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TREMMLE, v., n. Also trem(m)el, tremle; trim(b)le, trimmel, -il, -le; trum(b)le, trummel, -le; thrumle (Cai. 1934 John o' Groat Jnl. (9 Nov.) 6). Sc. forms and usages of Eng. tremble. [trɛml, trɪml, trʌml; Cai. + þrʌml]

I. v. 1. As in Eng. Sc. usages in vbl.n. and ppl.adj. tremmlin: a type of virus paralysis with tremor and spasms affecting sheep (Slk. 1825 Jam.; Per., wm., sm. Sc. 1973). Combs. (1) tremmlin axies, -exies, ague (Lth. 1808 Jam.). See Aixies; (2) tremmlin fevers, id. (Ags. 1808 Jam.); (3) trembling ill, = tremmlin above; (4) trummlin Jamie, a table jelly; (5) tremmlin Tam, id. See Tam, prop.n., 4.(20); (6) tremmlin tree, the aspen, Populus tremula (Mry., Abd., Slg., Lth., wm. Sc., Wgt. 1973). Sc. 1902 Trans. Highl. Soc. XIV. 17:
Louping-ill is widely known in Scotland as “trembling.”
Per. 1920 Scottish Farmer (13 March):
Trembling has been on two neighbouring farms since Mr Campbell remembers.
Dmf. 1920 J. L. Waugh Heroes 15:
The hill lan' to the west gets a bad name for the trimmlin'.
(1) Sc. 1819 Scott Bride of Lamm. xi.:
The cookmaid in the trembling exies.
Sc. 1827 Scott Journal (1891) I. 380:
I had some of my flutterings, my trembling exies, as the old people called the ague.
m.Lth. 1894 P. H. Hunter J. Inwick 190:
Shiverin an' shakin like a man wi' the trem'lin aixies.
(3) Slk. 1807 Trans. Highl. Soc. III. 385:
Trembling, Thwarter, or Leaping Ill.
(4) s.Sc. 1887 Fishing Gazette (2 July) 3:
Yitmeal Brose, Pedder's Brose . . . Trumlin' Jamie, Lantern Broth.
(6) Abd. 1931:
Local rhyme from Dinnet: There's the easter bog, an' the wester bog, An' the bog o' the trimlin' tree.

2. Of straw: to shake with the weight of grain in the ear. Hence trimmlin strae, unthreshed corn (Bnff., Abd. 1973). Abd. 1920 A. Robb MS. vi.:
They lookit to see gin the strae wis clean threshen and they had to confess they couldna get ony o't to trimmel.
Bnff. 1930:
Tremmlin straes mak trottin owsen, Trottin owsen mak baulkit grun.

II. n. As in Eng. In pl., the ague; paralysis in sheep (Gall. c.1780 J. Walker MS. (Edb. Univ. Lib.)). Cf. I. 1. Comb. yowe(s') tremmle, see Yowe. Adj. tremmlie, trummlie, trembly, shaky. Gen.Sc. Comb. shaky tremmlies, quaking-grass. See Shak, n., 1. (2). Sc. 1860 W. G. Stewart Lectures on the Mountains I. 202:
She may just bring twa bottles wi' this half-crown to see and cure me of the trimmles.

[O.Sc. trimbling aixes, 1653, -feiver, 1623.]

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