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HEID, n., adj., v. I. Sc. form of Eng. head.wm.Sc. 1980 Anna Blair The Rowan on the Ridge 27:
"He's fu' and we're dookin' him to clear his heid," explained Alicky.
wm.Sc. 1985 Liz Lochhead Tartuffe 4:
Where's the herm? What does he think'll happen
That he nags us till our heids are nippin'?
Dundee 1990 Sheila Stephen in Joy Hendry Chapman 60 51:
" ... Meh ehz nearly popped ootah meh heed! ... "
m.Sc. 1994 Martin Bowman and Bill Findlay Forever Yours, Marie-Lou 12:
It's you who pit it intae yir ain heid ah waanted ye tae be like me!
m.Sc. 1998 Lillias Forbes Turning a Fresh Eye 16:
He might hae been the maister at the schule
Heid stecht wi lear
His twa feet ticht in God's grat muckle boots.
em.Sc. 2000 James Robertson The Fanatic 104:
'She's dwaibly lookin,' Mitchel agreed.
'If it was but her body,' said Weir. 'But her heid's no richt. I fear for her if I am taken by God afore her.'

I. 1. Add Comb.: heidmaister, Sc. form of Eng. headmaster. Also attrib. m.Sc. 1986 William Montgomerie in Joy Hendry Chapman 46 10:
There's the heidmaister
frae his big schule ower the road
em.Sc. 2000 James Robertson The Fanatic 229:
' ... I was staunin in front o him like a wean, and him daein this fuckin heidmaister routine, and I was aboot tae come oot and say, haud on, pal, ye've been misinformed ... '

I. 1. Add Comb.: heidnipper, A person who nags or scolds. Also vbl. n heid-nippin.Gsw. 1988 Michael Munro The Patter Another Blast 32:
heidnipper A slang term for a person who nips your head, ie scolds you or keeps on at you about something: 'His aul doll wis such a heidnipper he shot the craw doon tae London just tae get away fae her.'
m.Sc. 1991 Scotsman 26 Oct 2:
Scunnersome though the heid-nippin atween Glasgow and Edinburgh may be, Tom, my fear is that with the Scottish media and its markets increasingly concentrated along the Forth and Clyde axis,...
Edb. 2003:
The teacher wis such a heid nipper the bairns were aw feart.

I. 2. Add Phr.: to stick the heid on, also to pit the heid on, to put the head on. To headbutt.wm.Sc. 1983 William McIlvanney The Papers of Tony Veitch 228:
Harkness followed him through the automatic glass doors that Laidlaw almost put the head on.
wm.Sc. 1984 Agnes Owens Gentlemen of the West 51:
... phrases like, "Are ye looking for trouble", "Stick the heid on him." or "He's only a Tim" pierced through my ears and stuck in my brain...
Gsw. 1988 Michael Munro The Patter Another Blast 32:
head or heid... To stick or pit the heid on someone is to butt him with the head: 'Boab went an stuck the heid oan the bouncer.'
Gsw. 1988 George MacDonald Fraser The Sheikh and the Dustbin (1989) 132:
"...'Ach, away an' shoot a few more cheeses,' sez he, an' gives me the V-sign. So that wiz when Ah pit the heid on him."
m.Sc. 1990 Douglas Lipton in Hamish Whyte and Janice Galloway New Writing Scotland 8: The Day I Met the Queen Mother 69:
Bluebottle Gie's fifty-pence tae watch yir caur or Ah'll stick the heid on it.
Gsw. 1990 Alan Spence The Magic Flute (1991) 70:
'First word out of Butch,' said Tam, 'Eddie would stick the head on him as quick as look at him!'
Edb. 1995 Irvine Welsh Marabou Stork Nightmares (1996) 178:
Then I broke his nose by stickin the heid oan the cunt, and opened up his cheek with my Stanley.
Dundee 1996 Matthew Fitt Pure Radge 6:
an intirfaith drug ring
set up shoap
ben in oor cludgie
an the eejit that stuck the heid
on aa the mirrors in the pless
wull no schaa his fess roon heir again
Sc. 2000 Scotsman 16 Nov 11:
It doesn't matter what Sam says, his tone is always threatening. Even if he wishes you happy birthday, it sounds like "Ah'll stick the heid on yir face."
Sc. 2003 Herald 14 Aug 18:
Knocking down a wee old lady with your trolley in the supermarket because she's a bit slow and you've had a bad day may make you feel better, but the old lady might in turn feel so angry she sticks the heid on an innocent shop assistant.

