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Dele, Deil(l, Deal(l, v. Also: del, dell(e, deile, deyll, deele; p.t. and p.p. delyt, delit, delt(e. [ME. dele(n, early dealen, dælen, OE. dǽlan.]

1. tr. To divide; to separate in one or more parts, companies, etc. His folk he delt in battalis ten; Barb. xi. 155.
Thai … delit thame in-till battellis twa; Ib. xvii. 559.
The erd swa delt in twa partys, … The tothir part than delt in twa; Wynt. i. 529.
A roundale … Markyd to be delt in thre; Ib. 534.
Quha-sa micht in ten partis Deale the worship that in ȝow is; Alex. ii. 5352.
All has he turnand one a pyne As hyme lyst luf and deil in twyne; Ratis R. 1195.
To dele and caus be delt … [in] equale porcions and diuisione, … the five merkis worth of land; 1506 Glasgow Dioc. Reg. II. 162.
Micht I deill ȝour seiknes into thre, Ȝe suld not haue sa greit infirmitie; Rolland Seven S. 10004.
The cunsall ordanis the fouir balleis to deill the toun in fouir; 1571 Lanark B. Rec. 63.
The haill hous to be delt in twa and my part to my saidis tua dochteris; 1583 Edinb. Test. XII. 178 b.

2. To divide into portions to be given away; to distribute or dispense. Freq. const. with amang or to. (1) Or he deit, his land delt he; Barb. i. 535.
Quhen thar meble … Ves nere delt clenely away; Leg. S. xliv. 88.
In na thyng That I delte in my lyvyng Helpys me nowe; Wynt. vi. 1132.
Thai rich deland thar riches … Sal euer habound; Thewis Wysmen 237.
Waith suld be delt, in all place, with fre hart; Wall. i. 386.
Deyll nocht thar land, the wnlaw is our sayr; Ib. vii. 436.
Rewarde in court is delt so ewin, Sum gettis that mycht suffice sevin; Stewart Maitl. F. cxxxv. 36.
My counsall is … Giue to the pure, and gar deill greit almous; Rolland Seven S. 7722.
He levis … to the pure bedderallis of the parrochin xx s. to be delt be Thomas Logyis discretioun; 1576 Edinb. Test. IV. 317 b.
absol. He grantit that he stopit the evinaris & let thaim to deill equalie as thai wer ordanit; 1511 Alloway Barony Ct. (MS.) 6 May.
(2) The pray soyne emang his menȝhe Eftir thar meritis, delit he; Barb. xv. 516.
Scho delt hir gudis … Ymang powre folk that had ned; Leg. S. xliii. 608.
This tresure all the Grekis gat And delt it amang thame; Wynt. iv. 1052.
He delt, ilk owlk, iv bowis of quheit, … amang pure houshaldaris; Bell. Boece II. 298.
The balleis and cunsall hes vottet that the toun muir be delt amang the burgessis and induelleris in this brught; 1593 Lanark B. Rec. 110.
(3) Hire gudis in sic vise Var … delt to poure men ilke day; Leg. S. xliv. 96.
The tresore off the empyre than He delt to pure folk largely; Wynt. v. 5391.
Ever mare and mare he conquest, and ever mare and mare delt till his men; Hay II. 59/2.
It is accordit … that xij personis … sal set & dele the hale sandis tyl al fremen; 1460 Ayr B. Ct. (MS.) 14 March.
He sais, deill thi met to the trawelouris and pilgryms; Wisd. Sol. 789.
He delys myn heretage, To Sotheroun part, and sum to traytouris wage; Wall. x. 1123.
This gud bischope … Gart tak this gold … And to the pur gart deile it; Bk. Chess 1603.
Vnder the payne of escheting of the samyn [meill] and to be deit to the pure folkis; 1515 Edinb. B. Rec. 157.
He delt thair landis and goodis to thair creditouris; Pitsc. I. 83/18.
The haill deikines … disasentit that ony commone land suld be delt or gevin … to ony particular persones; 1600 Glasgow B. Rec. I. 206.

b. To deal out, assign to one. God may rycht weill our werdis dele; Barb. ii. 329.
Lat ws wyth oure fayis fycht Quhill that oure goddys dele the rycht; Wynt. iv. 904.

c. To dele dintis, to deliver blows. Quhen he … saw thaim swa gret dyntis deill, He dred to tyne his folk; Barb. iii. 32.
Schyr Henry the Ballyoll … dyntis delt rycht dowchtyly; Wynt. viii. 3722.
Thow and I sall dyntis deill quhill ane of vs be deid; Rauf C. 512.
Ane man … That knawin is for cruel, Doughty dyntis to dell; Gol. & Gaw. 542.
Syne dele ye your dynt; Ib. 829.

d. To decide (a matter). Quhen he knew weil that he was seine, … he thocht … to deil it with the sword; Dalr. II. 324/20.

