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THUNNER, n., v. I. Sc. form of Eng. thunder.Abd. 1995 Flora Garry Collected Poems 18:
Bit fyles your birss begins to rise
An rummlins fae your thrapple birl
Wi fearsome gurr an feerious dirl
Like thunner rivin simmer skies.
Uls. 2003 Belfast News Letter 2 Aug 21:
Ye get a guid notion o hoo aften oor fowk think oan tha weather quhan hit cums intil collogues aboot ither things. A fitless bhoy oan a daunce fluir ur a fitba fiel micht bae toul tha es awor nor a deuck in thunner.
Abd. 2003 Press and Journal 3 Nov 12:
... the backgrun o the hills o Royal Deeside ableeze wi the northern lichts wi the odd flash o lichtnin an knell o thunner.

I. Add Deriv.: thunnersome, Thundering.m.Sc. 1979 William J. Rae in Joy Hendry Chapman 23-4 (1985) 79:
Tig had scarce gien the signal whaun Eck lat oot wi two thunnersome croaks ...

I. (8) Add quots.: Sc. 1994 Herald 17 Sep 19:
Thunderplump in Borrowdale, and the foresters and farmers in the pub make room round the open fire for the steaming of wet walkers.
wm.Sc. 1995 Alan Warner Morvern Callar 55:
There was a real thunderplump. The rain was just coming down in sheets so's the water was dripping over my ears and you couldnt use the Walkman.
Uls. 1999 Belfast News Letter 5 Jun 4:
It was ironic another thunderplump cascaded down on Gribben just as he was about to hit his tee shot at the tenth, ...
Sc. 2002 Sunday Mail 11 Aug 3:
Drive into town with Mum who looks at the rivers of water running down the pavement and announces "Och, there's been a thunder plump". A what? A thunderplump, she says, is what people from the north-east call a sudden downpour... great expression.
Sc. 2003 Herald 26 Feb 35:
Lastly, the weather has shaped language in more ways than being the number one topic of conversation. The Scots tongue has myriad words referring to rain: smirr or thunner plump may cheer you up when drenched.

II. Sc. form of Eng. thunder.m.Sc. 1998 Lillias Forbes Turning a Fresh Eye 6:
'Twas Esk or Teviot keltered doon
I mind nae mair —
But the same sang cam' soughin tae oor lugs
An' thunnered there!

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