A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (up to 1700)

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Erd(e, Eird, Eard, n. Also: erid, eyrd, irde, aird. [ME. (chiefly northern) erd(e, var. of erthe Erthe n., perh. by association with erd, OE. eard. Cf. also Ȝerd(e n.]

1. The earth as a whole: a. With the or this. (a) The erde steryt sa fellounly That al the cyte … schuke; Leg. S. xlii. 259.
The erde tremblede full horribily; Troy-bk. i. 551.
I can be na way trowe That othir modyre have we nowe Than the erde; Wynt. ii. 503.
The quhilk is til vs maste liking tithingez that may be in this erde; 1424 State P. (Reg. H.) No. 14.
The third party of the erd was brynt; Hay I. 15/8.
Als far as lycht passis myrknes Or hevyne is na the erd mare hye; Thewis Wysmen 37.
The erd sould trymbill, the firmament sould schaik; Dunb. Flyting 9.
Be this Aurora … heth the erd ourspred With new days licht; Doug. iv. xi. 1.
Rychtso … Saturne … Abufe the erd than maid he no sudgeourne; Lynd. Mon. 162.
Hir body to be bureit in the bosum of the erd; 1583 Edinb. Test. XII. 157 b.
(b) God of nature, Quhilk all this eird honouris With fruyt and fulye; Liber Plusc. 383.
This brukill eird … Me thocht I saw birne in ane fyrie rage; Doug. Pal. Hon. iii. 62.
Ther is sa mony … rasons that preuis that the eird is round, and that the eird is the centir of the ix hauynis; Compl. 51/15.
How saull and body ar at weir: Upone this eird; G. Ball. 26.
Fylit for the suffering of him selff to be careit to North-Berwik Kirk as gif he had bene souchand athoirt the eird; 1590 Crim. Trials I. 210.
(c) All haill! the eard awcht ȝow to honoure; Clar. iv. 2150.
Leauing all the Heauins aboue He lichted on the eard; Montg. in
James VI Ess. 69.
Quhill … The heauens resound, and trimbling take the eard; Hume vii. 62.

b. Without article. Sene he will I cum hym till Fra erde to hewin; Leg. S. i. 686.
Als wele baith erde, ayer, & wynde; Troy-bk. i. 581.
Quhare wes God, … Befor that hewyn and erd wes wroucht; Wynt. v. 5266.
Juno, that … Now cummyrris erd, sey, and ayr; Doug. i. v. 89.
The supreme plasmator of hauyn and eird hes permittit them to be boreaus; Compl. 27/20.
For they haif wroght my weird Vnhappiest on eird; Montg. Misc. P. xlvi. 32.
Throwing Phaethon downe from heauen to eard; James VI Ess. 13.

c. In (the or this) erde, on earth. (1) Syne of ferlyis that war wrocht Be hir in erd, lefit I nocht; Leg. S. Prol. 94.
The pape, quhilk has all power generale in erde; Hay I. 104/16.
Quhat is it that was of before, bot it that is now in erde; Wisd. Sol. 366.
Thow sall los a gage Quhilk neuir in erd sall be redemyt agayne; Wall. vi. 86.
No stait in erd heir standis sickir; Dunb. iv. 13.
Langar to leve I couet nocht in eird; Stewart 15011.
To ȝow in erd that I lufe best I me commend; Scott xiii.1.
His eldest sone, quha wes maist precious of onything in erd to him; Leslie 56.
(2) Quhen the Apostolis was in the erde prechand; Hay I. 8/18.
The said Emperour, the quhilk … next the pape is the grettest in the erde; Ib. 19/11.
Ony vthir oresone or sacrifice that may be said or maid in this erd; Vert. Mess 3923.
I … laid all manly materis, and mensk in this eird; Dunb. Tua Mar. W. 352.
Thair is na pleseir in this eird so great As quhen [etc.]; Bell. Boece I. p. x.
I can get na solace in this eird; Rolland Seven S. 4160.

d. The ground in a particular place. Thane of the erde sprange a fyre; Leg. S. vii. 834.
Wythin the myddis off the towne All the erd than opnyd down; Wynt. iv. 1200.
Quhen in the erd was swnkyn than Choré, Datan, and Abyran; Ib. viii. 699.
In myddis the citee of Rome the erde opnyt, and cum furth of the erde a stynkand ayre; Hay I. 46/6.