3. intr. To have to do, to occupy or busy oneself, with some practice, action, or thing. (a) Him dedeynȝeit nocht to dele With trechery na with falset; Barb. i. 376.
He gert sek … A man that delt with sorcery; Leg. S. xxxiii. 488.
Scho mycht get na hele Of ony that with that crafte wald dele; Ib. xxxix. 40.
With avowing I may nocht dele, na with hechting; Alex. ii. 5327.
He … schewe in dede that he lufit it nocht na nane that delt with it; Hay I. 26/20.
Inglismen to drynkyn wald him call, And commownly he delt nocht thar withall; Wall. iv. 386.
With tressoun on na wys wald he delle; Bk. Chess 1173.
(b) Sa cuth he deile with trufinge; Leg. S. i. 242.
I thocht neuir to deile with trechery; Ib. l. 820.
Thai ware to prys, and sa was he That … wyth wit couthe deile; Wynt. viii. 6804.
The ȝeman that … can nocht deyll with a bow sall haif … suerde & buklar [etc.]; 1429 Acts II. 18/2.
Gif thow be wys, Oft thow deill with gud quyntys; Ratis R. 396.
He suld be ay so leile That with the commoun gud and gold suld deile; Bk. Chess 1945.
How lang will ȝe with danger deill? Dunb. lxxv. 6.

b. To take part, be concerned, in something. In that land a man thar wes … That had delyt in devilry; Leg. S. iv. 31.
Thair was courteouris and vthirs that wald with a glaid will haue delt in this mater; 1581 Wemyss Corr. 96.
Gif I get not liberty … to deill in the selling of sum landis … for my crediterris releif; c 1609 Elphinstone Mem. 185.

4. To have to do, have dealings, with a person in some respect. a. In a contest or exercise of power. Trewly thai sall be sa fele, That ye sall na wis with thaim dele; Barb. xiv. 486 (E).
Swa couth thai wyth thaire fais deile, That thai ware rudly put agayne; Wynt. viii. 5368.
Sa sall men se gyf als fele Off Franche wyth Inglis men may dele; Ib. 6690.
The King is angry with to deill; Alex. i. 2738.
I dreid me, sa he dantit thé, thow durst not with him deill; Rauf C. 598.
Thow sall by it dere, wyth me … and thou dele; Dunb. Flyt. 408.
Dout not that deith sall with ȝow deill; Rolland Seven S. 112.
He was so weill practissit in weir … that it was hard deilling with him be sie or be land; Pitsc. I. 216/19.
Defend ȝour selffis, … for ȝe deill with men of weir; Ib. II. 90/10.

b. In a specified manner (= act towards, treat). He delt sa curtasly with me, that on na vis [etc.]; Barb. xix. 152.
Sa sykkyrly delt he wyth hym than, That he gert hym [etc.]; Wynt. viii. 3994.
Deill with all folkis faythfullie; Maitl. F. xxiv. 13.
The said David … delt maist unnaturalie and injuriouslie with him; 1586 Reg. Privy C. IV. 106.
To justifie the burgesses … and to deil seueirlie with thame; Dalr. II. 344/29.

c. In some usual or normal relationship. Thou mon have eye … to the necessitie that thai have that thou delis with; Hay II. 81/16.
Ay quhill thow art funde leill, All worthi man wyll with thé deill; Ratis R. 562.
Robene, with thé I will nocht deill; Henr. III. 93/119.
Thir damysellis … That dogonis haldis in dainte, & delis with thaim so lang [etc.]; Dunb. Tua Mar. W. 458.
Thow art ane fuile gif thow with fuillis deillis; Maitland Maitl. F. xiv. 15.

d. For the attaining of some end. I haiwe causit convein the tennentis … and hes causit the gwidman … deill with thame; 1591 Reg. Morton I. 176.
It wes ordanit that all the bretherin of the synodoll … sould deill with thair parochinaris for bying of ane Bybill; 1611 Hist. Rev. XIX. 108.
He wes earnestlie delt with be the minister and sessioun of the kirk to vndertake it; 1637 Antiq. Aberd. & B. IV. 127.

5. ellipt. To act (= 4 c); to take steps (= 4 d). Gif I be fals … deill efter my desert; Maitl. Q. lxxii. 21.
I dar not say, and doubly deill; Montg. Misc. P. ii. 11.
The Laird … deltt, with all the moyane he culd, … to get this Tutour compt maid; Hist. Kennedy 21.
To deall for ane ameiable and freindlie aggriement; 1665 Conv. Burghs III. 578.

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