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Scottish National Dictionary (1700–)

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First published 1968 (SND Vol. VII).
This entry has not been updated since then but may contain minor corrections and revisions.

RAMP, v.1, n.1 Also rump. Sc. usages:

I. v. 1. Of plants: to climb, ramble (Bnff., Uls. 1967). Now only dial. in Eng.Bnff. 1953 Banffshire Jnl. (8 Sept.):
Hoosies, bonnie wi' reid tiles on the reef an' roses rumpin' an' climmin' a' ower their wa's.

2. To romp, to sport in a boisterous manner (Sc. 1818 Sawers; Uls. a.1870 W. Lutton Montaighisms (1924) 32; ne.Sc., Ags., Kcb., Uls. 1967). Also fig. Ppl.adj. rampin, of showers: blustering, boisterous. Obs. exc. dial. in Eng.Abd. 1837 J. Leslie Willie & Meggie 17:
Come an' help me tae tak' my sneeshin'-mull fae this feel ramplin' jade o' a kwine.
Fif. 1872 W. Tennant Anster Fair 101:
Men, women, children, lilt and ramp, and squeeze, Such fascination takes the gen'ral ear.
Edb. 1874 J. Smith Peggy Pinkerton 10:
It was the rampin', rosey-cheekit halanshakers o' laddies that did it.
Kcb. 1890 A. J. Armstrong Ingleside 70:
The bairnie wad tire o' his rampin' an' play.
Bnff. 1910 Trans. Bnff. Field Club 19:
But rampin' shoors o' snaw or sleet Came rakin' ower the moon.

3. To stamp, beat the floor with the feet (em.Sc.(a), Lnk., sm. and s.Sc., Uls. 1967).Lnk. 1886 A. G. Murdoch Readings (1889) ii. 23:
Ramping his cluggs on the floor as loudly as he could.

4. To boil strongly (I.Sc. 1967).Sh. 1901 T. Ollason Mareel 47:
Anderina hed da kettle rampin' ower da fire.
Ork. 1929 Marw.:
Rampan an' boilan'.
Sh. 1955 Shetland News (20 Dec.):
Hit's bön rampin ida pot fae twaal-time.

II. n. 1. An outburst of temper, a violent mood (Bnff. 1866 Gregor D. Bnff. 139; Sc. 1880 Jam.; ne.Sc., Ags. 1967).Abd. 1913 G. Greig Mains Again 29:
An' Kate's in sic an awfu' ramp. She's clean mad!
Bnff.2 1933:
She wiz in an awfu' ramp, an' bann't 'im for a' the blackgairds on earth.

2. A romp, scuffle, a boisterous struggle (Sc. 1818 Sawers; Bnff. 1967).Bnff. 1955 Banffshire Jnl. (12 April):
So it wis a ramp fa wid get hauds o' her first.

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