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CLOUR, n. and v. I. 1. Add quots.: Ork. 1952  R. T. Johnston Stenwick Days (1984) 109:
"Boy," he grated, "if thoo say id wur acceedents again, a'll tak' me stick an' gie thee the best cloor on the side o' the heid that thoo're iver gotten."
Abd. 1996  Sheena Blackhall Wittgenstein's Web iii:
A wird can be a sword or a snake — far mair lethal nor a cloor; as twisty as sleekit's an aidder.

I. 3. Add quot.: m.Sc. 1985  William J. Rae in Joy Hendry Chapman 40 19:
Ogilvy thocht for a meenit, and tuik a fly sklent at some clours he'd wrocht in the bark o the tree in-aneth his nest.

I. Add: I. 4. A hammer.Abd. 1996  Sheena Blackhall Wittgenstein's Web 86:
Gin ye sae him on lan, haudin his faither's haun, he wis ane o yon short-haired, gap-moued loons fa socht a clour tae drive them forrit; but in watter he dang doon aabody; an unnerwatter the mair sae.

II. 1. Add to defin.: Also ppl.adj. clooert.
Add quots.: sm.Sc. 1988  W. A. D. and D. Riach A Galloway Glossary :
cloor, clour to beat, thrash
Arg. 1993  :
He doesna bather me that wey — A could cloor im.
Abd. 1993  :
I'll cloor yer lug till ye.
Abd. 1995  Flora Garry Collected Poems 28:
Happin trails o weer an clooert pails,
Roosty speens an smaa bleacht birdies' beens,
Wallydraigle Winter's orra troke.

II. 3. (1) Add quot.: Dmf. 2000  Betty Tindal Old Mortality 13:
His rig-out wis fenished aff wi a pair o' spentacles, bit as they'd been hard wrought for he only wore them when workin on his letterin, wi the clourer an kinsh.

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