' ony wicht Sheu hed a peerie oomin' o'd.
Sc. 1890  Bell's Dict. Law Scot. 41:
Allenarly. Only, merely. This is a technical word of some importance in Scotch conveyancing. Thus, where lands are conveyed to a father “for his liferent use allenarly,” the effect of that form of expression will be to restrict the father's right to a mere liferent, or, at best, to a fiduciary fee, even in circumstances where, but for the word “allenarly,” the father would have been unlimited fiar.

2. adj. Alone, lonely. Rxb. 1923  Watson W.-B. 41:
She feels verra alainerly sin her man died.

[Common as adv., less freq. as adj., in O.Sc. From all + anerly = only (north.Eng. and Sc., obs.), adv., from ane = one; the er of anerly analogy of words like formerly, latterly, utterly.]

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