A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (up to 1700)

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Nemmin, -yn(e, v. Also: nemyn(e. P.p. nemynyde, nemnit, -yt. [ME. nemne(n, nemene (15th c.), also (? chiefly or only west midl. and south.) nempne(n (Ancr. R.), OE. nemnan, ON. nemna beside nefna Nevin v. Cf. also Nem and Name. Chiefly early.] tr. To name, mention by name, specify, designate. (1) Tho I nemmyne thre Personis, ma bot a God be; Leg. S. xlv. 77.
Thai sal nemyn thaym & hafe thaym; 1397 Slater Early Sc. Texts No. 32.
Thre thingis I pray thé nemmin heir, Of quhilkis sum men in errour are; Alex. ii. 2525.
He aw to lede hym to the bailes … and thar nemmyn his scath; Burgh Laws c. 94 (B).
Thar he sal nemmyn his lord & quhar he haldis hous; Ib. c. 106 (A).
(2) Thar-for be hire I coniure thé … That to spouse me thu nemmyne nocht; Leg. S. xliv. 67.
(3) He na wald se One hyme … Na ȝete here nemmyne his name; Leg. S. vii. 599.
He durst nemmyn that nam; Ib. xxiii. 279.
Ib. xviii. 272.
To nemyne in his somondis his awne propyr name; Reg. Maj. c. 4.
(4) Nane beand present but we thre before nemnyt; 1385 Slater Early Sc. Texts No. 7.
The landys before nemnyt; Ib.
And al maner of profitis … als wel unnemmyt as nemnyt als frely; 1394 Argyll Cart. MS.
Befornemynyde; 1397 Douglas Chart. 38 (see Before-nemmit p.p.).
The abbay before nemnyt; 1402 Scone Indenture (Reg. H.).
Alswel nocht nemnyt as nemnyt; 1422 Stirlings of Keir 208.
Quhow monye kyndis of pausis ar nemmit [sic]? Als mony kyndis of pausis ar nemnit [sic] as sindrie noittis; Art of Music 4 b.
Ib. 27.

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