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SOE, n., v. Also so, sow. [so:]

I. n. 1. Bait, esp. half-boiled chewed limpets or other shell-fish, which are thrown or spat out into the sea to attract fish (Sh. a.1838 Jam. MSS. XII. 208, 1914 Angus Gl., Sh. 1971). Comb. knock-soe, pounded bait. Sh. 1877  G. Stewart Fireside Tales 13:
If ye're at da sillicks, an' layin' on some leethe, sprootin' da soe weel oot, till da water is clear wi' da lumie.
Sh. 1900  Shetland News (6 Oct.):
I höv'd a lok o' knocksoe oot o' me loof apo' da pock.
Sh. 1931  Shetland Times (14 March) 7:
Da braands wis bün faain' tik an' baalin' oot spunks an' sparks laek soe.
Sh. 1952  J. Hunter Taen wi da Trow 167:
Da holls his soe he shappit in.

2. Small fragments or pieces (Sh. a.1838 Jam. MSS. XII. 208, 1908 Jak. (1928), Sh. 1971). Phr. (to lay) in soe, (to break) in pieces (Jak., Id.). Sh. 1886  J. Burgess Sketches 68:
Da eggs guid in soe on da flure.
Sh. 1898  “Junda” Klingrahool 45:
Da sea hit cam in an hit laid dem i soe.

II. v. tr. and absol. To throw or spit out such bait (Sh. 1825 Jam., 1914 Angus Gl., Sh. 1971); to spit out, in gen. Sh. 1836  Gentleman's Mag. II. 591:
Strikkin twartree lempits ta so at da eela.
Sh. 1900  Shetland News (6 Oct.):
I hed me mooth foo o' cauld tatties, an' so I couldna answer him fil I wis soed dem apo' da pok.
Sh. 1950  New Shetlander No. 10. 23:
Soe-en me stock o' lempits een bi een.

[Norw. dial. så(d), O.N. sað, seed, sowing, Norw. , O.N. , to sow.]

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