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CAP, n. 1. Add: Comb. cap-turner, a wood turner who makes caups from the solid block. For deriv. capper see sep. art. Abd. 1721 Monymusk Papers (S.H.S.) 89:
He is a cap-turner and to his trade he wold take a house and bitt of land.

2. Add: Also a measure for grain. Add quots.: Dmf. 1779 J. Swinton Weights, etc. 72:
The Annan Cap, in Annan and the middle part of Annandale, (but now laid aside entirely), contains 7 pints 1 mutchkin 1¾ gills Scotch measure.

5. Phrases. Add: cap(pie) (and) cog(gie), appar. a contribution paid by members of the carpenter trade in a burgh to the common fund of their Incorporation, phs. for social purposes and drink-money. See Cog, n.1 Gsw. 1777–93 Incorporation of Wrights Gsw. (1880) 7, 8:
1777 Spent visiting “cap and gog [sic] market and shops. 1779 Paid in George Sommerville's at visiting shops and collecting “cappie-cogie”. 1793 Received—Robert McFarlane and other four “cappie cogie”. 8d each.

7. A bowl-shaped hollow scooped out in the ground for a game of marbles, in comb. cappy hole, the hole game in marbles, also reduced to capie. Cf. O.Sc. coppihool, id., 1605. Sc. 1722 in J. Brand Pop. Antiq. (1849) II. 407:
I was readier at cappy hole than at my Book.
Sc. 1770 Hailes Ancient Sc. Poems 301:
I am informed that trule means some childish game, of the nature of cappy-hole.
Ags. 1825 Jam.:
Three holes are made at equal distances. He who can first strike his bowl into each of these holes, thrice in succession wins the game. There it is called capie-hole, or by abbreviation capie.

Add: 8. The receptacle or “pool” for the stakes in the game of loo' the “kitty”. Kcd. 1819 J. Burness Plays, etc. 287:
But Geordie got the gowden prize, For he got tenpence hale; Says he, 'twill mak my cappie rise.

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