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SPLEITER, n., v. Also splyter, spleyter; spleeter. [′spləitər; ′splitər]

I. n. 1. A splash, a patch of spilt liquid, a blot (ne.Sc., Ags. 1971); a botch, mess. Abd. 1919:
Ye've garred me mak a spleiter o' a blot.
Kcd. 1932 L. G. Gibbon Sunset Song 27:
There the spleiter of water was.
Arg. 1935:
I don't want tae mak' a spleeter.
Abd. 1963 J. C. Milne Poems 76:
Try and haud yer elbucks And spleeters aff the table!

2. A wind-driven shower of rain, snow, etc. (Bnff., Abd. 1971). Also fig. Kcd. 1932 L. G. Gibbon Sunset Song 49:
Tramping back in the spleiter of a winter night.
Abd. 1959 People's Jnl. (31 Oct.) 11:
Some awfa spleeters o' weet drivin' afore heich win's.

3. Slush (Kcd. 1949).

4. A confused crowd, a huddled bunch or mass of people. Kcd. 1933 L. G. Gibbon Cloud Howe 99:
Into the middle of the spleiter of spinners.

II. v. tr. and intr. To spill, spatter messily over an area (ne.Sc., Ags. 1971). Abd. 1941 Bon-Accord (20 Nov.) 12:
Seet an' rice plaistered an' spleytered a' ower the place.
Ags. 1959 People's Jnl. (12 Sept.):
It gaed spleeterin' ower the flair.

[Imit. altered forms of Splatter, splutter.]

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