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Scottish National Dictionary (1700–)

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First published 1960 (SND Vol. V). Includes material from the 2005 supplement.
This entry has not been updated since then but may contain minor corrections and revisions.

JOUKERIE, n. Also jook(e)rie, -y, j(e)uk(e)ry, j(o)ukery, jowker(r)y; dukery; chookery (I.Sc. and Cai.). Deceit, roguery, trickery, dodging, evasion (Uls. 1880 Patterson Gl., m.Sc. 1959).Ayr. 1822 Galt Provost v.:
The jookerie of the bailie, and the selfish manner by which he had himself reaped all the advantage of the election.
Ayr. 1833 Galt Howdie, etc. (1923) 63:
If I thought that Mr Threeper was rightly versed in the jookries of the law, I would go home and leave him to knit the ravelled skein himself.

Most commonly in comb. joukerie-pawk(e)rie, -y, -pauk(e)ry, -packerie, -y, -pokerie; -cookery (Ayr. 1822 Galt Sir A. Wylie xxi.); joukerie-poukerie, chukery-packery ( Ork.);  -hockery (Uls. 1901 in Northern Whig), deceit, trickery, double dealing, underhand work (Sc. 1710 T. Ruddiman Gl. to Douglas Aeneis, jowkery-pawkery, 1782 J. Sinclair Ob. Sc. Dial. 87, jowkerry pawkry; Per. 1895 I. Maclaren Auld Langsyne 26, dukery-packery; Rxb. 1927 E. C. Smith Braid Haaick 12). Gen.Sc. Also attrib.Abd. 1748 R. Forbes Ajax 5:
Untill the sin o' Nauplius . . . His joukry-paukry finding out, To weir did him compell.
Sc. 1816 Scott B. Dwarf x.:
There has been some jookery-paukery of Satan's in a' this.
Edb. 1872 J. Smith Jenny Blair's Maunderings (1881) 15:
There's mair jiltin' amang the feminine gender, an' mair joukery-pawkery amang the masculine.
Ayr. 1901 G. Douglas Green Shutters x.:
D'ye mean — to tell — me, Sir . . . that there's joukery-pawkery at work?
Abd. 1926 Banffshire Jnl. (25 April):
There wid be nae jeukery-packery bisness gin he could help it.
Ork. 1952 R. T. Johnston Stenwick Days (1984) 87:
... and while privately convinced that he had never seen a trio more likely to stoop to chukery-packery, he could not shake their statements that the election of "Miss Stenwick" had been entirely above-board.
Sc. 1958 Scotsman (10 Oct.) 8:
There is still room for a certain amount of jukery-pokery in the demarcation of constituencies.
m.Sc. 1988 William Neill Making Tracks 34:
Thir heuks an whups an flames aboot yir heid
or haloes, gin ye jouk yon sair remede,
are products o the joukerie-poukerie schuil ...
Ags. 1988 Raymond Vettese The Richt Noise 89:
Whitna dwam's this? It maun be
dwam, shairly, for oor Scottish trees
(as oniebodie that kens Scotland kens)
are owre kirkyairdie-like for sic harum-scarum

Hence v. ¶jookrie-pawk, to trick, deceive.Edb. 1915 T. W. Paterson Auld Saws 78:
To lure their hairt, beguile their mind, An' jookrie-pawk their will.

[O.Sc. joukrie, 1562, jewkry-pawkry, 1586, id., from Jouk + n. suff. -ery. For second element in comb. see Pawkerie, Pawk.]

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