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First published 1976 (SND Vol. X). Includes material from the 2005 supplement.
This entry has not been updated since then but may contain minor corrections and revisions.

MALKIE, n, v.  Gsw. gangster slang [rhyming slang for Malky (Malcolm) Fraser (identity unknown) = razor; cf. hoosie Fraser s.v. house ] . [mɑlke]

I. n.
1.1. A weapon; a razor used as a weapon.Gsw. 1962 Bill McGhee Cut and Run 30:
Then I realised there was nothing else for it, as I produced the 'malky' from my pocket.
Gsw. 1973 Observer (4 Feb.) 29:
Outside the fighting continued. Those without ‘malkies’ had gone round the back of the building and were now reappearing, some with milk and ‘ginger’ bottles in their hands, others with bricks.
Gsw. 1985 Michael Munro The Patter 44:
A malky is a safety razor used as a weapon. ... My understanding of the term's origin is that it was originally rhyming slang: Malky (short for Malcolm) Fraser = razor. Who Malcolm Fraser was (or is) is not clear.
Gsw. 1992 Jeff Torrington Swing Hammer Swing! (1993) 88:
'This long wan here's Tam Padden's work - could fairly handle a malky, yon bastard. Big Durkin fae the Toonheid gave me this twelve-stitcher but you should've seen his coupon - butcher's windae stuff. ...'

I. 2. A beating.Sc. 1994 Herald 28 Nov 8:
But never fear. Those wee English babes will be saved from his villainous clutches by a motley crew of typical Glesca folk - a couple of inept baddies, a pair of obliviously winchin' teenies, and a can-do fairy ready to lay a double malkie (with added bounce) on those who would litter her forest with wilfully wandered weans.
Sc. 2000 Sun 30 Sep :
Glasgow Council issued the directive years ago to its lollipop people that, in the event of any hassle, you are authorised to use your lollipop for the purpose of giving someone the severe treble malkie.
m.Sc. 2005 Evening Times 19 Jan 30:
All we can say to JeanAlain is that, if he doesn't think we spoke proper, like, then we would just say, right, well, JeanAlain, ma man, awright ma man, quality n'that, gonnae shut yer geggie an geezaw a brekk, ma man, and see while yer at it, sling yer hook, as well, n'that an no come back never again, less ye wants the severe malky n'that, know?

II.  v.  To cut (a person) with a razor or knife; to beat, injure.Gsw. 1985 Michael Munro The Patter 44:
A malky is a safety razor used as a weapon. To malky someone is to cut him with a razor. ...
Lnk. 1995 Des Dillon Me & ma Gal 115-6:
Yous better move it or I'll malky the two of ye.
Sc. 2001 Sun 17 Feb :
I'm glad we have nukes because they send out a message to maniac rogue states warning that we'll malkie them in a thermal nuclear square go.

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