I. 2. Add Phr.: your heid's full a broken bottles, also yer heid's fu o penny whistles. You are behaving idiotically. Cf. yer heid is fu o mince.Gsw. 1985 Michael Munro The Patter 84:
your heid's full a broken bottles, penny whistles, mince your head is full of nonsense.
Sc. 1994 Scotsman 22 Aug :
Gehan, 23, (pagan-feminist new age traveller, into felt-making and weaving) sits down with Wullie, 19, (very unemployed, trainers, heid 'full of broken bottles')

I. 2. (10) (a) Add quot.: Arg. 1992:
They wid sleep whoot we used tae caal 'heids an thraws': ony wey at all.

I. 2. (16) Add quot.: Edb. 2003:
You'll get yer heid in yer hands for no tidyin yer bedroom.

I. 2. Phrs. Add: I. 2. Phr. heid-the-baw, (i) A game involving bouncing a ball off a wall using one's head. Also fig.m.Sc. 1979 Ian Bowman in Joy Hendry Chapman 23-4 (1985) 41:
Whit'll I dae when the Wee Malkies come?
I'll wallop their lugs an' skelp their bum.
I'll blouter their nebs on the clean close wa'
an' gie them a taste o' heid the ba',
I'll gar them swidder tae chap ma door
when ma bristly besom dings their splore.
w.Lth. 2000 Davie Kerr A Puckle Poems 61:
Ti keep his like fae oot oor hair,
train, keepie-uppie aff the flair,
or heid-the-ba agen the stair,
fae morn ti nicht, ...

I. 2. Phrs. Add: I. 2. Phr. heid-the-baw, (ii) Nickname for an unnamed person, sometimes affectionate, sometimes referring to a stupid person.Gsw. 1985 Michael Munro The Patter 33:
heid-the-baw A nickname, sometimes affectionate, sometimes meaning an idiot: 'Here he is, wee heid-the-baw himsel!' 'This place is full a bloomin heid-the-baws!'
Gsw. 1990 John and Willy Maley From the Calton to Catalonia 2:
Hey, heid-the-baw. Lea the actin tae the actors. How miny poackits hiv you goat? Less a that.
Edb. 1992:
Don't make so much noise — heid-the-baw's in.
Slg. 1993:
Heid-the-ba — similar to heid banger.

I. 5. (11) Add quot.: Sc. 1990 Scotsman 20 Jun 16:
The organisers had even, with typical ingenuity, made necessity a virtue by putting up a sign which read "Rabbit grazing damage" along the headrig beside the woodland which rabbits had treated as a la carte menu.

I. 14. Add: I. 14. (2) Deriv. heidie, heidie, a head teacher.Gsw. 1992 Herald 17 Nov 12:
The Diary is in receipt of a letter to parents from the heidie of an Annanhill primary school in Kilmarnock.

I. 15. (3) Add quots.: m.Sc. 1989 Martin Bowman and Bill Findlay The Guid Sisters 99:
Ma guid-sister Simonne's dochter hid a nervous brekdoon owre the heid ae wan.
m.Sc. 1997 Liz Niven Past Presents 17:
Twa wummin, young an auld
Droont ower the heid o releegion
In Covenantin times.

II. (9) Add quots.: Rnf. 1972 Bill Bryden Willie Rough 46:
Christ, if any o the high heid-yins saw me even talkin tae you two, I'd get the fuckin bag!
Abd. 1985 Robbie Kydd in Alexander Scott New Writing Scotland 3 63:
"It's jist a Remand Home, ' he said, 'but the high heid-yins decidit tae change the name. ...'
Sc. 1989 Scotsman 15 Dec 3:
It was shown to the assembled representatives of the Scottish media, who learned at a press conference in Glasgow that their medium is certainly not the message that the heid yins of the Scottish Tories want to get.
Gsw. 1994 Daniel O'Rourke ed. Dream State xxvii:
Many poems poke marvellously malicious fun at Scot Lit's High Heidyins ..
em.Sc. 1997 Ian Rankin Black & Blue (1999) 328:
' ... He can't make himself leave, so instead he's trying to get into trouble, so the high heidyins will have no alternative but to boot him out. ... '
Ork. 2000 Orcadian 18 May 21:
The heid yins from Furry Boot City brought with them a PowerPoint projector, linked to a laptop.

III. Add Deriv.: heider, Sc. form of Eng. header, a shot in football. In pl. bouncing a ball off one's head as a game.Gsw. 1990 John and Willy Maley From the Calton to Catalonia 47:
Mammy, ah scored a hat trick! Wan a flyin heider! Wan wae ma left fit!
Edb. 2000:
Playin heiders against a clean close wa.

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