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ALANE, Aleen, Alaen, adj., adv. Alone. Gen.Sc. Used like the St.Eng. form. [ə′len Sc.; ə′lin e.Ags., Abd., L.Bnff., I.Sc. + + ɛ; ə′lein e.Bch., Avoch, Cai.; ə′le1n sn.Sc. + i; ə′lɪən s.Sc. but ə′len centr. Rxb.]

1. adj. Sc. 1737  A. Ramsay Sc. Proverbs (1819) 175:
Better be alane than in ill company.
Sh.(D) 1891  Burgess Rasmie's Büddie 17:
An we'll awa an lave da twa Alaen in aa dir glory.
Abd. 1918  C. Murray A Sough o' War 13:
An' mony a widowed cottar wife Is greetin' at her shank aleen.
wm.Sc. 1835  Laird of Logan I. 91:
Tuts, man, and you're here alane after a'!
Rxb. 1901  W. Laidlaw Poetry and Prose 13:
Last o' ma race, I'm left alane.

2. adv. Only, exclusively. Knr. 1891  “H. Haliburton” Ochil Idylls 63:
It's no' alane that futher's dear, Yowes stervin', an' the lambin' near.

3. Phrases: (1) Let alane, as in St.Eng., (a) leave without interference; leave undone; (b) not to mention; (c) trust (to do a thing). (2) Preceded by pers. pron. in oblique case (see also Lane): him alane, by or of himself. (1) (a) Sc. 1818  Scott H. Midlothian xxx.:
Let me alane — it does me good to weep.
Abd.(D) 1915  H. Beaton At the Back o' Benachie 95:
Mistress Cushney is a brow cratur', sae we'll lat her aleen.
Gsw. 1898  D. Willox Poems and Sketches 39:
We could a' see that he wad just as soon sing as let it alane.
(b) Ork.(D) 1880  Dennison Orcad. Sk. Bk. 54:
Thee naevs wad chok' the craig o' ony whal' that ever swam, let aleen thee muckle heid.
Bch.(D) 1926  P. Giles in Abd. Univ. Rev. (March) 113:
Wi' fyou papers an' nae railwys, lat aleen telegraphs an' telephones.
(c) Sc. 1816  Scott B. Dwarf viii.:
“Speak him fair, Hobbie. . . .” “Let me alane to guide him,” answered Hobbie.
Sh. 1886  “G. Temple” Britta 70:
As for stairvin', whaiver hes to want let alane Jim to get his fill.
Mry. 1932 2 :
Lat the aul carl alane to get roon the wifie.
(2) Abd. 1768  A. Ross Helenore 38:
But three hail days were fully come an' gane, Ere he that task cud manage him alane. [Cf. Barbour Brus ii. 146: All him alane the way he tais.]

[O.Sc. al(l)ane, north. Mid.Eng. alān, orig. a phr., al ān, from al, adv. = all, wholly + ān (ane) = one; southern Mid.Eng. al(l) ōn(e).]

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