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TOSIE, adj. Also tos(e)y, tozie, -y; erron. toshie. [′tozi]

1. Of persons and places: comfortable, cosy, snug, agreeably warm (Gall. 1824 MacTaggart Gallov. Encycl. 451; Cld. 1825 Jam.). Hence tosilie, tozilie, adv., snugly, tosiness, tozi-, n., cosiness, comfort (Cld. 1825 Jam.). Sc. 1721  Ramsay Poems (S.T.S.) I. 141:
How tosie is't tae snuff the cauller Air.
Ayr. 1890  J. Service Notandums 71:
Sune took me to as tozie a howff as you would fin' in a' Glesco or the Gorbals.
Edb. 1928  A. D. Mackie In Two Tongues 18:
In this auld hole-in-the-wa', my tozy nest.

2. Giving a feeling of comfort, cheering, esp. of drink. Sc. 1722  W. Hamilton Wallace 41:
Wealth of Meat and tosie Drink.
Ayr. 1830  Galt Lawrie Todd vi. v.:
We had a tosy glass of punch.

3. (1) Slightly intoxicated, merry and elevated with drink, in high spirits, tipsy (Sc. 1808 Jam.). Reduplic. form tozy-mozy, id. Abd. 1723  W. Meston Poet. Wks. (1802) 49:
After she's got her Jimrie-cosie Of well-mull'd sack, till she be tosie.
Ayr. 1786  Burns Jolly Beggars Recit. i. ii.:
An ay he gies the tozie drab The tither skelpin kiss.
Ayr. 1821  Galt Annals iii.:
Decent ladies coming home with red faces, tozy and cosh from a posset masking.
Edb. 1828  D. M. Moir Mansie Wauch xvii.:
We had another jug, after which we were both a wee tozy-mozy.
Slg. c.1830  J. Love Antiq. Notes (1910) II. 111:
They never devaulved till they were a' gay and tosey.
Sc. 1924  T. R. Barnett Road to Rannoch 183:
An old done limmer who was toshie.
Lth. 1929  C. P. Slater Marget Pow 23:
He was not exackly what you would call drunk, but just a wee thing tozy-mozy like.

(2) of the cheeks: having a glowing cheerful appearance, flushed, high-coloured, “with drinking warm drink” (Gall. 1824 MacTaggart Gallov. Encycl. 451). Now only liter. Cf. Tosh, I. 3. (1). Dmf. 1810  R. Cromek Remains 24:
His cheeks are tosie and dry When tears are on a' our cheeks.
Sc. 1936  J. G. Horne Flooer o' Ling 41:
Frae some bit tosie-cheekit lad.

[Orig. obscure. Prob. related to Tosh and poss. an altered form of Cosie (Suppl.).]

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