2. The surface of the earth, the ground: a. With reference to persons thrown down, falling, or prostrate on the ground. The Kyng … Wes laid at erd; Barb. iv. 284.
He … him doun ded to the erd drafe; Ib. v. 634.
He fel of hors … Til erde for abasitnes; Leg. S. xxix. 132.
Sum held on fute, sum at erd lay; Wynt. viii. 6574.
Caulus to erd was borne doun thair, And dyueris deid; Alex. i. 1961.
He … fell at erd gruflyngis amyd the fen; Doug. v. vi. 81.
Mony pepill wer drevin at erd, on all sidis; Bell. Boece II. 392.
Thomas Ayir wrangit in the … crewellie halding of him at erd; 1542 Elgin Rec. I. 70.
Skant was he up, quhen at the eird was he; Rolland C. Venus ii. 648.
Baith hors and man he straik till eird; Dunb. xxvii. 86 (B).
Ather man or hors ȝeid to the eard; Clar. iii. 365.
Mony ane to eard can gang; Alex. i. 2464.

b. Of buildings completely demolished. Schyre Andrewe … Wan the castelle off Andristoun, And to the erd syne dange it doun; Wynt. viii. 5008.
[To rebuild the castle] distroyit and at the erde; 1518 Acta Conc. MS. XXXI. 178.
Edward … chargit beld of new all castellis falȝeit or at erde; Boece xv. ix. 591.
The starkest [town or tower] … Law to the erd tha kest thame doun; Stewart 19333.
The westmost … chope, giffand x s. yeir, because it is at the erd and nocht bet; 1553–4 Edinb. Old Acc. II. 20.
Thair wes ane lugeing … pertenyng to … Nicoll Wdwart, … daschit to eird for his contemptioun; Diurn. Occurr. 258.
Quhen he had gottin the castell … he maid it equall with the eard; Pitsc. I. 124/6.
fig. All the haill procese past thereupoun of befoir is quyte at eird; Bisset I. 285/30.

c. With the prepositions under or abone. (a) Alswele vndir erde as abone; 1386 Bk. Carlaverock II. 418.
Gif he lay his custum in the statut place vnder the erde or vnder a stane; Acts I. 361/2.
The pillare Julien, the quhilk is of vi score of fut of hicht abune the erde; Hay I. 64/25.
Hid thingis that the erd ar wndere; Seven S. 1703.
Gif thair be ony hurdis fundyn wndir the erde; 1510 Crim. Trials I. 66.
That the watter may haue anis passage to the sey vnder erd; 1531 Reg. Dunfermline 362.
In Clidisdale war funde … vndir the erd sum vanes ful of golde; Dalr. II. 247/31.
(b) The saide lande to be haldyn … alsaveyle onder eyrde as abovne ȝeyrde; 1490 Foulis Chart. (Reg. H.) 4 Dec.
Howses, toftis, asweyll … under the eyrd as abeyne; 1538 Soc. Ant. XVI. 194.
To erd the samyn [filth] vnder the eird; 1556 Edinb. B. Rec. II. 253.
vj daillis to be fluring under the clarkis feit, above the cauld eird; 1563–4 Edinb. Old Acc. II. 196.
(c) Gif … he [a slueth-hound] can nocht entir vndir the eard; Dalr. I. 21/29.
Quhair he lay aboue the eard the space of aucht dayis; 1623 Crim. Trials III. 548.

d. In various contexts. (1) He saw hyr raysit a cowte & mare Fra erde in ayre; Leg. S. xviii. 360.
Quhen thai ly on erde to slepe; Wynt. i. 716.
Wngrawyn outht the erde he lay; Ib. v. 2566.
At the erd apon hys hand Ane armyd knycht he wald gere stand; Ib. vi. 257.
The erd dintit, he raid sa fast; Alex. i. 2965.
The wyne graip rottis … gif it ly at the erd under the leif; Asl. MS. I. 181/2.
Scho suld not stert for his straik a stray breid of erd; Dunb. Tua Mar. W. 234.
It vas lyik to fal doune fra hyr hede to the cald eird; Compl. 68/24.
Betuix the tua speyris that stude vp fra the eyrd; Ib. 102/20.
Rich talbart sleves, … Upon the eard behind hir trailling syde; Clar. v. 278.
They sall haue … libertie … laiche on the eard to put out oyes ane or ma; 1625 Glasgow B. Rec. I. 347.
(2) Frae the corne be lede of the erde; 1402 Reg. Panmure II. 184.
All tyme scho had copy gret Off froyte that grew on erd and tre; Wynt. ii. 103.
Nane othir thing that mai reide the erde or skaith the pasture; 1456 Reg. Aberbr. 89.
Alex. George, ballie … , gaf heretable state … apoun the erd of the said twa rodis; 1487 Prestwick B. Rec. 51.
Ȝit fra the rute small wandis will vpspring … And heild mair erd nor the tre quhen it stude; Stewart 16759.
Kepand the aird and schriff thairof [sc. the links] ondelvit or cassin vp; 1590 Aberd. B. Rec. II. 68.

