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LEE, v., n.1 I. 1. Add quots.: wm.Sc. 1985  Liz Lochhead Tartuffe 3:
Thae weys o' goin-oan, which you'd cry "mense".
Are mair leein' worldliness than honest commonsense.
Abd. 1985  Robbie Kydd in Alexander Scott New Writing Scotland 3 70:
'An you're a leear wi ten ten-spoats.'
wm.Sc. 1986  Robert McLellan in Joy Hendry Chapman 43-4 25:
She's been leein! She took the bowl!
wm.Sc. 1994  Sheila Douglas in James Robertson A Tongue in Yer Heid 54:
The boy made a derisive noise. "Leyin bugger!" he shouted, aiming a kick at one of Al's expensive leather cases as he ran off.
Ayr. 1999  :
He's as big a leear as Tam Pepper.

II. 1. Add quots.: sm.Sc. 1979  Alan Temperley Tales of Galloway (1986) 232:
The minister could not resist the temptation and returned to the doorway, only to be greeted by the ghost's michievous and delighted cry: "Ha ha! I hae gotten the minister to tell a lee!"
m.Sc. 1979  Donald Campbell in Joy Hendry Chapman 23-4 (1985) 66:
Unwad the day she kent ye
ye'd dae weill to gie her scouth
that aa the bairns ahint ye
maunna tak your lees for truth.
Fif. 1994  Nellie Watson in Joan Watson Memories and Reflections: An East Neuk Anthology 13:
They baith wid tell ye what was richt,
And ne'er tae tell a lee,
They walked the 'straight and narrow way'.
And never gaed agee.
Ayr. 1999  :
He wiz tellin lees on me.

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