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Heres(c)hip, Heirschip, Herischip, n. Also: hereschepe, heirschyp, -schepe, -scheip, -schep, (heirstschip); her(r)yschip, herishop. [f. Here n.2, army, host, or stem of OE. herᵹan, ON. herja Hery v. Also north. e.m.E. (once) hearship (1572). Cf. Herschip.]

1. An armed incursion, espec. one made for the purpose of carrying off cattle and other plunder; a predatory raid. Chiefly in pl. a. pl. (a) The … horrible destruccons, heryschippis, brynyngis & slachteris thar ar sa commonly done throch al the kynrike; 1398 Acts I. 208/1.
Our alld inimeis … intendis … to invaid the Merce … with all maner of dampnegis and herishopis; 1544 Corr. M. Lorraine 87.
Wherethrough came great reif and heryships in all countries; Pitsc. (1728) 76.
(b) Our rebellis … , committaris of hereschippis, slauchteris, depredacionis and birnyngis vppoun oure trew liegis; 1504 Breadalbane Doc. (Reg. H.) No. 32.
To suffir … sic hereschippis and direpcion of thare landis and cieteis; Bell. Livy I. 112/21.
Followit … diuers radis & hereschippis without grete effusioun of blude; Boece IV. iv. 130.
(c) He nurist opinle … theiffis, to mak reiffis and heirschippis in the cuntre; Bell. Boece I. 83.
Your maistres lieges … hes maid laitlie syndry incursionis, byrnyngis, and heirscheppis apon our maisteris subditis; 1541 Hamilton P. I. 141.
The manifest reiffis, the continuall heirschippis, the plane oppressionis; 1568 Lindsay Pref. 9.
To be the onlie cause of sa greit thift, heirscheipis, stouth-reif and slaughter; Pitsc. I. 36/4.
Quhensoeuer ony heirschippis … salhappin to be committit … in the hielandis … be ony captane of clan; 1587 Acts III. 464/1.
Considering the great and horrible destructions, heirschips, … that ar sa commonlie done throw all the kinrik; Skene Reg. Maj. ii. 60.
b. sing. Sin oure said cousin … has na wyte of the gret hereship made be the Lorde of Gordone upon yhou and yhoure freindis; 1443 Antiq. Aberd. & B. IV. 44.
That … Men menyt the heirschip of Bouchane; Brus ix. 300 (C).
The hereschipe of Inuerkip be Donald of the Ylis; Asl. MS. I. 221/23.
[The … inbringing of the Englishmen of Tyndale to the] hereschip [of Thomas Leipdene]; 1493 Crim. Trials I. 17.
Preceptum remissionis … pro eorum … predatione, lie hereschip, de Kenlochow et Troutermes; 1541 Reg. Privy S. II. 598/1.
The heirschep committit vpoun Alexander Weland, lorymer, be the Franschemen … within this burgh; 1562 Edinb. B. Rec. III. 147.
The heirschip maid and committit vpoun him; 1598 Breadalbane Ct. Bk. (Reg. H.) 179 b.

2. The act or practice of harrying, plundering, or pillaging, by an army or armed force. Freq. to mak hereschip. King Coill … making grete hereschip, eftir be fyre and swerde thai had distroyit mekill, … lugeit his campe; Boece i. vii. 49.
Of oxin, hors, and all vthir riches be hereschip thai war dispuleȝete; Ib. xi. xiii. 432.
In case that ony of our men makis stouth, heirschipe, reif, or slaughter vpoun utheris; 1543 Misc. Spald. C. IV. 210.
In thare jorney thei maid some hereschepe upoun the coast of England; Knox I. 216.
So lang as thair was na man to punisch nethir heirschip, slauchtar in land and borrowis, nor creueltie of nobillis; Pitsc. I. 15/8.

b. Const. of the things plundered. The saidis personis … has … maid plane heirschip of nolt, … cornis, and insycht gudis, layand the land waist; 1528 Misc. Spald. C. II. 83.
All man maikis me debait For heirschip of horsmeit; Maitl. F. lxxvi. 22.

3. Booty, plunder, esp. in cattle. All the heirschip tane wes of befoir To euerilk steid tha gart agane restoir; Stewart 3956.
The steilling and away-taking of ane grit heirschip of ky and oxin; 1612 Crim. Trials III. 233.
Certane persones … did tak away … diverse spreathes and hearshipes; 1641 Acts V. 484/1.

4. Harm or hardship inflicted on a person by violence or robbery. Gif it hapnyt that him behovit tak help of his legis, he sulde kepe him wele … that it war nouthir disherisoun na herischip to thame; Hay I. 124/3.
In the haldin of courtis of guerra to the grete hereschip and skath of our souerain lordis liegis and of his awin in his justice aris; 1475 Acts II. 112/2.
I … sall not wit his harme, hurt, scaith, heirschip, [etc.]; 1488 Rep. Menzies MSS. 32.
Johne Bower [etc.] … slew the said Andro … , & na justice done on thaim, in the wtir hereschip of the said wyff, barnis, kyn & frendis; 1521 Fife Sheriff Ct. 280.
Throu the greit heirschippis and douncastis … thai haif gottin be oure saidis auld inymeis; 1550 Dundee Chart. No. 53.
To send tua honest men … to the regent grace … to lament thair heirschippis and reiffis; 1572 Peebles B. Rec. 337.

5. Harried condition; impoverishment caused by harrying or violent treatment. The brokynnes and heirschip of the Ilis being considerit; 1531 Acta Conc. MS. XLIII. 64.
The landwart pepyll be thir weris war brocht to … pouerte and heirschip; Bell. Boece II. 229.
Right potent men … hes bene brocht to ane wtter wraik and heirscheip; Pitsc. I. 35/14.
Chaissing of thame [salmon] agane in the mayne sey to the saidis … commvniteis vtter heirschip and wrak; 1580 Antiq. Aberd. & B. III. 174.
Ane interlocutor … past against tham of ten thowsand mark, quhilk tendit to thair utter hearschipe; Melvill 422.
Reafe and oppressioun through all the countrie … Alace! the great heirship of the poore; Calderwood V. 206.

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