3. The soil of the earth. A man [that] had gud inuch, Sic as men wynnis of erd & pleuch; Leg. S. xxviii. 70.
The body syne in erde thai lade; Ib. xxxiv. 354.
Out of that welle cummys fludis foure Till moyst the erde; Wynt. i. 130.
Thai sal wyth thar handis and thar feit delf the erde; Acts I. 67/2.
He aw till mak a cors in till the erde … quhar the bestis ar fundyn; Ib. 323/2.
The labourage of the erde is sa privilegit for the wynnyng of mannis sustenaunce; Hay I. 240/12.
As throw a bustewous erd … Spryngys the flowris and the corne; Henr. Fab. 8 (Makc.).
This ȝoik wes made of thre speris, of quhilkis twa war dentit in the erde; Bell. Livy I. 284/35.
The oncoutht … pepil sal eyt the frute of the eyrd that thou hes lauborit; Compl. 24/21.
Even as in the tries and plantes … growing ather within or without the erde; Melvill 366.
Wranguslie … mawand his medowes, and delfand his eard of the foirnemmed landis; Bisset I. 314/17.
The said buriall siluer to be payit … befoir any … licience be grantit to raise or opin the eard; 1647 Aberd. B. Rec. IV. 78.

b. Earth or soil as a substance. He … gert be mad A pyte, … and but hone The erde gerte of the kirk be don; Leg. S. v. 564.
For bestis knawis na thing bot erde and warldly thingis, by the resone of the erde at thai ar maid off; Craft of Deyng 175.
Gyffyne for castyne of the erd fra the schip; 1494 Treas. Acc. I. 249.
Think, man, thow art bot erd and as; Dunb. xi. 2.
To four barrowmen … baring of lous erd and stane furtht of the samin [clos]; 1542 Treas. Acc. VIII. 133.
The said James to caus mak tua hundreth creillis for bering of eird; 1558 Edinb. B. Rec. III. 21.
That ewerie tenent … big teth fawldis of feall and erd; 1576 Breadalbane Ct. Bk. 19 b.
Persewis McVane … for a pock of eird that scho tuik; 1622 Black Bk. Taymouth 373.

c. Erd and stane as a symbol of the transference of landed property. In common use throughout the 15th and 16th centuries. Also rarely erd, tre, and stane. (1) I … gafe heritabil state, possessione, and sesing … be erde and stane; 1432 Soc. Ant. II. 388.
We … gert present to the foure hede courtis … irde and stane and profferit that landis to sell; 1443 Reg. Great S. (1450) 86/2.
It salbe leful … to tak vp the said tenement and the acris with erd and stane in thar awin hande; 1454 Mun. Univ. Glasg. I. 14.
He besoch the juge and court … til deliuer hym erd and stane in falt of payment of the grund annuell; 1478 Reg. Episc. Glasg. 459.
The saed balye … gaef heritabyll stat, sesing and possessione, be the self eyrd and stane, to Alexander Williamsone; 1505 Lanark B. Rec. 14.
Be the deliuerance of erd and stane, heisp and stapill, as the maner of burrowis is; 1506 Thanes of Cawdor 119.
[He] resignit and upgaif, be eird and stane, all and haill his tenement of land; 1544 Misc. Bann. C. III. 423.
That … ȝe pas and gif reall seasing and possessoun … be traditioun of eard and stane to the said Johne; 1576 Prot. Bk. G. Fyiff 10 b.
Be deliuerance of erd and stane of the ground … in the handes of the said Johnn; 1586 Prot. Bk. T. Lindsay 212.
Thairefter the said William Levistoun, be eird, stain, and ane penne, as usse is, resignit the said land; 1615 Lanark B. Rec. 125.
(2) Tyl hafe giffyn … the landis of Ewisdale … be the deliuerans oferde, tre, and stane, as the maner is at the cheife chemes; 1456 Douglas Chart. 85.
John Durand … gaif and deliverit be the gift of erd, tre, and stane, as maner is, heritable stait, possessioun and seising till … Jonet Adamsone; 1483 15th Rep. Hist. MSS. App. ix. 13.

d. Earth as one of the four elements. This material varld that is maid of the four elementis, of the eird, the vattir, the ayr, ande the fyir; Compl. 33/18.
The elementis … Quhilks ar thir four, eird, fyre, water, and air; Rolland C. Venus Prol. 48.

4. A portion of the earth's surface; a piece of ground. Quhen he sa stoutly hym allane, For litill strynth of erd has tane To ficht with twa hundredth & ma; Barb. vi. 128.
To the next woode twa myil thai had to gang, Off upwith erde; Wall. v. 101.
Wald God sum erd, or sand, Or sum salt see did swelly me alife; Doug. ii. ii. 20.
King Fergus … chargit that all … wemen and barnis suld pas to craggis and strate erdis; Boece i. vii. 49.
Quhair it wes brocht in ony land or erd, … Of verrie det the Scottis thair suld ring; Stewart 1193.
For careing away of ane hill and erd lyand befor the freir yeard; 1561–2 Edinb. Old Acc. II. 165.
Ascendand vp linealie to the merche stane vnder the eird of the medow of Rubislaw; 1578 Aberd. Chart. 337.
[They] tuik with thame spedis and past to ane peice of earde … and mead ane graiff; 1590 Digest Justiciary Proc. M. 30.
Sayand that wranguslie … he had manured and laboured his erd and land of the Cathyre of Drumdas; Bisset I. 314/15.
Anent the gryt abus and skaith doune be fyr, burning firr stoks, and greine eird; 1636 Misc. Spald. C. V. 225.

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