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First published 1956 (SND Vol. IV). Includes material from the 1976 and 2005 supplements.
This entry has not been updated since then but may contain minor corrections and revisions.

GUTTIE, n.2 Also gutty. Gutta-percha, india-rubber, anything wholly or partly made of rubber, e.g. a boy's catapult (Per., Edb., Ayr. 1955), a gym shoe (Lnk. 1954 Sc. Educ. Jnl. (30 July) 509; Ayr. 1955), but esp. a golfball (m. and s.Sc., Uls. 1955). Freq. attrib. with ba (Ib.). See also Gutta.Slk. 1831 Fraser's Mag. (Feb.) 32:
A lang, gutty machine, like a new fashioned ear-trumpet, thrust down my craig [of a stomach pump].
Lnk. 1881 A. Wardrop Poems 106:
He's speel'd up tae the dresser heid, To get his gutty ba'.
Sc. 1928 B. Darwin Green Memories 14:
He gave old balls, not gutties but featheries, to the little boys to play with in the road.
wm.Sc. 1931 Gsw. Herald (14 Feb.):
Weel dae I mind o' my ain feyther bringin' ane o' thae gutty ba's hame wi' him that he had gotten frae either Auld Tam or Alan Robertson.
Sc. 1937 Times (22 March) 14:
Three of his [Harry Vardon's] championships were won after the introduction of the rubber-cored ball in 1902, but it was with the gutty . . . that he was supreme.
Sc. 1951 Scots Mag. (Oct.) 44:
In thae days the hole was a guid thing shorter, so wi' the gutty twa lang skelps puts you hame.
Fif. 1954 St Andrews Cit. (21 Aug.) 8:
Old and rare golf books, clubs and balls; also magazines, annuals, programmes and all publications relating to golf; set of gutty golf ball moulds.
Edb. 1985:
She wis chuffed tae the gutties wi her exam results.
Edb. 1989 Gordon Legge The Shoe 100:
He was wearing a yellow T-shirt, a black dress jacket, bleached Levi's and his black gutties.
m.Sc. 1990 Douglas Lipton in Hamish Whyte and Janice Galloway New Writing Scotland 8: The Day I Met the Queen Mother 70:
An' oot they aw come wi' thir patent-leather shoon an' thir wee Dee-Ems an' thir gutties an' Stert-Rites, ...
Dundee 1994 Matthew Fitt in James Robertson A Tongue in Yer Heid 174:
The grund wus rimy an ther wus a snell wund blawin bit aa he had oan unnir his lang blek coat wus a whyte t-shirt, a perr o jeans, an mawkit gutties oan his feet.

[A variant in -ie of Gutta, or curtailed form of Gutty-perky.]

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