A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (up to 1700)

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Als, Alse, adv. and conj. Also: hals, alls, allis. [ME. alse, als, reduced form of Alsa adv.]

1. Also, as well. Thiddirwart went mony baroune; Byschop Wylȝame off Lambyrtoun Raid thiddyr als; Barb. i. 413.
To thrillmen & to women, And to ȝoung men als gef he lare; Leg. S. ii. 975.
Thar lyis als wythin that se The ilys of Krym and Argwe; Wynt. i. 569.
Eduuard … gert sla hastely, Off man and wiff, vij thousand and fyfty, And barnys als; Wall. i. 95.
That he admittis … and callys hym traytour als; Doug. i. Prol. 416.
Scota his wife … Ȝeid with him als that tyme; Stewart 284.
Als the beddel to be payit of the samyn; Buch. Wr. 16.
Quhil thay war tyret, and he als, of that busines; Dalr. II. 274/26.
Sua, as by the, our lipps els ar vnited, Our herts als to conioyne may be invited; Mure I. 11/84.

b. Following immediately upon and. Landis, that war till him marcheand, As Walis was, and als Ireland; Barb. i. 100.
He resuscit Thabitane; And als he heilytt Anyan; Leg. S. i. 42.
Syne all the lentryne … and the lang reid, and als in the adwent; Howlat 699.
For himself & als as procuratour for his dochter; 1467 Acta Aud. 8/1.
Oft fair foullis ar fundin faynt, and als freuch; Rauf C. 523.
Of the gift of the ward … and als of the gift of the releif of the saidis landis; 1511 Reg. Privy S. I. 343/1.
The nobillis all and alls the multitude; Stewart 23135.
The gagis of the rectour … , and als al thyr casualiteis, to be … moderat; Buch. Wr. 16.
The martiall deidis and als the fattell end of his … pregeniture; Pitsc. I. 6/12.
For reductioun of the tackis … and als for letteris of lousing the fermes; 1614–5 Misc. Spald. C. V. 95.
With the customs and other profits … and alse with the power and priviledge of an free Sea Port; 1695 Acts IX. 519/2.

c. Nocht ane or anerly (later only) … bot als. (See also Allanerly adv.) Abstinence nocht ane of met & drink … bot als of play; Leg. S. xxxvi. 427.
Nocht anerly … of wys menis thewis, Bot als of fulys; Thewis Wysmen 301.
Nocht anerlie the landwart villagis bot als the ciete; Bell. Livy I. 289/12.
Not only lufit he vprychteousnes, Bot als he hatit vice; 1569 Sat. P. x. 350.
He nocht onlie spoilȝeit the haill cuntreis … bot als crewelie slew the indwellaris thairof; Pitsc. I. 14/18.

2. Als … as (rarely als), as … as. For special uses with fer (far), lang, mekill, mony, oft, sone (soon), wele, see these words, and Alsmekill, Alsmony, Alssone, Alsswyth, Alswele. I sall als frely in all thing Hald it, as it afferis to king; Barb. i. 161.
With a durre als gude maner as the durre standand in the west gavyl; 1387 Edinb. Chart. 35.
The patronage of the said Kirk … alse often as it happinys to be vacand; 1405 Lennox Mun. 57.
That this burgh sal be wachit ilke nyght … als lang tyme as the cuntreth is in trubble; 1442 Aberd. B. Rec. I. 8.
Thair may thow sell, be ressoun, als deir as thow will prys; Rauf C. 252.
We weir als sib as seue & riddill; Dunb. vi. 55.
To bruke als paceblie and fre als the said Johne or his forbearis did; 1526 Misc. Spald. C. IV. 26.
To … leue als dum in Godis cause, as ony fische in the watter; Winȝet I. 12/22.
Thay beir verie schorte tailis, als schorte as the tail of ane hyne; Dalr. I. 19/4.
I come heir … with allis gryt expedition as I could; 1622 Melrose P. 480.
That ewerie scoller … haue ane antagonist who may be alse equal as can be; 1659 Aberd. B. Rec. 181.
The children are alse biggott as the father; 1693 Melville Chart. 229.

b. Without as following. I trow our gaist be the gait hes farne als ill; Rauf C. 108.
A mat to his chamer of xx fut lang, and alls brad; 1499 Halyb. 162.
Unto such tyme as a law, als publictlie maid, and als consonant to the law of God, have disannulled the formar; Knox II. 274.
This goldne aple … quhilk als mekle commendes the crafte of the craftesman that wrochte it; Dalr. I. 296/21.
As children do for thryse als good agane; Craig I. 27/16.

3. conj. As; while. And, als I argoued all the cais, I hard ane say [etc.]; 1570 Sat. P. xxv. 60.

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