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S(c)hipwrak, n. Also: -wrack(e, -wraik, -wreake, -wreck, -urak, -vrak; shippeurakke. [ME and e.m.E. shipwrech (1248), schipwrak (c1450), shipwreke (a1548), shipwrecke (1565), late OE shipwrec (?a1100); S(c)hip n. and Wrak n.]

1. Destruction or severe damage suffered by a ship in consequence of storm, striking upon rocks, etc., with loss or dispersal of all or part of the persons and gear, etc., it was carrying. Also applied to the misadventure of individual persons suffering shipwreck. Action of schipwrak, an action brought in pursuance of a claim to the goods, etc., salvaged from a shipwreck. If it were shown that any living thing had survived the wreck, it was not allowed to be legitimate shipwrak. If shipwrak were proven, then the salvaged goods, etc., were divided between the king, the admiral and the heritor. See also S(c)hip-brokin p.p. (2) quot. Skene and ship-graith (S(c)hip n. 6 (4) quot. Balfour). Also attrib. (1) Gif it chance ony ship [of Scotland or England] … sufferand shipwrak to be brokin, and sum of the persounis being in the said ship remaneing on life … the merchandice [etc.] … sall be deliverit to the governour of that … place [etc.]; Balfour Pract. 643.
[Burgess] fines given to David Flymyng, becaus he has sustenit schipwrak; 1583 Glasgow Burgesses 12.
The Inglismen turneng this schipwrak to thair proper vse, forȝhet al nychtbourheid [etc.]; Dalr. II 90/19.
A stranger … who had suffered shipwrak and burning at Glascow; 1678 Boharm Kirk S. 17 Nov.
The ship-wrack of the Duke of Medina Admiral of the Spanish Armado; Descr. Zetland 2.
After his shipwrack [he] came over to Dunross-ness in Zetland; Brand Orkney & Shetl. 127.
(2) Johne Wemyss … diet goeing to France by shipwrack; 1572 Wemyss Chart. 209.
He perissed throuch schipwrack; Dalr. I 132/36.
John Deins, merchand, ane depauperat man by shipwrack; 1606 Alford Rec. 81.
It sall be like a plank to ane when they are casten to shipwrack; Henderson Serm. 419.
Gryt skaith thay sustenit be schipwrack; Spalding I 63.
(3) Being ane actioun of schipwrak [it] appertenis properlie to the judgement … of the admirall and his deputis; 1579 Reg. Privy C. III 243.
But shipwreck is not to be made use of by the king in Scotland in prejudice of the owners of such countries as use not that law themselves, but they shall have the same favour here, as they keep to ships of this country broken and shipwreckt with them; Stair Inst. ii i§5.

b. The wreckage of a ship or its contents salvaged after shipwreck. The twa parte of ane auld schipwrak and ane auld boit wrak; 1597 Edinb. Test. XXX 253b.
Schipwraik and seawraik to quhome it sall appertene; Bisset II 213/23 h. of ch.
attrib. Shipwreck and waith-goods … whose owner appeareth not, are confiscated as caduciary; Stair Inst. iii iii§27.

2. fig. Utter ruin; destruction. The dangerous and pitieful shipwrack of ane ancient house; 1584 Cal. Sc. P. VII 404.
Whils sadlye I deplore The schipwrak of my witts proceurd by yow; Fowler I 184/6.
And the ineuitable gulfe of my shippeurakke; 1602 Lett. Jas. VI to Eliz. 144.
In such rakles confusion can be … no sautie bot schipurak; Colville Paraenese 9.
The shipwreake of soules; Birnie Kirk-b. xvii.
Iff I be not supported by his majesteis speciall favor … I will inevitablie suffer shipwrack; 1674 Laing MSS 396.

b. A calamity, disaster. There is a shipwrack abiding this bodies of ours; Henderson Serm. 226.

c. To mak (be made) shipwrak, to be ruined; to come to destruction. Without your concurrence to the tryel of his cause he is lyk to mak shipvrak; 1591 Warrender P. (SHS) II 157.
But here is comfort, ye shall not be made shipwrak; ?1660–90 J. Walwood in P. Gillespie Rulers Sins (1718) 15.

d. To mak shipwrak of, to suffer the loss of. Casting af all guid conscience, and making shipwrak of his fathe; Melvill 155.
Except the Lord in time had pumped it with repentance, my soule … had made shipwracke of faith; Boyd Last B. 145.
Now when I am come to the mouth of the harberie, sall I make shipwrack of my ship? Henderson Serm. 511.
All who would not make shipwrack of faith and good conscience will … avoid as well hid as manifest rocks; 1648 Declar. Commissioners Generall Assembly 1.

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