A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (up to 1700)

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Fley, v. Also: flye, flie. P.t. fleyit, flieit, flied. P.p. fleyit, flie(i)t; fleyed, fleyd, fleid, flied. [ME. fley, flay, var. of Fle v.3] tr. To frighten, scare. (a) He schupe to fley hyr of hir wit; Leg. S. xxx. 650.
This perfyte wisdome … Fleyis the spreit of fenȝeid profecy; Henr. Orph. 586 (B).
Thy lymmair luik wald fley thame; Kennedy Flyt. 152 (H).
To fley our myndis; Doug. iv. iv. 68.
Scho … fleyis thame with flambe; Ib. vi. ix. 160.
Thay wald faine fley us with the wynde of the worde of perturbatione; Davidson Answ. 208.
To these Hell is but a boggill to fley barnes; 1584 Melvill 202.
He desyrit his father to shoot ane gunn ower the boyis head to flye the seiknes from him; 1633 Orkney Bp. Ct. MS. 86 b.
They will scarr and flie and missuse the gentilwoman; 1642 Thanes of Cawdor 287.
(b) Be noyis thairof thai fleyit and skarrit all the hors; Boece xvi. i. 606 b.
Thay flieit bischope James Bettoun sua that he staw away; Pitsc. II. 322/6.
The barronis schot ane feild peice in amonges thame quhilk … fleyit the Commouns; Spalding I. 186.
Mr. Androw Cant gat ane letter … quhilk fleyit him to the hairt; Ib. II. 401.
The sport K. James made with his fool who to chasse away the axes had flied him; 1665 Lauder Journal 110.
(c) Thai war so felly fleyit thar; Barb. xvi. 217.
Fantastik fule, trest weill thow salbe fleyit; Kennedy Flyt. 35.
Scottis preparing to batell … rais terribil schoutis quharethrow thay think inemyis ar fleyit; Boece x. iv. 384 b.
The eldest of them … beand al affrayit ande fleyit for dreddour of his lyue; Compl. 70/21.
They war all fleyit and ane myst cam ower the deponentis ein; 1575 St. A. Kirk S. 415.
Dauid Bruce … sair fliet was, and feiret quhen he knew this; Dalr. II. 15/36.
(b) He … bad hyr noucht fleyd to be of that; Wynt. vi. 1926.
Ib. vii. 300.
Was never Roy sa fleyd as I; Lynd. Sat. 620.
The pure man, being fleid for feir; 1583 Sempill Sat. P. xlv. 275.
We war verie fleyed our pasport sould haiff bein loked; Melvill 43.
Sharp (who was as flyed as a fox) clave close to the Chancellor's back; c 1680 Row in Blair Autob. 539.

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